Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 2

August's P.O.V
“August wake up” I felt someone shaking me. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Martha standing in front of me.

“It’s time for work dear you have to wake up” she said. I nodded my head and got up from the bed. It was much comfortable than my old one. I went to the bathroom and washed my face.

“Get ready and wear this” she handed me an outfit. I stared at the dress in confusion.

“What’s that Martha?” I asked.

She stopped what she was doing and turned around to face me.
“Oh its a maid outfit. All maids wear this during work.” she smiled and left the room. I sighed. I changed my clothes in to these creepy outfit. It was really revealing. It reached under my knees. And it also revealed quite a lot of my neck side. I tried to cover my back by losing my hair from a bun a bit. But it didn’t help so I left my hair open hoping that no one would say anything to me about it. I can work freely with open hair. I quickly brushed my hair and slipped on the heels and socks that Martha gave me. I was not really an expert in wearing heels although these were balanced one but still I hoped I wouldn’t break my toes. I glanced at the clock and saw that I was late. I quickly rushed downstairs. I had to step on the stairs carefully as the floor was slippery. Well it was slippery not because someone had poured soap water, but because it was made of marble.

I reached downstairs and ran towards the kitchen, it was not easy for me to find the kitchen as the house was mega big. It took me good 5 minutes to find and reach at the kitchen. I saw Martha standing there with some girls around her. They must be other maids.

I thought and kept standing there quietly until someone noticed me. After few minutes of standing there I was called at last.

“Oh August dear why are you standing there? Why didn’t you call me?” she asked.

“I’m sorry Martha I thought you were busy” I said and bite my lips in shame.

“It’s okay dear no need to apologise” she smiled.

“Okay now get back to your work girls” she said to the other girls. They all nodded their head and went off.

“What I have to do, Martha?” I asked not knowing what to do.

“Oh yes, as it is your first day at work you will be introduced to Mr. and Mrs. Knight first and then I will give you your work” she beamed.

“Okay” I muttered.

“It’s time for the Knights to come home from work, you better be ready, because they don’t like, especially mr Knight doesn’t like the maid who looks untidy and fragile. So you have to be careful to not do anything stupid in front of him.” she warned. I nodded my head. I was really nervous. Later then Martha told me about Mr. and Mrs. Knight, she said that Mr. Knight is very dangerous and furious person. I sighed deeply and sat in the chair which was placed beside the kitchen counter.

“Who else is in Knights family?” I asked quietly. She stopped what she was doing and turned around to answer me.

“Well the heirs of this house, they don’t really live here, they all like to live by their own. They sometime come here.”

“Oh” I got up from the chair and looked around the house. The dining room was in the view and in time the mansion looked way more beautiful than before, under the feeble yellow lights. This house was really beautiful. I never visited a house like this.

“Can you tell me about them?” I asked again.

“Sure dear” she smiled. “Let’s first talk about Miss Hazel. Well I just can say that she is a spoil rich brat who doesn’t care about anything. She is rude and stubborn girl, you have to be very careful when you’re around her” I gulped.

“Then comes, Nathan. Hazel and Nathan are faternal twins. He is also like Hazel, spoil brat, always out with friends, never comes home in time, but unlike Hazel he lives here at his parent’s house”

“Are they elder children of Mr. and Mrs.Knight?” I asked. She shook her head. “No dear, they are the youngest one. They have two elder brother” she said.

“Who are they?” I questioned.

She paused for a second and was about to reply when someone called her. She rushed out of the kitchen. I sighed and glanced at the house.

The design of the house with a marble mosaic floor and gold paint in walls. This was all so beautiful. I didn’t touch anything, I was afraid that I might accidentally broke or make anything dirty. I glanced at the sofas which were designed in a modern style and I could tell by looking at them that these were the latest design in the market. I might not had bought any of these expensive things but I knew about them.

Walking up the stairs I saw a picture of a boy hanging on the wall. The boy was not more than 14 or 16. His chin was raised, eyes were dark and lips were in thin line. He looked absolutely gorgeous. His eyes were so dark that I could see the dark waves flowing in his eyes. He had a sharp jawline. I was mesmerized by his beauty that I didn’t even realise I was standing there for 5 minutes. I was snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of the door bell. I instantly ran towards the door. The person rang the door bell again and again. Oh god this place was so big. Although I was running it was taking time to reach at the door. Whoever was outside was very impatient. I finally reached the door and tried to open it. What on earth is this? I didn’t know why I couldn’t open the door. What lock system they used for the door? I gripped on the handle and tried to pull it, it didn’t help but just bruise my hand. All of a sudden I felt my finger touched something and the door automatically opened. I sighed in relief. I opened the door more widely.

“What the fuck you were doing?” a thick voice yelled from outside. I gasped at the person and flinched back. I couldn’t see his face as it was dark outside.

“Who the hell are you? Why were you not opening the door?” the same voice yelled again and came inside the house, that is when I saw the man. I quickly lowered my head.

“Who are you?” he asked me again. I kept looking down and said nothing. I didn’t know what to say, my eyes were getting teary.

