Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 17

Hey my readers! I’m really sorry for the super late update. As always I was thinking of my new chapter and it took time lol. So here is the new chapter for you guys but before you start reading let me tell you guys something. My chapter may contain huge amount of mistakes because as usual I wrote it in hurry and didn’t get a chance to edit so it will contain many errors. Plus I also have my exams near....it starts from 14th May and I’m really nervous and scared lol play guys pray for me! Anyways so cause of my exams I’m unable to edit it sooner...but I try to do it in my free time. So please don’t mind if u see few spelling mistakes and tense mistakes. Enjoy your reading and be with me always!

Narrator’s P.O.V

It was now almost two months since August was working at the Knights. She was missing Caroline so much and was thinking to meet her. But, she wasn’t sure if Martha would permit her to have a day off so that she could meet Caroline.

She was now having lunch along all the other maids and Martha. All were gossiping and Martha was talking to one of the maid.

“So that’s why I’m here working for this rich family!” She heard someone said. She was snapped out of her thought and looked at Vanessa beside her who was telling her something but she was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t hear a single thing.

“Uh..I’m sorry but what did you say? D-do you mind r-repeating?” Venessa chuckled.

“Of course hun. Well I was saying that my mom is sick and my dad is a drunkard, so I have to pay for my little sister’s school fees and the other expenses that’s why I’m working here.” She stated, sadness was clear in her voice. My heart clenched. She has parents but not the one that a child would ask for.

“I’m really sorry Venessa.”
“Oh silly don’t apologize it’s not your fault.” She said giving me a warm smile.

“And what about you?” She asked me.

“Uhm..my aunt couldn’t bear my expenses and she does not earns much that’s why.” She nodded her head in response.

“I see. Let’s go and put the plates in the sink, we’re done eating anyway.” Venessa said and walked away with August.

She was thinking to ask Venessa if Martha would allow her to meet Caroline, as Venessa was there for longer time she thought asking her would be best.

“Uhm...Venessa.” She called out her name.


“I was thinking...to have a day off so that I can meet my aunt, so do you think Martha will allow me?” She asked nervously.

Venessa sighed and looked down. That made August perturbed.

“Actually Aug...the maids who work here....they stay here permanently and cannot go out and meet their families.” August’s eyes were replenished with tears.

That means I can never see aunt Caroline? Oh god! Why did I start working here in the first place!

Venessa bit her lip but eventually bursted into laughter. August frowned and stared at her in confusion.

“Oh my god August....look at your face.” She laughed more. Venessa clutched her stomach in a dramatic way when laughing. But stopped when she saw August’s serious look.

“Honey of course you can meet your aunt! I was just teasing you don’t cry.” She chucked and wiped her tears. August’s face was red as a tomato now.

“Ha! You really think these Knights can stop us from seeing our family. Don’t worry they might be rich and all, but they don’t control our lives. So, don’t worry go and ask Martha, she’ll do something about it.” August nodded her head giving Venessa a soft smile. She felt stupid for crying over a stupid joke but she thought...she actually thought that she could never see her aunt again. It was even hard for her to imagine not seeing her again, after all she was all August had.

She did what Venessa told her to do. She asked Martha if she could take a day off and thankfully she agreed. Martha told her to get ready soon. August had a big smile on her face, finally after so many days she could see Caroline. She didn’t really have anything to take, just few dollars, her purse and her old flip phone that she could only use for calling, texting was difficult there as it was really old, but she didn’t mind because she never really had anyone to text. The problem was it sometime works and sometime it doesn’t. Like other people, she also wanted an adequate phone that works well but she knew she couldn’t afford it that time.

She wore a simple dress that reaches under her knees and put on a pair of white stockings and her shoes. After that she put every necessary things inside her purse and was finally ready to leave. She decide to leave her hair open and brushed her brown blocks perfectly. She never really felt any confidence towards her hair before, but one day Venessa told her that her brown hair really suit her a lot. That didn’t really arise her confidence when Venessa said that but, she liked it, as it was the first time someone complimented her.

She went out of her room and was stopped by Martha downstairs. “Oh you all ready!” August nodded her head with a smile. “You look beautiful honey.” She blushed at the compliment.

“I-I’ll leave now Martha, I’ll see you soon.” She smiled at Martha.

“Okay honey be safe.” She smiled at her and nodded her head and left the house. She was hoping that she would be able to catch a bus soon so that she could reach on time. She went outside the house and confronted with the guards who opened the gate for her. She was really excited to meet Caroline after so many days, she just had been so busy with work that she didn’t even get a single chance to call her but thankfully she got a chance to call her for few minutes and let her know that she was visiting.

“Hey August!” Someone called her from behind, she turned around and came face to face with Ethan. He came towards her with his charming smile.

“Hey where are you going?” He asked her. “Um..well I’m going to visit my aunt for today.” She replied.

“Oh that’s great. How are you planning to go there?”

“Well I will just try to catch a bus.” He shook his head. “Nope nope I’m here now so I will drop you there wait here I will get my car.” She wanted to refuse but Ethan already left. She sighed.

Few minutes later August saw a black car parked outside the house and Ethan was sitting inside, he called her there. She timidly went there not knowing what to do, even though it was really nice of Ethan giving her a ride but it was still weird for her as Ethan was also kind of her owner.

“Come inside August.” She hesitated.

