Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 13

August’s P.O.V

I woke up with a stinging sensation in my hands and from a bad headache. I started to massage my head hoping the pain would go away soon and it did help a bit. I hastily stood up from the bed and wore my dress and cleaned myself. Again a new day began and I was hoping I didn’t have to face him again. Thinking about him gave me chills in a wrong way. Especially for what happened yesterday. I was scared he might try that again...

I didn’t realize I was crying until I felt tears running down from my eyes. I rubbed my eyes and went outside. I could leave this job, I had to do this. I just needed to stay away from him and that’s all. He was maniac.

Entering the kitchen I greeted the other maids and Martha and Vanessa who were waiting for me. I and her were quite close and she was the nicest girl here at least she never bullied me like others.

“Good morning August.” Said Vanessa with a big smile on her face. I greeted her back with a little smile. I started to do my chore which was making breakfast for the Knights for now.

Once we were all done making breakfast for them, Martha told me to serve the food. I hesitated a bit but then said yes because that was what I was there for...
I picked up the tray of sandwiches and juices for everyone in the table and walked towards them. When I entered I saw Mr. & Mrs. Knight discussing something, maybe about business and Miss Hazel and her brother Nathan were gossiping and lastly my eyes fell on him. He was doing something in his phone, really focused. I thought this was my only chance to avoid him.

I placed the tray quietly and carefully so that I can leave before I catch his attention. I put the plates of sandwiches and juices on the table and turned around to leave.

“Where are you going maid?” I heard Miss Hazel spoke. I gulped and turned around, looking down.

“Yes Miss Hazel?” I asked.

“Ma’am, you will call me Ma’am. I don’t want to hear u calling me by my name.” She glared at me. I just nodded my head in response.

“Anyways, I need you to iron my dress, which is upstairs in my room in the bed, iron them carefully I need to go somewhere and if I find you messing around with my dress or room, this will be the last day of your in this house.” She stated. I bit my lip in nervousness and nodded my head.

I left the dining room and sighed. At least I didn’t have to face him. I started to go upstairs, I could feel someone’s strong gaze behind me...

That made me feel so uncomfortable, I wanted to turn around but I couldn’t get the courage. Somehow it made me feel so scared. I fisted my hands, digging my own nails in my palm and turned around only to find him staring at me. I gasped when I saw his eyes. His expression was blank and he wasn’t even removing his eyes from me even when I caught him staring at me. His fists were clenched and his monstrous eyes were intensely staring at me.

I felt sweat dripping from my forehead and my sweaty palm. I couldn’t move...there was something demonic in his gaze that made me stand still. He smirked in victory when he saw my state. It made me angry. How can he be happy because of my this state?

I took a deep breath, turned around and left for Miss Hazel’s room. The house was so big it was even a big deal to search for someone’s room, thank goodness Martha told me about them. I opened the door and went inside, locking the door behind me.

Her room was very beautiful and luxurious also the other rooms too but anyone can say that it was a room of a girl.

I sighed and started to clean the area near her small sofa. The room where I used to live before in Caroline’s house was half of this room in size. Well, only rich people like Knights could get a big house like this. I saw her beautiful dress was on the bed. I went forward and picked it up. the dress was actually beautiful. It was a beautiful short grey dress. I carefully ironed the dress and put the dress on her bed. I hope she wouldn’t scold me for anything. I left the room before she could come in there. I checked my list again to see what task I had to do. I started to walk, looking through the list and all of a sudden bumped into something. I stumbled back and fell on my back. I hissed in pain and looked up to see him...

Lucifer’s P.O.V

I saw her looking at me with those beautiful eyes of hers, filled with horror. She gulped and got up, her dress were pulled up a bit letting her milky skin revealing a bit. My eyes instantly darkened as I saw her that way. I wanted to touch that skin, feel it in my rough hands. Just imagine her beneath me with her bare body was enough to make me lose my mind.

“I’m sorry master, I’ll just leave.” She managed to say it and was about to walk past me when I held her wrist, stopping her. She gasped and looked in my direction.

“I didn’t tell you to leave, did I?” I said looking at her. She lowered her head and shook it. “Use your words angel.” I growled.

“N-no master.” She stuttered.

“Come here.” I told her. She stared at me with confusion written on her face.

I pulled her closer to me and wrapped my hands around her waist. She tried to scream but was muffled by my hand.

“When I tell you to do something, just do it without wasting any time, okay?” I whispered harshly making her quiver in fear. I removed my hand from her mouth. She tried to free herself from my grip but of course it was impossible.

“Use your words!” I said loudly. She shook more and nodded her head muttering yes.

I smiled at her. “That’s like a good girl.” I replied with my eyes on hers. I looked down at her frame which was still trembling in fear. I liked the power I had on her. My fingers automatically touched her soft silky hair and caressed them. I went close to her hair and sniffed. God she smelled so good. I pulled her more closer and crushed her little body with mine. She squirmed more and tried to scream but my hand didn’t let her succeed.

I leaned down to her until I was enough close to her lips. I removed my hands and crashed my lips before she could do anything. Damn those lips...I could never get over them. I kissed her roughly yet passionately. I licked her lips, wanting to get inside and explore every inch of her. She refused to open. My hands touched her hair and before she could realize, it was already in my fist. Pulling her hair. She whimpered and opened her mouth, I thurst my tongue inside of her, tasting her every inch. I kissed her lips more roughly before letting her go. I stared down at her small shivering body against mine. I was panting heavily. In my whole life, I had kiss lots of women, they had given me pleasure and anything I wanted. But that......it was just something else. I felt like that was what I was missing from my life. That was the only thing that could tame my beast, she was the only one.

I used my fingers to raise her chin enough to meet my eyes. My eyes softened when I saw hers, filled with fear and tears. Her eyes were glistening and swollen from crying, her lips were quivering, her cheeks were all red. I felt something in me...that unwanted feeling again. It pained me to see her like this. Why can’t I just let her go? Why can’t I just stay away? A girl like her cannot tame a beast like me.

“What’s going on here?” I heard someone ask. I looked around and saw my sister standing there with wide eyes. I let go of August. She step back quickly and ran away from us.

I sighed deeply. “What was that Lucifer?” Hazel asked.
“Go to your room Hazel.” I said bluntly and walked passed her.

She grabbed my hand. “No Lucifer what is going on? Do you have any idea what you are doing? You think I didn’t notice you? I saw how you stare at her. Lucifer she is just a maid, you know you can get much better than her! She is just a pathetic maid!”

I clenched my teeth and yelled. “Enough! Did I ask what you feel about it? Hazel I know I’ve loved you like my own sister but that doesn’t mean you can say anything to me, understand?” Just hearing her talking shit about August made me more furious.

“You are not doing right brother, trust me.” She replied. “Wait, are you in love?” She whispered, here eyes were wide.

My body stiffened. I couldn’t answer her question. Was I? I decided to ignore her question and walked out of there.

No, she wasn’t for me. I had to stay away from her. My demons might destroy her.

She could never bear the pain that I might inflict her.

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