Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 23

August’s P.O.V

“Wow August....th-that’s a lot...” Venessa stated, shock written all over her face. I sighed. I knew it was a lot. Few hours ago, Martha told me that Master Lucifer was going to increase my salary. And the amount was $1000, why would he pay a maid so much? Maids normally didn’t get to pay more than $500 and he was ready to give me double. K

I knew why he was doing this, he just wanted me to stay anyhow. He had some men who were checking on my aunt, put cameras and using her against me...and then that salary thing.

I sat beside her on my bed and exhaled deeply.
“That’s a really big amount though, August. What are you planning now?”
Venessa asked.

“I don’t know. But, I have to work there anyway. I cannot leave this job.”

“August, you know if you are not happy with your job. You can leave it anytime.” Venessa placed her hand on my shoulder and said.

She looked at her feet helplessly. She was right. August could leave anytime but, could she anymore? He threatened me using Caroline. I couldn’t leave even if I wanted to.

“I can’t...you do know finding job is r-really hard a-and even this job w-was hard to find. I cannot leave this job m-my aunt will face troubles.” I replied with shaky voice.

Oh how I wish I could tell you the truth...

Venessa agreed with me.
“I know, I totally understand you. Anyways, don’t think much okay? We will still be friends and we will always be in touch through texts and calls. Just don’t forget me.” She said chuckling.

“I could never forget you Venessa. You are my only friend here.” We both hugged each other. I felt nice having a friend beside her who was so caring.

“Oh come on, I’m not your only friend. Master Ethan seems so nice to you.” She stated and winked.

I blushed at her words. “H-He is just a friend..” Venessa rolled her eyes.

“Yeah sure. Let’s get back to work.” I nodded and began my duty.

**14th August**

Narrator’s P.O.V

Finally the time has arrived....the day he was waiting for so eagerly. From that day, she would be his alone. He couldn’t wait to find her in his house. It was her birthday, he wanted to give her something. He never gifted anything to any girl, except for his sister and mother. All the women he had been with were never serious, he didn’t even care about them let alone gifting them something. But, she wasn’t like the other women he was with. She was different...

He was aware that she would not be happy with what he has planned for her. After all, she was a young girl working in his dad’s house, hoping to earn enough money to support her aunt. He knew it would hurt her, he knew it would break her. And that was what he wanted. He wanted to break her till she give up. That was why, he had his men outside of her house, to keep an eye on that woman Caroline. She was August’s only family and he knew that if he use her aunt against August, she would be weak and would not try to leave the job, try to leave him.

All his life, he never treated any women in any special way. There was something in August that attracted him so much, now he never wanted to leave her alone no matter how much she wanted it.

She will get used to it slowly.

He thought to himself. Lucifer was confident that he would get what he wanted. His power, and that fragile girl’s innocence said it all.

Checking the time on his wrist watch, he got up from his seat. He was done for that day in office, he thought to leave for his own house.

She would be at my house by 7 o’clock. I should call home and tell the time.

He dialed his mother’s number. After few rings, she picked up the call.

“Mom, remind the maid to be in my home at 7 o’clock sharp.” He said glancing at his wrist watch once again. He heard his mom replied to him.

“Okay son. I’ll let Martha know about it.”

It was 3 pm and he had to wait 4 more hours to see her again. The demon inside her was getting eager to feel her presence again. The things he has planned for her....the thoughts were enough to make him groan in desire. He could not wait anymore. He knew he had to have her. He knew he had to touch her to satisfy his inner demon’s selfish desire.

On the other hand, August’s tension was grown more and more by the passing minutes of the clock. She was in her room, with Venessa. Venessa was trying to make August feel better, she did feel better but it was difficult for her to stop those thoughts and the words he said to her.

“Aug....hon please sit down for a minute. Why are you getting so worried?” Venessa asked her. August looked at her with her same worried expression and shook her head. “No, I’m fine.”

“Yeah sure I can see if you are. Come sit now.” August forced herself to take a sit beside her friend.

They both talked for sometime until they saw Martha coming inside the room. “Hey girls.” They both greeted her back. She approached August and gave her a light hug.

“How are you, sweetie?”