“Look at me” he whispered dangerously. I whimpered hearing his thick voice again.

He growled and gripped my chin and forcefully raised it so that I could face him. I moved my eyes and stared into his. His dark eyes softened for a second. He was staring at me with an intense look. He was staring me like he has never seen a girl before.

“S-sir c-can you le-let me g-go?” I managed to say. Instead of letting me go his grip tightened and once again his eyes were dark. I gasped in fear.

“Never” he muttered. I froze. I was not able to move a muscle. I gulped and removed my eyes from his and stared at my feet. I heard him clenched his teeth. He was about to say something when a voice interrupted him.

“M-master” I heard Martha stuttered. What? He is the owner here? Oh god what I have gotten myself into. His grip loosen and few seconds later he finally let go of my chin. I sighed in relief.

“I’m r-really sorry f-for this master. Sh-she is the new girl here she didn’t know anything. I-I’m so s-”

“Bring me my drink ” master said to her and then looked at me. “And teach her to obey my orders” I closed my eyes forcing myself not to break down in front of him.

“Yes master. I’ll teach her everything” Martha said quietly. Master nodded his head left from here. Once I was sure he was gone I burst into tears. For a moment, I thought he was going to fire me.

“Oh dear, please don’t cry everything is okay now” she said hugging me.

“What happened my child? Did he said something to you?” she asked with concern.

“H-he just a-asked me t-to look i-into his ey-eyes” I said between my sobs.

“My child you must listen when he tell you to do something, okay?” she stated.

I nodded my head. “Okay now let’s go and I’ll show you what you have to do today” she said and lead me to the kitchen. We stopped after reached there. She told me to cook dinner for everyone first and then clean the dishes. That was all I had to do.

“What should I make for dinner, Martha?” I asked quietly. I didn’t know why my voice never raised.

“Well let me hand you the list. I hope you can cook anything?” she asked. I shook my head yes. Thankfully Caroline taught me how to cook. Although I was I could cook a lot of thing.

She handed me the list of food and I glanced at it.

’Chicken Piccata’
‘Chicken Zucchini Pasta’
‘Mushroom soup’

That was all I had to make. I could cook piccata and soup but I didn’t know what that zucchini pasta was. I asked Martha to help me making this pasta.

After dinner was ready, everyone was at the dinner table including that scary man. Martha handed me the dishes and commanded me to place them on the table. I was too afraid to go outside and face him. But I didn’t have any other choice. I was a maid there.

I hold the tray of dishes carefully as my hands were shaking badly. I quietly entered the dining table and slowly placed the food in the table. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me that was making me uncomfortable. There were other people with him. A guy with black hair and a brunette girl. Both were extremely gorgeous. Maybe they were Hazel and Nathan.

Once I successfully placed the dishes I turned around and was about to leave when a voice called me.

“Wait” I heard a thick voice. I turned back and saw that same man was the one who called me.

“Where you think you’re going? You work here. I pay you to work for me. You should be here when we have our dinner, in case we need anything” he said harshly. I forced myself to not panic and nodded my head.

“Yes sir” I said quietly. I glimpsed at Martha begging her with my eyes to help me. But all she did was give me an apologetic look and turned her head away.

I was standing there for ten minutes looking at my feet.

“Pass me water” the brunette girl said. I fastened my pace and grabbed a glass and pour water into it. I was about to place the glass in front of her when my feet hit something and I fell into the floor and the glass that was in my hand fell in to her lap.

“WHAT THE HELL?” she yelled in anger. Everyone in the table stood up. I gulped in fear. Oh god what I am gonna do now?! Martha came towards me and helped me stand up.

“You filthy bitch. How dare you pour water on me?!” she shout at me.

“I-I’m r-really sorry ma’am, m-my f-feet hit s-s-something a-and I f-fell” a tear escaped from my eyes.

“Shut up you idiot” she cursed.

“Calm down Hazel” that man said. Who was he? Was he their elder brother?

“Brother how can I calm down? This fucking thing pour water in my lap. How can you let this stupid freak work in our house?” she yelled. I was right. He was her brother.

“Go to your room Haz. I’ll take care of that” he warned. She clenched her teeth and left the dining room hitting her foot in the floor. A sobbed escaped from my mouth. I couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Please don’t cry my dear” Martha cooed in my ear.

I heard footsteps coming near me. I froze at where I was standing.

“Martha take her to her room. She is dismissed for today” master announced.

“Yes master” Martha whispered and take me out of here.

She took me to my room and sat me down on my bed. My throat was dry from crying and my voice was cracking.

She came and hugged me. “Sshh its okay my child” she said.

“Go back to sleep now. It will help you to calm down” I nod my head and lay down on bed.

“Sh-she was Miss Hazel, r-right?” I whispered. She nodded her head.

“She is like this since she was a little girl” she said nodding her head.

“A-And who’s that man? She called him brother?”

Her face became cold and emotionless after hearing my question. She stayed quiet and answered after few minutes.

“He is the elder heir of Knight family and a warning for everyone who messes with him” her intense and cold stare was making me nervous.

“Lucifer Knight”
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