Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 25

August’s P.O.V

A middle-aged woman come to me and gave me the outfit sent to me by master and told me to wear it. I didn’t waste much time and quickly changed into this outfit. The woman looked very strict and demanding. She had an expressionless face and was not as talkative as Martha was. She gave me the outfit with a stern look. This worried me because this woman might not be as nice to me as Martha was...

Of course! Not everyone’s the same.

Sighing deeply, I looked at myself in the big floor touch mirror. It looked surprisingly good. It didn’t fit me well but it was really comfortable to wear. It was a white full sleeved shirt and a dark blue skirt that reached under my knee. It totally didn’t feel like a second skin....

Why does he want me to wear this kind of outfit? I didn’t have it before...

It wasn’t like I didn’t like it. I surprisingly did. But master was not the type of person who would think about other people’s comfort.

I shrugged off the thoughts and put on my shoes. I was relieved that they weren’t high heels. They were a pair of simple flat stilettos. Finally, I could walk without any fear of falling down...

I walked out of my room. I hurriedly walked past hall. I was also grateful that my room was downstairs, unlike in Mr. Knight’s house. While I was walking towards the living room where I assumed master would be, just like at his father’s house, I bumped into someone and stumbled back. I gasped when I saw that it was same woman who gave me clothes just a few moments ago, picking up the broken tea plates and tea cups from the floor. I quickly bent down to help her but accidentally cut my finger with a broken piece of the glass. I hissed in pain; A few droplets of blood fell onto the floor. It wasn’t painful but seeing the blood made me nauseous.

“You should not rush. Take some time for everything want to do; it will keep you from getting hurt.” She said as she took out a small white handkerchief from her apron pocket and handed it to me.

“Here press it softly on your finger to stop the bleeding.” I did what she said to stop the bleeding.

“I was coming to your room. He is waiting for you. Hurry before he gets more furious than he is. And when you are done with him, meet me in this room.” She pointed out at the room on my left. I looked at her and nodded my head in reply. She walked away with the tray full of broken glasses. I gulped and walked faster till I reach the living room. There he was, sitting on a luxurious couch with his office files and a laptop beside him. His eyes were glued to his phone, so I assumed he did not notice me walking in.

I stood there without uttering a word. It was very awkward because he was still looking at his phone. A few minutes later, I decided to call him.

“M-master.” I uttered. He raised his head towards me and his eyes met mine. I quickly looked down, enough to not meet his eyes but I could see his movements. He glanced at his wrist watch.

“5 minutes late.” He stated. I was feeling very nervous. I hoped he wouldn’t punish me for this.

“What made you come late, August?” I couldn’t help but feel my heart beat faster when he said my name. I didn’t know if it was good or bad but it terrified me.

I opened my mouth but nothing came out. He raised an eyebrow and was waiting for me to answer.

I took a deep breath. “I-I’m sorry master.” I said.

“Mhm. As it’s your first day, I’m forgiving you. But don’t let this happen again. Now let’s discuss the rules.” He stated flexing his muscles and leaned back on the couch.

“You have to obey all the rules just like other maids without questioning them, and if you fail to obey... the consequences will be bad.” He said.

“Anyways, the first rule you have to follow is that never ever disobey me. The second rule is you will never question me for anything. What I say will happen and no one has the right to question me. Rule number 3: you will not talk to any of the guy in this house. Rule number 4: you will not leave this house without my permission. If you have to go somewhere, you will ask for my permission first. Rule number 5 and the most important rule...-” I gasped softly when he suddenly got up from the couch and approached me. I backed away a little but, my legs hit the table that was behind me and it made me stop abruptly. I didn’t move an inch. He approached me, standing still and said. “You will never try to escape this house.”

My body was trembling terribly. I was staring at him, not knowing what to do next. I was sweating badly. Unknowingly I nodded my head at him. His intense stare was consuming my soul. Only his stare was enough to make me tremble in fear.

He nodded his head slightly with a smirk on his face and walked away. I scolded myself internally for being like that in front of him, I wished I was confident enough to not tremble like this. But I didn’t know what was in him that scared me so much. I shrugged off the thoughts and went to the room where that woman told me to meet her.

When I reached, I knocked on the door and instantly got a response from her. “Come inside, August.” I opened the door. My eyes were roaming around the room, there were four other girls sitting on the chairs and looking at me. Some of them did not care about my presence and some of them were gossiping about me. I went inside and locked the door behind me.

I sat in the empty chair that was beside a girl with ginger hair. I tucked my hair behind my ear in nervousness. Whenever I was in new place, I’d start feeling this nervousness.

“So, girls, meet the new girl, August. She will be working here with you all from now on.” They all looked at me. I looked down with my blushing cheeks.

“I should alert all of you. None of you will treat her badly. None of you will trouble her. If you do, the consequences will not be good. The rest is in your hand.” She said and got up from the chair, we followed her.

“Can you please give August a tour of this house, Alexa? And introduce her to everyone?” She asked girl with brown hair. Alexa looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at her.

That woman went out of the room.

Alexa turned to me. “Hey August, I guess you know my name already. It’s Alexa. Alexa Starson. And this is Ruby.” She pointed at the girl who was standing in the corner of the room, leaning on the wall, typing something on her phone.

“And this is Yuna.” She was a cute looking Chinese girl with dark shoulder length straight hair.

“Hey August!” Sue chirped and hugged me. She was few inches taller than me.
Then Alexa introduced me to one more girl named Isabella. She was a beautiful girl with waist length blonde hair.

After she was done introducing me to all the maids. I followed her outside of the room. She showed me the kitchen area, the other places of this house which looked quite mysterious and secretive to me. She told me about the people here. She said Master Lucifer is very mysterious, they barely get to see him. They don’t know when he enters the house at night. They only see him in the morning when he leaves for work.

Alexa showed half of the house and it took her a good 40 minutes...

“Okay August I think that’s enough for today. I showed you all the places that we maids need to go for our chores. Now, you can go and take some rest as it’s almost our bedtime.” She stated with a smile.

I nodded my head and uttered goodnight to her and left for my own room.

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