Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 18

Narrator’s P.O.V
It was just another busy day for Lucifer at office. He was wearing his glasses and was checking the files of one of his client. He was sick and tired of the stupidity of his staffs. He growled in frustration and called for his manager.

“Yes sir? You need something?” The man asked.

“What the hell is this Ricardo? Why there are so many fucking errors in these files? Who the fuck prepared these files?” Ricardo had been working for Lucifer for a very long time but that never stopped him from getting mad at each and every person.

“I’m sorry sir, I will just find out who was in charge of these files and let you know.” Ricardo said and left his office with the files on his hand.

Lucifer was slowly losing his forbearance. The burden of the company and the mind filled with the thoughts of that girl only...
He was already going insane. He wanted to see her more....feel her exquisite unblemished body...


Is her body actually unblemished? This question was running in his head. He had knowledge about her past life. He knew her parents were abusive and he wanted nothing but to rip their hands out of there body. But he had to control...it was not the right time to do anything.

He took a deep breathe and closed his eyes. He opened them and tried to calm himself.

I should ask her about it. She can tell me accurately than anyone else.

He thought this was the perfect thing to do that time. But he perceived about the fact that she was scared of him. There was no way on earth she would have let out everything that easily.

If she doesn’t tell me I’ll make sure that she does...

He smirked at his thought. Lucifer decided when he would be home he would ask August about everything that happened in her past life.

But why am I so desperate for that? I don’t even need to know anything, I just need her body...

Incertitude occured in him again. He wanted to make everything clear but it seemed impossible to him. But he was sure that he would get her...by hook or by crook.

He stood up from his chair and left the house and was on the way to his home. His work was done in the for that day, he took a decision to finish the other things at him while...he would watch her in relish...

After 30 minutes he arrived at the mansion and got inside.

“Hey son! How was your day at office?” He was not even concentrating on anyone, his eyes were just searching for that girl.
He looked around and frowned. There was no sign of her in the house.

“Lucifer? What’s wrong? What are you looking for?” That caught his attention and he looked to his mother.

“Nothing mom. Tell me do you need something?”

“No honey I’m good I was just asking how was your day?”

“It was good.” He replied and took a seat on a sofa that had a clear view of the kitchen. He saw many maids working there except her. He was getting annoyed by then.

“Son shall I tell Martha to bring you some food?

Martha instantly came running to them. “Yes ma’am?”

“Please serve Lucifer his usual lunch.” Martha bowed and ran back to the kitchen.

He fisted his hand and gritted his teeth in frustration...

Why the fuck she isn’t here! Where the heck she could be!

His forbearance was already running slow....

Few minutes later Martha approached them and placed his food on the table. She turned around to depart when Lucifer stopped her.

“Yes master?” She asked looking down.

“Where are all the maids?” He asked in his usual blunt tone.

“They are all here sir.” She replied quietly.

“Are they? I don’t fucking think everyone is present here.” He said and clenched his teeth.

Martha gulped and looked at Mrs. Knight who was talking to a phone and was unable to hear them.
“Sir everyone is present trust me just that...”

“Just what?” He questioned her before she could complete her sentence.

“Just that new girl August, she isn’t here.” That shook Lucifer to death.

What the fuck!

“And where the heck is she?” His tone sounded more dangerous than before, he was looking scarier than before as he stood up and stand in front of her. His enormous body was even covering the light reaching Martha’s face.

She gulped and answered, “Sir, she wanted to visit her her house. So, I-I let her go...” Her sentence was interrupted by her own strident scream. Within few moments everyone and even Mrs. Knight rushed there.

They all noticed a flower vase was on the floor, shattered into pieces, along it, the table laid helplessly on the floor...broken into pieces just like the decorated glass on it. Everything was a mess.

“Oh my god Lucifer! What are you doing?” His mother asked him. He ignored her that time.

His breathing was heavy. His nostrils were fuming in wrath. He asked her in dangerously low voice..
“Who gave you the permission to let someone out of this house?” Martha stared with wide eyes. She couldn’t answer him. Even Mrs. Knight was beyond shocked. She and the other maids had never seen him so much angry over a small thing like this. Before that he never cared if any maid or other workers were out of the house. But that day, his behavior shocked everyone to core.

Martha was already quivering. “S-sir, the g-girl is new so I-I thought I should let her see her family once.” She answered in a low voice.

He straightened his posture and put his hands inside of his pockets and looked straight at her eyes. His eyes were peering through her.

“Martha, you are in no position of giving permission or making any decision. So I am telling you this for the last time. If anything like this happens again....you will be fired.” He didn’t even let her say another word and left for his bedroom.

He was beyond furious...he couldn’t bear the fact that she was not there in front of his eyes. He didn’t even know for how long she would be there at her place. But he wouldn’t want her away from him for even a second.

August’s P.O.V
I laughed at my Caroline’s extremely peculiar jokes. She was still so bad at telling jokes. But that never stopped me from laughing. I was always happy whenever I was with her.

“Sweetie, you still didn’t tell me about your job. I mean how are the people there? The other maids, other workers?” Her questions never stopped. I chuckled a little.

“It’s really good there. Their house is beautiful and Martha is a really nice guide she never got mad at me instead she always supported me.” I replied with a smile.

“And how about the owners? What kind of people are they?” My smile disappeared. What should I tell her about it? Of course I couldn’t ever tell her about what master did to me. She would be worried. I forced a smile on my face and replied her.

“T-they are good Caroline.” She sighed in relief and caressed my head.

