Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 21

Narrator’s P.O.V

The Knights were in the dining table, everyone was sitting on their situated seats. Mr & Mrs. Knight were talking with each other about something, Hazel and Nathan were busy with their phones. And Lucifer.....his eyes were as always looking for that one girl. His father didn’t know about his announcement yet. He wouldn’t be happy and Lucifer knew that. But, he could care less about his father’s bullshit lecture.

Few minutes passed like that and the maids started to show up with different food trays in their hands. He didn’t even glance at a single maid, his eyes were aching to see her. He knew he might be too harsh on her but as usual...he didn’t care. He would get what he wanted. And he only wanted her that time. However, the atrocious ploy would break her.....but, that was what he wanted. He wanted to break her until she would give up. He wanted to break her to that condition where she would have no one beside her except for him.

He was unaware that his wicked smile was seen clearly by August from the corner of the kitchen. She gulped thinking what he might be thinking about. She was aware of how dangerous that man could be. But, she wasn’t aware of how vile his plan was.

“Hey August, can you take this tray outside? I am carrying another one.” Marie said. She nodded her head and picked up the tray and went outside to face her fate.

There she is! Said the devil in his mind. As always, she was looking gorgeous. Her hair was pulled in a loose braid. Her eyes were glued to the ground, not meeting with anyone’s sight. Small strands of her hair persistently coming on her face. She annoyingly rolled her eyes and served lunch to everyone.

Lucifer held the glass of wine and brought it to his mouth, taking small sips, his eyes were still on August, watching her every steps. She knew he was watching her but, no matter how much she wanted to leave from there, she couldn’t. It was her job to serve food to everyone.

“Please serve me the salad.” Mrs. Knight said. She nodded her head and cautiously served salad on her plate. She thought that was her chance to ask Mrs. Knight if she could talk to her.

“M-Ma’am, can I-I talk to you after lunch for a minute?” Her soft voice asked. His heart danced in excitement when he heard her. He glanced at her, her cheeks were flushed and as always her eyes never met with anyone.

“Sure honey.” Hearing Mrs. Knight’s answer, she looked up and smiled warmly at her before walking away from the dining table. He wanted to see those green eyes again and her beautiful smile that never failed to melt his heart.

But, at the same time he was wondering what he wanted to talk about with his mother. He guessed that she might wanted to convince her mom so that she wouldn’t have to leave his father’s house. He smirked at the thought. Nice try little kitty. But you have to know that nothing will help. My decision is irrevocable.

The Knights’ lunch was over and the maids were cleaning the table along August. Mrs. Knight told August to meet her at her room. She put the dirty plates in the sink and went out of the kitchen. She was very nervous, she really hoped that the luck would be beside her that time.

She sighed as she knocked on the door of Mrs. Knight’s room. “Come in.” Said Mrs. Knight.

She got inside and immediately bowed her head. “Oh August!” She put the cup of tea on the table. “You wanted to talk about something?” August nodded her head and replied.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Okay. Is it about my son?” She asked looking at her. August nodded her head again sadly. Mrs. Knight sighed and approached her, put her hand on August’s shoulder.

“Look honey, I know you are not happy with the decision and my son announced it all of a sudden...without any sign so, it was surprising for me too. And I also know why you want to live here, you made friends and I can see Martha treats you better than other maids here, I noticed you are a very nice girl. But, don’t worry honey okay? Maybe you will like there too.” She smiled softly at August that almost melted her heart. She couldn’t stop herself from returning the smile too and nodded her head.

“And if you don’t like it there you can anytime quit the job and come back to my house or look for another job. No one will stop you.”

She shook her head yes. Mrs. Knight let go of her shoulder and her face beamed. She is truly a nice woman.

She returned the smile and departed the room. She was relieved. She thought at least she could easily leave the job and go far away from Lucifer. But, oh how wrong she was...

Lucifer was just standing a bit far away from his mother’s bedroom and unfortunately he heard everything. He clenched his fist and took long stride towards her when she saw her walking away. He wrapped his hand around her neck and muffled her screams with his other hand.

August was dumbfounded with his sudden outburst. She was aware who that person could be but, she was silently praying it was not him. She was struggling to free herself from his strong tight grip. She scratched his arms, thinking it might help. But, instead it made Lucifer more mad, he squeezed neck. Her eyes went big at the pressure he was putting on her neck. And within few moments, he pulled her away from there and got inside his bedroom.

August was more petrified when Lucifer pushed her on the wall with his hand still muffling her cries and screams.

“Shut the fuck up!” He yelled. She whimpered but didn’t stop trying to escape from him. She tried to knee him down there but Lucifer was way too fast than her. He pushed her back more and struck her on her face. It immediately shut her mouth, few drops of blood were flowing down from the corner of her lips. She winced when her hand touched the wound.

He gripped her chin and pulled her close to him. “You really think you can leave the job? Leave my house?” He laughed. Her body was shivering in fear.

He leaned to her, looking at her with his evil eyes. “No my kitten, you cannot escape, you cannot leave the job unless I tell you to, and that’s never going to happen because I will never ever let you leave.” He said in his low minacious voice.

She was panting heavily. It was enough for her, she could not just bear everything and say nothing. She swallowed her fear and whispered. “I-I can d-do whatever I want! I am m-my own person, n-no one can control me.”

He looked at her with mirth, he left her and took few steps back. Taking out his phone, he went to the video option and played the video in front of her.

What August saw, shook her to death. It was the video of Caroline, sitting on the couch and watching TV. She immediately approached him and took the phone from his hand. Her hands were trembling. She looked at him with shock written on her face.

“H-How did you g-get this video?” He chuckled. “Come on baby girl. Don’t you trust me at all? Don’t you think making this video was so fucking easy for me? Don’t you know what I’m capable of?” She cried more.

He snatched the phone from her hand. “Now now princess, you are aware of capability. You are aware what else I can do. Today I’m showing you the normal video of your aunt, enjoying her alone time. Just imagine...tomorrow it might be a video of your aunt tied to the chair and my men holding her captive and....”

“No! No please don’t harm her master please she is innocent she didn’t do anything. Please let her go.” She pleaded holding his hands unknowingly. Lucifer felt a tingling sensation in his head at the touch of her. But, he didn’t let her see how much she was affecting him.

He took her hand on his and kissed her knuckles before letting it go. “You know princess what I want. If you ever try to leave the job....you know what will happen.” He said and turned around to leave the room. But stopped, remembering something.

He cupped her cheeks and kissed the bruise on the corner of her lips. She didn’t dare move or try anything as she was afraid that he would hurt Caroline.

“Your birthday is in 4 days, take this as your birthday present.” He whispered and left the room, leaving her all broken.

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