“I’m good Martha thanks for asking.” She replied with a forced smile on her face.

“I was here to inform you that you’d he leaving by 7 o’clock. Make sure you don’t leave anything behind.” She stated. August just shook her head yes. Her mouth was too dry to say anything.

“Don’t worry honey. It’d be fine. You will not be alone there. There’d be other maids too. And do not worry about travelling. Master Lucifer already told a driver of this mansion to drop u off there.” Shocked erupted from inside of her. Which maid goes to her another job in her own master’s car?

“Wow. Master is doing a lot. First the salary and now this...” Venessa said frowning. She was equally confused as August.

“Because, it’d be very late at night and it’s not safe for her to go alone.”
That made sense to Venessa and almost to August too. But, she knew the reason.

Why their car? Why not call a cab or uber?

Despite knowing the answers of her own question...
He did this because of the special treatment she was getting from her. And that special treatment was nothing good for her but torture. And she didn’t want to imagine what else he might do to her.....

She shrugged off the thoughts.
“Oh August. Happy Birthday, honey.” Martha wished her with a heart warming smile.

“Oh my god! It’s your birthday! Happppyyy Birthdayyyy.” Venessa wished and gave her a bone crushing hug. She blushed a little and thanked them. She even got a phone call from Caroline in the morning who wished her too. She was deeply missing Caroline’s weird birthday songs and her favourite lemon flavored cake. She always tried to do best things for August when she didn’t have to at all...She was truly grateful for that.

Time passed like that. Martha allowed August to spend some time with Venessa as there were not much chores to do in that hour. Both friends talked a lot and for sometime August forgot all the bad memories with Lucifer. She was laughing and smiling. She was happy for sometime. But, it was going to fade away soon....

The clock showed 6 pm. It was her time to leave. She went downstairs with her bag and saw Martha waiting for her there.

“Here you are. Robert is waiting for you. Come let’s get you there, he is going to drive.” She hurriedly pulled her out of the house where she saw a white car standing near the gate.

She approached it and turned around to face Venessa and Martha who followed her.

Martha softly hugged her. “Be nice there child. I will call there to know about you sometime.” August cracked a smile with tears in her eyes. She will miss her a lot.

“Will miss you Aug.” She received another hug from Venessa. “I’ll miss you too, Venessa.” August replied and got inside of the car. She looked out the window once again and smiled at them with her heavy heart.

Her journey towards the devil started.

It took them good one and half hour to reach. August looked around the area, it was in the woods. Well, not too deep in the woods but quite close. The place was beautiful. The road was surrounded by trees, lots of trees. She always liked nature. If it wasn’t for Lucifer, she would have love to be in that place. The light warm breeze, the calm place. It was beautiful and scary at the same time. Sometimes, silence scares people.

The car stopped in front of a gate, a big gate. It opened and they got inside. What August saw made her jaw dropped....

The mansion she was seeing was truly an art. It was really modern and beautiful. She didn’t realize she was looking at it for too long.

“Miss, you have to get inside now.” The driver said. She flinched lightly when she heard his voice and got out of the car.

Robert picked up her little stuffs and got inside with her. The inner sight of the house was more beautiful. His dad’s house was nothing compare to that. Surprisingly, no one was inside. Not like she was expecting anyone to greet her but, she thought there might be other maids. It was empty. It scared her a bit. She really didn’t want to be all alone in that big mansion especially with him.

She decided to ask Robert about it. “W-where is everyone?”

He looked at her and replied. “I don’t know. I don’t live here or work here I was just given the orders to take you here safely.”

“O-oh d-do you at least k-know where I’m going to stay?”

He nodded his head. “Yes I was informed that. Please follow me.” She did what he said. She was tired because of the journey and the stress. All she wanted was to sleep.

Her room was thankfully downstairs but doesn’t mean she didn’t have to walk long. The house was way too big. She felt like forever when she reached there.

“Here miss. I will go now. I can’t stay for long. Have a nice night.” With that he left her alone there. She was confused. Why he couldn’t stay? Maybe because he don’t work here.

The door was thankfully open. She turned the door knob and opened it wide.

And what she saw inside...made her shocked to death....

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