“That is great honey, I was really worried about it.” I placed my hand on hers.
“Don’t worry aunt okay? I will be fine. For now you should worry about yourself.” I said and hugged her which she returned gladly.

The day passed like this and it was already night I thought to go to bed early as I had to leave early morning tomorrow. Caroline called me for dinner but I refused her. She already fed me so much cookies and other favorite snacks of mine that I had no vacant area inside my stomach.

I sat on my bed and exhaled deeply. I really didn’t want to go. I missed Caroline so much but I couldn’t just stay there for more days. I knew they wouldn’t allow me to stay for so long.

I shrugged off the thoughts and laid down, closing my eyes.


I woke up at the sound of my alarm. Rubbing my eyes I forced myself out of the bed and went to the bathroom. I did my business and came out and glanced at the clock. It said 8 o’clock. I thought to leave at 10 for the mansion. I wore my clothes and went outside to see Caroline. She was already making breakfast for me. Her face beamed when she saw me.

“Good morning sweetie. Come eat your breakfast now.” She cooked my favorite pancakes and scrambled eggs. Just the smell of those made my stomach growled in hunger. I didn’t wait for a second and start eating.

I heard her laugh and my cheeks flushed. “It’s okay sweetie just eat well.”

“Um...aunt I am leaving at 10 o’clock.”

“Oh...” She replied. I knew by her tone that she was upset. I approached her and hugged her.

“Don’t be upset aunt. I promise I will visit you again.” I said and kissed her cheeks.

“I know honey I know. Just take care of yourself okay?” I nodded my head and went back to eat my food.

After breakfast I helped her with the dishes and went to my room to pack my things. I glanced at clock again and it was 9:40.

I was stuffing everything in my back and all of a sudden my eyes fell on the phone that master Ethan gave me. It looked really expensive. I picked it up carefully and opened the lock screen. The screen showed several applications. And I observed that it had a new text arrived. I clicked on the application named “message”.

The text said. “Hey August it’s Ethan.” I bit my lip. I didn’t know what to do.

Should I reply him or just ignore the text?

But if I ignored it might look bad. Ethan was a really nice person. So, I thought to just reply him. I clicked on the message and typed “Hi. Sorry just saw your text.”

I put the phone on the bed and looked at the screen. Within few seconds he replied me back.

“No problem August. Did you enjoy spending time with your aunt?” That made me smile a little.

I replied, yes.

“Excellent, so when are you coming back?” He wrote.

“I will leave soon. I have to go, nice to see you.” I didn’t wait for his reply and put the phone inside the bag. I picked up my bag and for the last time I glanced at my room. Even though this room was nothing special but I still missed it like crazy. I sighed and closed the door behind me and went to my aunt. She was already waiting for me outside and when saw me she gave me a tight hug.

“I’ll miss you aunt.” A drop of tear rolled down my cheek. She pulled back and wiped it with her thumb.

“I will miss you too sweetie. Stay well okay?” I nodded. “You too aunt please take care of your heath.” She smiled at me.

She insisted to drop me to the bus station. I didn’t refuse her much and just let her come with me. We waited for almost 10 minutes for the bus and after that it finally arrived. I went inside and sat on an empty seat. The bus wasn’t so full of people for which I was glad. I waved at my aunt and she did the same.
The bus started and I got myself ready to face my daily life again.

30 minutes passed like that and I knew the mansion wasn’t so far from the area now. Suddenly I felt something vibrating inside my back. I opened and saw that the phone was ringing and the caller was Ethan. I received the call and heard him.

“Hey August.”

“Uh..hey sir.” I replied.

“No sir please. And did you leave already?” I frowned at his question. Why he wanted to know that?

“Yes sir I told you.”

I heard him sigh. “I could have come to receive you August.”

“No, it’s totally fine I am almost close to the mansion.”

“Okay August. Then I’ll see you when you arrive.”

“Yes sir, see you soon.”

“Bye August.” We both hung up and I instantly put the phone inside. I was afraid that I would lose or someone might stole it from me.

Another 30 minutes passed and the bus finally came to a stop. I walked out of the bus. And started to walk. I still had few blocks to pass. It took me good 10 minutes to reach the mansion. When I reached, the guards opened the door as they already knew I work there. I went inside and started to look for Martha.

But no one was around. That was odd. I saw a maid named Marie sweeping the floor.

“H-have you seen Martha?” I asked her. She looked at me and her eyes went wide. I didn’t know why she reacted like this.

“You...you are here finally.”

“W-why? Wh-what do you mean?”

“You don’t know what you did you little dumb slut?” Hannah came and remarked. I gulped.

“Wh-what’s wrong? I-I really don’t know anything.” I replied with shaky voice.

“Because of you Martha got scolded by master Lucifer.” Another girl said and glared at me. The mention of him made me quiver in fear.

“Enough girls! Go back to your work.” I heard Martha saying that. The girls departed and only me and Martha were left.

She came to me and gave me a small smile. “How was your time with Caroline, sweetie?” Her question shocked me. Was she trying to change the topic?

“Martha...please tell me w-what’s going on?” I pleaded.

She sighed. “Honey....I don’t understand...whatever happened was quite unexpected. Master Lucifer was furious that you went out of the house without his permission.” I stared at her with horrific look.

“B-but why?” I asked.

“I don’t know hun. But don’t worry about it now. You came from a long journey. Just go to your room and rest for sometime, after that I’ll tell you your task.” She said and left, I was still confused and scared.

Oh god! What that man want from me!

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