Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 24

Narrator’s P.O.V
She lightly dropped her small handbag beside her bag full of clothes and looked at the bedroom. It wasn’t what she was expecting to see. The room was full of purple and white balloons.

Just how I like....But how....who did this?

She took few more steps towards the wall that was full of balloons. She frowned when she noticed something written on the wall. She pushed the balloons aside to have a better view.

Her jaw dropped when she saw what was written on the wall.

“Happy Birthday kitten.”

Kitten? Its him who did this....of course it’s him. This is his house who else will do it?

It was not actually written, it was plastered on the wall with colorful papers that were cut in alphabets. It looked beautiful and mesmerising. August couldn’t remove her eyes from all the decorations.

Yes, it was true. She always wanted these things for her birthday when she was a kid. Although she never regretted the birthdays that she celebrated with Caroline, she just couldn’t believe her eyes.

She had a closer look on her surroundings. Her eyes fell on the small 3 foot yellow tulips flower pot.
It was decorated with beautiful string lights.

Small smile appeared on her face when she saw more different types of fairy string lights around the room.

The room was not small like her old one like Martha and others. This one was bigger. Not much but enough bigger for anyone like her. The walls were painted with light yellow and baby blue colour.

Her breathe hitched.
H-how he knows that I like these colours in a room..?

He knew everything about her...everything. She wasn’t even aware of it. All the things were confusing and scaring her at the same time. She didn’t know how to react. Why would he do something like that for her? Who was she? Just a mere maid.

These thoughts were whirling around her head.

She consoled herself lots of time saying that she was just a maid...just a maid. But, deep down she knew that if she was just a maid then she would never have been in that situation. It scared her a lot.

She let out a deep breathe that she was holding in for a long time and sat on the edge of the bed. She didn’t see anyone around the house when she came inside. She wondered where was everyone....

Somehow it’s a good thing at least he isn’t here either. I don’t have to face him for tonight.

She sighed again and got up from the bed to pick up her bags. There was an average sized closet beside the bed. She didn’t have many stuffs so that closet was big enough for everything she brought. She put all her clothes inside the closet along her bag. August thought to text Venessa, letting her know that she reached safely.

Taking out her phone, she typed the text and sent it to Venessa and instantly got a reply from her.

′That’s good. I’m already missing you :‘(’

She smiled sadly at the text and wrote her back.

‘I miss you too.’

She couldn’t check Venessa’s another text when she heard someone behind her.

“So I see you’ve come.” That similar deep voice...that held the aura of power and control.

She gulped and turned around. He was standing with his sides leaning on the door wearing a white shirt and grey pants, his tie was slightly lose.

He took slow steps towards her...until he was close enough. She of course was looking down unable to look into his eyes.

“Did you like it?” He asked out of nowhere. She didn’t answer. She couldn’t figure out the words..

“Look at me when I’m talking.” He said in his low voice which sounded more dangerous. She immediately obeyed him and stared right into his eyes.

He smiled when her eyes met with his. A beautiful smile that would capture any girl’s heart. If August wasn’t in that situation she would’ve been lost in his smile and the shine in his eyes. Little did she knew that she was the reason behind his beaming eyes and his smile...a real smile. It was almost unbelievable how Lucifer let a little girl enter in his life and mess up with his mind.

And heart....

Yes, it was true. That girl did things to him....things that no women could ever do. But why? Why her? What was so special in her that attracted him like nothing else mattered for him...Well he already knew the answer.

He touched her face with her rough hand....caressing her cheek softly....

“Did you like your room?” He asked once again. Quite surprising how he didn’t get mad on her for repeating himself again.

It’s her birthday...I don’t want to scare her away. At least not tonight.

She was perplexed. He actually wants me to answer him? But if I didn’t then I’m sure he would get mad...and that’s the last thing I want right now...

She lightly nodded her head and uttered yes. His face had a satisfied look, it looked like he was expecting a positive answer from her.

Surprisingly, his hands were no more caressing her cheek. He took few steps back.

“Wait here.” He said leaving the room. August frowned. Why he wants me to wait? Oh how I wish I could just take a nap...