“Uh...it was fine you didn’t have to do it mister....”

“Cohen.” He finished her sentence with a chuckle.

“Oh...yeah Mister Cohen, you didn’t have to do it. I-I could have manage.”

He sighed. “Come on August I wanna be your friend so first rule in every friendship is “always help each other” so that’s what I’m doing.” He answered her with a grin. She could not help but feel surprised because no one ever told her something like this.

“Now please get inside?” She did what he said but was still hesitant about everything. He asked her address before driving and she gave him, after that the journey started.

The drive was quite smooth and August must say that Ethan was a very funny person, he would say some jokes in every 5 minute that actually made her laugh. On the other hand, Ethan was really enjoying her company. He couldn’t help but get mesmerized by her beauty and sweet personality and of course her beautiful laugh. He knew something was really different about her. And that was why he wanted to be her friend, to get to know her well.

“So tell me about yourself August.” He asked out of nowhere.

“There’s nothing really to talk about me.” She said quietly. He laughed at this.

“I’m sure there is something, tell me about your likes and dislikes.”

“Uh...I-I like to read I guess and I love flowers and every colorful things.” He looked at her with an amused expression that made her blush.

“W-What about you?” She got come courage and asked him back.

“Well I love traveling, I love to play guitar, I love sports and that’s it I guess.” She nodded her head.

“And tell me about your past life August.” That made her panic.

Why is he asking about it?

She was confused why he was asking about her past life. It was something that she always wanted to forget, it was something that she was eager to remove from her mind. Asking her this question.....Ethan just made her remember everything.

She clutched her dress tightly as she could already feel herself getting sweaty. She inhaled deeply but it was slashed by a small whimper coming out of her mouth. Ethan noticed and stopped the car forthwith.

“August?! Are you okay? What happened?” He was outstaring at her worriedly.

“I-I’m f-fine.”

“No of course you’re not!” He took water bottle from the back seat for her.

“Please drink this.” She took it and drank the water, it did help as her throat was all dry all of a sudden.

“Are you feeling okay now?” He asked again. She weakly nodded her head. “I-I’m fine please don’t worry.”

“I’m really sorry if my question was too uncomfortable for you.” He looked sorry genuinely.

“It’s okay I’m fine now..” He nodded her head. “W-We should go now it’s already late.” He nodded again and started to drive again.

Nobody talked after that, the topic was too sensitive for August to talk about and Ethan was already feeling guilty for asking her that but he was agonized. He was confused why she reacted like this. But didn’t ask her anything else as he was worried she might feel uncomfortable again.

After half an hour, they reached at Caroline’s house. August’s face brightened with a smile. She was too excited to meet her aunt. She got out of the car and turned to Ethan.

“Thanks a lot for the ride Mister Cohen.”

“Ethan....call me Ethan August, I told you I want to be your friend. so friends call each other with their name. So...friends?” He extended his hand to her. She looked at him and then his hand again, she bit her bottom lip, confused what to do next. It wouldn’t be so bad having a friend...

She sighed and shook his hand with a small smile. “Y-yes.” Ethan grinned like he had win something special. “Great! So see you later August. And oh yes! have my phone number, you can call me anytime you want.” She looked hesitated.

She didn’t answer anything but looked hesitant. Ethan raised his eyebrow and asked. “Do you have a phone with yourself, August?”

“Oh yes I have. But, it’s not a phone that you might want to see.” She laughed nervously, she was really embarrassed, nobody used flip phone in her generation and she felt outdated. “And it s-sometime doesn’t even work so...”

“That’s fine, hold on.” He took out another cell phone from his pocket and handed it to August. Her eyes were wide in shock and she handed it back to him.

“Please August keep it, that’s a gift from a friend!” He whined like a kid. She shook her head.

“No please Mister Co-I mean Ethan, your friendship is enough for me.”

“But I want to give u this phone August, it’s my another phone I’m sorry I will buy you a new one later but for now to keep in contact, you can use it.” She was beyond shocked...he was worried about giving her his used phone?! She was worried because she couldn’t just accept an expensive gift like this.

“Please I-”

“For me? Please?” He looked at her with hope. She sighed and nodded.

“Amazing! I’ll save my number on it so you can contact me anytime you want okay? And if you ever face any problem just call me.” She nodded with a smile. She was happy actually, no one ever cared for her like this except Caroline. Now she had a good friend, not good yet but he sounded like a really good friend. After Ethan’s departure she walked towards the house at the edge of the road and knocked.

The door was opened by her aunt and within few seconds she received a bone crushing hug from Caroline. She smiled and hugged her back.

“Oh my baby I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too aunt.” Caroline kissed her forehead. “Please honey come inside and have some rest, I prepared your favorite food and decorated your room with tulips!”

“Aunt..you know you didn’t have to...”

“Nonsense! My baby came home after so long and I can’t even do something for her?” She chuckled at her aunt.

“Anyways go to your room and change your clothes I’ll serve you food.” She obeyed.

She went to her room and sat on her bed. Her room was beautifully decorated with colorful tulips even though those were artificial but the flowers in her vase was real and it looked really beautiful.

Although her room was nothing special, she missed it anyway. Sighing deeply, she laid down for sometime thinking of her good times only.

Not aware about the fact that the satan who was really eager to see her again and would go crazy when he would find out that he would not see her for the whole day....

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