Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 15

Lucifer’s P.O.V

I finished the whole glass of vodka with just few gulps, feeling it going down my throat, the burning sensation bringing peace to my body and mind. I shut my eyes for few seconds and opened them to see the brunette beside me, roaming her fingers around my chest and licking her lips. Lust was all written over her face. I clenched my teeth at the sight of this whore. Her breasts were clearly visible through the thin silk cloth and her face was fully covered with makeup.


There were many beautiful and hot women in this club, if I want I can have all of them in their knees, begging me to take them. But, there was only one girl in my mind.......


I closed my eyes and her face appeared. I couldn’t help but shudder at the sight of her. Her beautiful eyes...her silky hair....and fuck, those lips....I could immediately feel myself get hard at just the thought of her.

"August.” I muttered under my breathe. Her name sounded so perfect in my lips. I opened my eyes and then looked beside me...the same brunette was sitting. Still the impatient look in her eyes. I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her closer.

She gasped at the roughness but yet the lust did not left her eyes. I was looking at this woman but all I could think was about her...and her only.

I left her hair roughly making her stumble back.

I pour one more shot of vodka in my glass and finished it with one gulp.

“Upstairs, the first room.” I said and left the vip room of the club and went upstairs.

I woke up exactly at 8 a.m and wore my clothes, ready to leave the room. I looked at the brunette beside me from last night. That night, she didn’t leave my mind for a single second. All I imagined was her voice moaning my name, begging me for more. Her beautiful lips on mine while I explored her body with my free hands.

"Fuck." I cursed under my breathe and left the room. I have to stop...no it can’t be continued like this I have to stop thinking about her. She was not for me, she was not for my world.

She was too innocent to be with a man like me. But I couldn’t fucking stop myself from thinking about her...I fucking couldn’t. I was sure about the fact that I wanted her. I fucking wanted her so bad.

What the fuck is this?

I drove back to my dad’s house and got out of the car. I told one of the guard to park my car. I entered the mansion and called for Martha.

“Yes sir?” She asked looking down.

“I want my food in my room and don’t let anyone disturb me for the next few hours.” I said and went straight to my room. Walking inside, I closed the door. Sighing, I went inside the bathroom turning on the shower.

I took off my clothes and stood under the shower.

Do I just want her body? Fuck her senseless and fuck her until she beg for me to stop?

I knew well that her body turned me on like no women had ever done before. Maybe I could get over her once I get what I wanted at that moment.

I smirked at my thought. That was what I aimed to do.

I dried myself and departed the room, wearing my suit. Few minutes later, I heard someone knocking on my door.

“Come in.” I remarked.

Martha came inside and placed the trey of food on the table. I was expecting August to appear and serve me lunch. That made me fucking angry.

“Martha wait.” I said to her when she was about to leave.

“Yes sir? Do you need something else?” She asked with her head down clearly showing that she was highly strung.

“I want to know every details about the new maid, August. Tell me everything you know about her.” I said with no emotion on my face. She looked at me, confusion written all over her face.

“Pardon me sir. But, what do you want to know about her?”

“Everything.” She looked nervous but yet commenced telling what I wanted to hear.

“I don’t know much about her, just few things like she used to live with a woman named Caroline. She is a poor woman and could not carry the expenses so that’s why August is working here at such young age.” She stated.

“How old is she?” I asked frowning.

“She is 17, sir.” She replied and I nodded. I told her to leave then.

17...that’s quite a young age but it’s not going to stop me from getting what I want. I instantly dialed my assistant’s number and he received it.

“There’s a maid in my dad’s house named August, I want every information about her. Every little thing.” I said and hung up the call.

I lit up my cigarette and laid back my head on the chair. I brought the cigarette to my lips and took a puff of it, exhaling the smoke. I needed to know every single detail of her...not like it was needed for what I planned. I wanted to know everything about her, every little thing. It was hard to get her out of my head.

**********After an hour***********

I slowly opened my eyes because of the loud noise coming from my phone. I didn’t realize when I fell asleep. I growled and picked up my phone and saw my assistant was calling me. I picked it up.

“Sir I have searched everything I could about the maid.”

“Send everything to my email.” After that I hung up and within 5 minutes I checked my mail and it was already there.

Name: August
Age: 17 years old
Birth date and year: 15th August 2001
She used to live with her foster parents before a woman named Caroline because her parents were abusive so she took her custody. She used to study in a hostel but was bullied there. The hostel was facing troubles so they had to shut them down and after that she decided to work.

Hmm, so that’s how you ended up in my house and in my life babygirl.

And I was going to deal with her foster parents later. Just thinking of them hurting her made my blood boil in anger.

Those fuckers fucking hurt what’s mine! I will fucking kill them.

I gritted my teeth and ran my fingers in my hair, inhaling deeply. I needed to calm down, I couldn’t forget what I was going to do, I couldn’t let myself get distracted. Picking up the glass of the wine in my hand, I stood up and stand near the window and saw my prey working in the garden. The view of the garden was quite clear from my room. She was plucking the grass and was planting new plants. Her short maid dress were continuously coming up to her thighs and I could see the intense stare of the guards on her. That made me see all red in anger. Bloody fuckers.

They better look away before I take out their eyeballs.

I could feel she was uncomfortable wearing that small shit. I clutched the glass in my hand tightly. I thought I fucking told her to not wear it again.

Fucking damnit every maid in this house wear the same dress according to the dress code. Guess I’ve to change the whole thing.

I took a sip of my wine and went inside my room and laid down my bed.

Soon my princess, soon.

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