Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 20

August’s P.O.V

Oh god! Why did this happen to me?! Out of every girl here he chose me to go with him?! I didn’t know what to do that time, I didn’t want to go with him.

“Son...are you sure it is her you want to take? I mean..she is very young and new, the other maids are more experienced than her honey why don’t you choose someone else.” I was silently praying that master will listen to his mother.

“My decision is initial mom. I chose her and that’s final.” My legs were trembling I didn’t know how long I’ll be able to hold myself.

“But ask her too...what if she don’t want to leave.” He looked at me and said. “Then she will lose her job.” He stated and left without saying another word.

I looked at Martha hoping that she could help in some way. But, she her eyes didn’t even met mine. She just avoided me.

I felt someone’s hand clutching mine. I looked beside and saw Venessa. She gave me an apologetic look and a sad smile.

“I’m sorry August. I don’t know what my son is up to. But, don’t be scared okay? His house don’t have that much work to do as he’s the only person living there, and there will be other workers too. So, don’t be scared okay?” Mrs. Knight said and smiled at me. I cracked a small smile and nodded my head.

“I’ll talk to Lucifer and tell him to give you few days time to pack your stuffs and to let you spend some time with your friends here.” She said and left. It was a bit relieving and I hoped that master will give me some time.
I really didn’t want to lose my job. Aunt Caroline’s financial situation is still not good, if I lost the job I had no guarantee that I might get a new one.

“Okay girls....get back to work.” Martha ordered. We obeyed and started to do our daily chores.

God knows what kind of tasks master will give me in his house.

The thing that scared me most was....what if he try those things with me again? This thought was roaming in my mind. My hands were terribly shaking. Every passing minute was a hell for me. I really wished something would happen and master would change his mind.

But of course as always my fate wasn’t with me that time too.

Sighing, I began to do my chores as usual. As Mrs. Knight said that there will be other workers too in his house so, it will not be so bad there because if I’m always around people, he can’t assault like that again.

I said to myself, comforting. I knew it wouldn’t help but at least...I knew I had to be strong. I couldn’t work like that forever....I decided if he tried something like that again I would leave the job. I just couldn’t work like that. The Knights paid me $500 a month, I was aware that it was a great amount of money and I always sent more than half money to Caroline and kept the rest of the money to myself as an emergency material. In the current month, I sent Caroline $350 as I knew that she needed the money for her own medicines and for the bills. I wished I could earn more and help her with her business too and maybe......maybe start my school again.

I always loved to study, I wanted to be more educated, so that few later I could get an ample job in some good company. But, the most important thing for me was the education. Caroline always told me one thing.....“Honey, education is the most important thing in our life. A poor knowledgeable person is wiser than a rich illiterate person.”

I was done with my duty in the kitchen. I took a seat on a chair that was settled in the kitchen. I was really worn out that day, from the tasks I got and also from the news that we all received from master...I should ask Martha if master has agreed to give me some time....

“August?” I heard a voice called me. I stood up from the chair and turned around.

“Oh yes Venessa?” I asked.

“Are you okay?” She questioned, coming towards me. Her eyes showed the worry.

I smiled softly at her and nodded my head. “Yes I’m fine please do not fret.”

She looked pleased with my answer and smiled. “That’s great. I thought you were still agonizing over master’s decision.” I looked down, unable to reply her anymore. Yes, it was true I was worried about that.

“Hey August, don’t worry too much okay? It’s the same actually. You used to work here and from now you are going to work at master’s house, at least you are not going far away. Master’s house is just miles away from this house. Just...he is strict I know. But, he wouldn’t notice each and everything in his house. Besides that I heard that just like Martha there is another woman working for him, who handles the workers and maids. So, I’m sure you will have a nice guide.” She gave me an assuring smile. But, she didn’t know that I was not worry about what she thought....I was worried about something else that I could never tell her.

I said nothing but gave her a little assuring smile. “I’m not worried Venessa. I’m just upset that I will lose a good friend like you.” My voice showed my sorrow well.

She approached me and embraced me tightly and pulled back, saying. “I will miss you a lot August. Hopefully we can contact through calls and texts. I’m sure we can talk in between our busy schedule.”

“I will miss you too. I hope the same.”

“Why don’t we exchange numbers? I don’t think I have your number.” She frowned.

“Yeah sure. But, my phone is not a great one...” She interrupted. “Oh come on! Don’t worry about that. At least, we can contact. Let’s go to your room real quick and exchange our numbers. Come on, no one is here now we will be quick.” She pulled me out of the kitchen and went towards my room. This girl would be the death of me!

When we reached my room, Venessa made sure that no one noticed us. “Now, take out your phone. We have to hurry before someone sees us.” I nodded my head and pulled out my bag from the closet and started to look for my phone inside it. I frowned when I observed my phone was not inside my bad. I checked my bag thoroughly.

“What’s wrong?” She questioned. “I don’t know where I kept my phone...”

“Don’t worry let’s look for it.” She began to look for it in my other bags and drawers. I couldn’t remember where I last put it....

“Oh my god August!” I flinched at her sudden outburst. “Whats wrong?”

She took out the phone that master Ethan gave me and was holding it with shock written on her face. “Is that your phone?!”

“Uh...no not really.” I stuttered. “Not really? Oh my god August. This is such a cool phone. How did you get it? I mean it looks expensive.” I sighed and told her everything. Her expression was once again a mixture of shock and amuse.

“So you are saying master Ethan aka master Lucifer’s cousin gave you this phone? Wow! You didn’t even tell me about it.” She pouted, making me giggle. “I’m sorry Venessa everything happened so swiftly I couldn’t tell you.” After that we exchanged our numbers and went back to our works. She didn’t stop blabbering about how cute was master Ethan for being my friend and offering me his phone. I rolled my eyes every time at her. I was still against that. The gift was so expensive, it was really hard for me to accept it like this. I didn’t meet master Ethan, if I do I would for sure let him know that I was leaving that house.....

I was cooking lunch for the Knights among other two maids helping me. I was chopping the vegetables and other two were doing other tasks but they were gossiping more than doing their task. I sighed thinking I might have to prepare all the food alone because those two didn’t seem so attentive.

“Silence girls, do your job you guys can talk later.” Hearing Martha’s strict voice, both of them went quiet. I turned and called her.

“Yes honey?” She queried. “Martha can I ask you something?”

“Of course sweetie go ahead.” She offered me a smile. “Martha...did Mrs. Knight told you anything about Master’s decision?” I questioned her, hoping that I would get the answer I was expecting.

“Oh honey, I’m so sorry I don’t know yet. Ma’am didn’t tell me anything. Why don’t you go to her and ask her by yourself? I’m sure she can understand you.” I nodded my head. She is right I should do that. I said to myself.

I decided to talk to her after lunch. I really hope she would understand me....

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