Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 22

Narrator’s P.O.V

She tugged in her clothes and other necessary stuffs inside her bag. It was because she was leaving the house. Sadly, she wasn’t departing for her home.

She was told that Lucifer gave her 4 days time and when during the 4th day, she would be in his house, in the man’s house from whom she was running away. Thankfully, Mrs. Knight convinced Lucifer to give her few days time. Not like, it was going to be a solution for her anyway. And the worse thing was, he decided to take her on her birthday. She despised it. She might even despise her own birthday.

Sighing, she chained her bag and kept it beside the bed. She really didn’t want to leave that place...she knew she would miss Martha and Venessa so much. But....not like she had any choice.

She glanced at the calendar that was hanging on the, it said 10th August.

Her birthday was on 14th August. She was never really excited for her birthday or never hated it but, that time she was truly hating it. Lucifer was doing that intentionally. His cruel nature said it all. For a moment, she was happy at least she had a chance to leave the job. But, Lucifer snatched that right too from her, by using Caroline.

Just thinking of Lucifer hurting Caroline was enough to make August tremble in fear. She would never let anything happen to Caroline.

Shutting her eyes, she let her tears flow down from her eyes. Who knew that her life would change like that?

She let out a shaky breath and cleaned her face with her hands. I have to be strong, for me and for Caroline. I cannot be weak like this.

August got up from her bed and stood in front of the mirror. She pulled her hair in a messy bun. She paused for a moment and looked at the bruise on the corner of her lips. It was a small bruise but was visible. She winced when her hand touched it slightly. No wonder why it was still sore, she didn’t apply any ointment there after all. She was thinking to ask Martha about it but, for sure Martha will question her. And August was very bad at lying, she knew she would get caught.

Pulling out her bag, she found a foundation container that Venessa gave her. Being the pale girl, the foundation colour matched with her skin. She took a little amount of foundation on her hand and covered her bruise with it. Thankfully, it did work. She was finally satisfied with it.

Leaving her room, she approached the kitchen and as usual started her regular chores. All the other maids were working too along her.

“Oh look! Isn’t this the same girl? What was her name again? August! Master Lucifer chose her as his house maid right?” She heard one of the girl gossiping.

“Yes it’s her. Poor girl. She doesn’t know Master Lucifer. He will make her life a hell.” Another girl said. It was a lot for August. Why this girls have to gossip about me? Are they thinking that I can’t hear them?

“Poor girl? I think she is lucky though. I mean look at Master Lucifer. He is the most gorgeous and hottest. Working in his house would be tough but fun as the same time.” The first girl said it and giggled. Oh god! How can she even think about her own master like this? And that too Master Lucifer! She is the one who has no idea about Master’s capability. He is no gorgeous, he is dangerous!

“Gosh Alina, what are you even saying? If someone hear you then you know what might happen? Just keep your mouth quiet and work.” The second girl said.

“Fine whatever Hasley.” Alina said. These girls were too much for August. She washed the last plate and put it on the sink before leaving the kitchen. Her next task was cleaning the living room and that was what she started doing.

Lucifer was happy on the other hand. The first step of his plan was going well. He intentionally chose that day. It would be so fucking fun, the day she will be legal might be the day I-

His thoughts were interrupted. He growled and turned around to face the person who called his name.

“What?!” He asked.

“Whoa whoa brother! What’s up? Why are you in a bad mood?” Ebenezer asked and smirked.

“What do you guys want?” Lucifer asked in his usual blunt tone. Hazel rolled her eyes and stated.

“Big brother, you know Ebenezer has planned to announce his new business project on 16th August. So, we are thinking that there should be a grand party for that and then the announcement.” She chirped.

“Calm down Hazel. So, Lucifer can you cancel your important meetings for that day?” Nathan questioned.

“Well, I don’t think I can because I might have to attend a really important meeting.”

“Bro...come on you know how much important it is for me..” Lucifer sighed. He knew that project was always Ebenzer’s dream project. And Lucifer did want to stay but he needed to be at his home that day.

“Okay. Then why don’t you throw the party in my house?” He suggested.

“Great idea! We have to start working now.”

**2 days later**

She once again glanced on the calendar. 12th August.
Only 2 days left. After that she would be working for Lucifer alone. She was scared and worried at the same time. Scared that he could do anything to Caroline. He wouldn’t even think twice before hurting her.

She was laying on her bed, it was 1 am and her sleep vanished as those thoughts were whirling in her head. She got up and went out of the room. Everyone was sleeping by then. She thought to get some water.

August walked down the stairs and approached the kitchen. Pouring water in the mug, she took few gulps before placing it back where it was before.

She flinched and let out a scream when she someone standing at the end of the kitchen.

He smirked when he saw her reaction, observing her from u and down. She is looking so hot in that night dress.

He thought and licked his lips. Calm down. I am gonna get her after few days anyway.

“Who’s there?” She questioned, not recognizing the person standing there. It was dark so, she didn’t see anything.

He came forward. She regretted asking who it was.....
She didn’t say anything and was leaving the kitchen.

“Wait.” He said.
She stopped in her tracks and slowly turned around. She was nervous and scared. She was already not in a good state of mind.

“Come here.” Lucifer commanded. She started panting heavily. But, she knew if she didn’t listen he might do something worse.

She walked to him and stopped when she was close enough, looking down.
He went closer and touched her lips. She gasped and tried to step back.

“Stand still.” He growled. Whimpering quietly, she didn’t anything, stood there with her eyes closed, she was damn scared for her aunt.

He caressed her soft smooth skin with her rough fingers, and his hand touched the bruise he gave her. He didn’t want to hurt her like that but she left him no choice. He heard her wincing at his touch. He moved away his hand from her mouth.
Fuck. This bruise looks like it did hurt her for real.

She was surprised when he backed away and moved away his hand. It wasn’t something that he would do.
She stared at him in confusion.

“Stay here.” He said and disappear into the living room. She wanted to leave from there.

Few minutes later, he came back with a first aid kit on his hands.

“Sit.” He commanded again and as usual she obeyed. He sat too, and faced her. Taking out a small piece of cotton and ointment. He softly applied it on the bruise. She winced every time the cotton connected with her skin. She always avoided applying these kind of liquid ointment, it hurt a lot and she was scared of it.

She was continuously trying to move away from him earning a scold every time. She literally felt like a little child.
After he was done, he threw away the cotton and closed the first aid box.
She was in very much confusion.
He was never so soft with her. He was fierce and dangerous. Soft wasn’t a word that could describe him. But, that time August actually felt it was someone else and she also didn’t understand that if he could be kind then why he chose to be so cruel?

She snapped out of her thoughts and stood up.
“I’m sorry master but, I think I really need to go and sleep.” Surprisingly, he didn’t say anything just nodded, gestured her to go.
She hurriedly left for her room.

He was dumbfounded at his actions too. He was never so soft with anyone and that girl was changing everything.....

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