Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 19

Narrator’s P.O.V

August tried her best to rest. If she knew that because of her departure this will happen then she would have never went out of the house. She extremely felt bad for Martha, because of her,poor Martha got the scolding. But, at the same time she also knew that it was no one’s fault....still the reason of master’s anger was still confusing to her.

The thought of that man sent shiver down her spine. She was better away from that man. But, she knew it wasn’t possible. It was his house too so it was obvious that he would visit the mansion any time he wants.

She got up from her bed and wore her outfit. She brushed her hair and pulled it in a pony tail. After that, she went to the kitchen to Martha to know her tasks.
She noticed other maids whispering to each other when they saw her coming towards the kitchen. She was confused but didn’t bother to think about it anymore. When she saw Martha, she asked for her tasks and Martha gave her the list of works she had to do. She took it and started her chores.

“Hey August!” She heard a voice from behind. August turned and saw Venessa coming towards her and gave her a hug.

“Welcome back!” She smiled and thanked her. “I hope you enjoyed time with your aunt and how is she?”

“She is fine and yes I did enjoy a lot, thanks for asking.” She replied with a soft smile. She was still bothered by the weird glances that she was getting from the other maids. She thought to ask Venessa about it.

“Venessa, can I ask you a question?” She asked softly.

“Yeah sure hon go ahead.”

“Can you tell me why master L-Lucifer was so mad at Martha?” Venessa’s smile disappeared at her question. It was obvious that Venessa was worried about August and as well as Martha. Because they knew Lucifer’s wrath was the worst thing that anyone could ever ask for and both Martha and Venessa didn’t want August to be the victim of his wrath.

“August...Master was angry at her because she let you out of the house without asking him.”

“The other maids told me the same but....but why he was mad? I thought it was fine and that h-he don’t care about the movements of the maids inside this house...” She replied. Even though her context was wrong. Deep inside she questioned her own context...

“No one knows August. His reaction was pretty surprising. I’ve been working here since 2 years and in those 2 years I went to my home lots of time and sometime even returned after weeks, but he never cared neither got mad for that. I only got scolding from Martha and a warning from Mrs. Knight that’s it. But yesterday...it was extremely unexpected.” It scared August even more. She knew Lucifer had serious issues with her....she couldn’t even name it. After those things that he did to her...it was confirmed that he was obsessed with her but she was still far away from understanding it. She was afraid of the fact that he might try to do those things again with her....

Tears threatened to fall from her eyes at just the thought of him assaulting her like that again.

“Oh god August! Please don’t cry. It wasn’t your fault okay? Please don’t cry. That’s how master Lucifer is actually. He gets angry for no reason sometime. You don’t have to get upset because of that everything is fine now.” Venessa said while wiping her tears. August nodded....even though she wasn’t crying because of what Venessa said.

“Now let’s get back to work.” Venessa stated with a smile which August returned. Then both of the girls went to their work.

August’s tasks were like her regular one, cleaning room and gardening.

Cleaning room...it means his room too.

She was hoping she wouldn’t come face to face of him again. But god had different fate planned for her. She just went upstairs towards Mr. and Mrs. Knight’s room and that was when the devil showed up.

He was as usual wearing his gray suit. His hair was nicely combed and his posture of course was like a powerful man’s look. His one hand was inside his pocket and the other hand was holding his phone. His eyes were glued to his phone. It seemed that he was busy in his work. August thought this was her chance of escaping.

She hurriedly turned around and was walking out of there when her feet hit the wall and lost her balance. A low scream erupted from her mouth. She immediately covered her mouth with her hand, hoping she didn’t catch his attention.

But, as it was mentioned, god had different plan for her. Lucifer stopped in the middle way and looked up from his phone. With one single glance he knew who was this. Small petite figure, dark brown hair and pale skin. It was her.

He went close to her and bent down to her level. He could already see her quivering and trying to move away from him. But, that time even that movement of her didn’t bother him.

He just.....he just wanted to see her. It was only one day she was gone but for him it was worse, it was decades for him.

“Look at me.” He commanded with his deep alpha voice. She hesitated but knew that it was better to obey him that time. She looked up straight at him.

Surprisingly, his face held no anger, no annoyance and no danger. His face was looking beautiful under the little light of that area. His eyes were sparkling, his sharp jawline was on the view. She felt like she was looking at a total different person.

She didn’t realize that he helped her stand up. When she came back to her senses, she backed away and snatched her hand from his. She clutched her dress tightly, feeling her hands sweating badly.

His strong glaze was still on August. He never wanted to look away from her. He wanted to held her close and stroke her cheeks. But, he wanted to know why she went out of that house without his permission.

“Why did you went out of the house without asking for my permission, August?” She jolted at his sudden question and she felt weird when he called her by her name. It was rare for Lucifer to call a maid by her name. He never gave that respect to any of the maid in the house.

“I-I went to see m-my aunt, Master.” She replied with shaky voice.

“Did I give you permission?” She gulped and shook her head.

“Did I...” He came a bit close to her and continued. “Did I give you the right to do whatever you want here?”

“N-no master. I-I’m sorry it’ll never h-happen again.” She apologized, lowering her head.

“Hmm. I know it will never happen again. Because I’ll make sure of it.” He smirked at her. She was beyond scared. She knew Lucifer was cruel, so she wasn’t sure what he was talking about.

“And come downstairs, I have an announcement to make.” With that he left. It left her confused again. What kind of announce it could be...

She went downstairs after few minutes and saw there were already Martha and few maids gathered together.

“Martha, call my mother too.” Martha nodded and went to call Mrs. Knight. Few minutes later she came and questioned Master.

“Son...what’s wrong? Why did you gathered us?”

“You will find out soon mother.“He replied.

“So, the announcement I planned to make....it’s more like a command that one of you have to follow.” Every maid was looking at their feet, not daring to look in his eyes, even August. Each of them was scared to death....

“I’m taking any one of the maid with me to my house.” That shook everyone.....

“But son....why any maid from here? You can easily have a new and experienced one as you like everything in your house clean and perfect.”

“My decision is initial mom. I’m taking a maid from here.” His mother nodded in defeat.

August could already feel his intense stare at him. She didn’t dare look up as she was extremely scared to look at him.

Lucifer on the hand was finally happy that he took a first step of his plan...

“Which one of them you want to take son?” Mrs. Knight asked.

Lucifer’s eyes went back to the maids. He knew what he was doing. He knew that it was the right thing to do that time...

He extended his hand and pointed at the girl he desired to pick...

“This one.” He stated. Everyone looked up and their reaction was the mixture of horror and sympathy for the girl.

That girl was none other than August...

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