Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Bonus Chapter

He pinned her down on the bed and got on top of her. Her body was beneath him, her helpless hands were tightly held by the devil himself making her winced in pain. His body was tightly pressed on hers.

“Accept it! You cannot fucking run away from me. You can NEVER escape from me. It would be better for you if you accept that your fate is with ME. You are mine!” She closed her eyes and sobbed quietly beneath him. She knew she could never escape from him, she knew he would never let her go. But, that didn’t stop her from trying. That would never stop her from trying.

She swallowed her fear and looked back at him with her tearful big eyes.

“I-I’m not yours! I can never be yours master. I am just a maid who works in your house. Y-you have no right to claim me yours like this.” She threw back. It didn’t shock Lucifer, in fact it amused him. His fiery cat was finally able to open her mouth in front of him.

His hand left her one hand only to stroke her cheeks, his hand went from her cheeks to her lips. He rubbed her bottom lip with his finger tips slowly, feeling her softness of her lips on his finger. He leaned down and crashed his lips to hers, kissing her like there was no tomorrow.

His lips danced on hers, he was biting and sucking her bottom lip making her whimper. Few minutes later, he let go of her. August was already panting when he released, she inhaled as much air as possible.

They both stared at each other with an intensity which was hard to explain.

“You are mine babygirl. You were mine the moment I laid my eyes on you. You were mine when I saw you for the first time when you opened the door for me. You were mine when I saved you from the guy in the party who almost raped you...” He gritted at the bitter memory. “You were mine since the first time my heart skipped a beat whenever I saw you.....You are mine and you will always be mine.” With that he crashed his lips again with hers. She heard the unbuckling of his belt and her eyes widen in fear. She pushed him as hard as possible but that didn’t stop him.

In a blink of an eye, he tore her dress and started his assault on her.

Hey guys! This is a bonus chapter and let me tell you all this is just a short extract of what will happen later. So I hope you all will like it <3

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