He came back after few minutes with a gift box in his hands.
Oh god...please tell me it’s not for me.

“Here take this.” He extended his hand to her that was holding the box. She didn’t take it. She stared at it for sometime before looking at him back, shaking her head.

“N-no master...you already did a l-lot in m-my room. I cannot accept th-this.” She stated quietly but decently.

“Why not?” He growled.
End of being fucking nice. I got her a fucking gift and she refused it?!?!

“Ma-master I’m sorry I-I didn’t mean it in a bad w-way...Your warm welcoming wa-was already a lot.” She lied. She didn’t feel anything warm in his welcoming of her. Even though the decoration was freaking amazing but that didn’t mean that none of those didn’t freaked her out...

“Take it, August. It’s a small gift from me. Do not make me angry. I don’t think I need to remind you the consequences.” Of course he didn’t have to. She clearly remembered the each and every consequences. There were nothing pleasing about those.

But the way he said her name...it was just so different. It was almost like no one called her like that before. It was weird. That man standing in front of her with a gift box wrapped in a purple glittery wrapping paper. He was clearly the devil in her life so far...but sometime she just felt so different about him. No, she didn’t feel any likeness or love towards him neither she felt aroused by his looks like other women....she just felt something else about him. It was like there was a different person hiding inside him that was scared to show himself off...
Maybe his current personality was nothing but a coating that was hiding something.

She thought to herself. But, there were no time to think about all of those. She exhaled deeply and took the box from his hands. He was standing there impatiently.

Fuck...she’s so slow. If it was someone else then I would’ve just.....

“Unwrap it and see.” He commanded.
She unwrapped the wrapping paper slowly and opened the box finding a brand new phone inside it. Her eyes grew big and looked at him, shaking her head again.

“Si-sir please its too m-much.” There was no way on earth she could accept it. Even though she took the phone that Ethan gave her but it was because he was her friend not a tormentor. Besides that the phone Lucifer gifted her was 3x more expensive.

“Why? Because I’m not Ethan?” He snapped. She flinched back with a shocked expression.

Why did he react like this?

She thought to herself. But she failed to realize that he was jealous. He was furious that she wasn’t accepting a gift from him but with Ethan it was a whole different story.

She shook her head immediately but he already had a grasp on her arm tightly. August hissed and tried to pry her hands, making him only tighten it more.

“Listen here little girl. It’s your birthday today so that’s why I’m sparing you with only an warning and there are some rules that you gotta follow in my house. If you break even one of those you will be punished. Am I clear?”
She was too scared to answer him. Her feet were glued to the spot.

What kind of punishment I will get?!

“AM I CLEAR?” He yelled. She swiftly nodded her head not wanting to make him more mad.

“Good girl. Now take it. I have to discuss the rules with you. Come downstairs and serve me food. Do NOT be late. There are other maids who will guide you. So you better not be late. I will give you 30 minutes.” He commanded. She muttered yes feeling relieved when he let go of her arm. It was painful.

She thought he was done talking to her and would leave to let her get ready in 30 minutes. But, instead he stayed and was staring at her. No matter how much or for how longer he stared, the moment and her face always seemed new to him. He would never get bored of her face. It was something that any guy would want to see in every morning.

But, she wasn’t going to be someone else’s. She was his and his alone.

Unknowingly he leaned down and places his lips on her cheek and kissed her. Her breathe hitched. She wanted to deny that there was no kindness or any good in him. But, for the first time he didn’t force her into anything. Was it actually because of her birthday or there was actually something good left in him?

She didn’t know. She was beyond confused. But still wanted that moment to end as soon as possible.

On the other hand, for him it was heavenly. He never wanted that moment to end. He wanted to hold her like that and kiss her luscious lips.
Seconds later he pulled back and caressed her bottom lip with his thumb.

“Don’t be late.” He went backwards and departed the room.

Why? Why me?

Author's Note:
Sorry for late update people :( I was really reallyyy busy. I hope you all will love this chapter. Also its my birthday and thats the reason I updated this late cause I wanted to update on this day XD

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