Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 26

August’s P.O.V

Next day felt like it was happening in fast forward. I had been constantly running here and there, doing chores. It was weird how master had not employed many maids for such a big mansion of a house that he had. There were only few of us. But then, we were not allowed to go to most parts of the house. So we did not really have much cleaning to do, but as it was my first day, there were many things about this place that I had to know about. It was kind of busy day for me.

“August.” I heard Alexa call out my name so I ran towards her.

“Hey, if you are free can you please put these files on master’s study room?” I frowned.

“I-I thought we were not allowed to go there..” I replied.

“Oh master has two study rooms. One is besides his bedroom and you have to put these in the study room that is besides the library.” I nodded my head and took the pile of files from her hands. She gave them to me a small smile and walked away.

I turned around and began to walk towards the library. Thankfully it was not that far as I reached it in only 5 minutes. I was walking hastily because I had other chores to do too after this. After I reached it, I twisted the door knob to open it wide and got inside. The room was tidy and neatly organized. I looked on the right side and saw a huge rack where the files were kept. I started to set the files one by one carefully on the rack. I was pushing the files aside so that I can put the other ones when I noticed something fall from one of the files. I sighed and bent down to pick it up. It looked like a photograph as it was facing the floor. I could not see whose photograph it was. I turned it around to see what it was. It was a photo of two young boys and a man standing between them with his hands on the boys’ shoulders. I could see a small smile on the man’s face but the boys’ faces held no emotion. I did not know if I was dreaming but I thought the younger boy’s face held horror... like he was scared of something. I noticed his hands were clenching his shirt. But the boy on the left, who looked older, had no emotion on his face. And he looked very familiar...

I wonder who they are... Is the boy master Lucifer? I saw a picture of him in Mister Knight’s house, it must be master... but who’s the other boy? And who’s that man?....

The man sure did not look like Mister Knight. I was confused about who he could be...

“What on fucking earth are you doing???”

Narrator’s P.O.V
Lucifer was in his father’s house, sitting in the living room with his parents and his siblings except for Ebenezer. He had to go for few days for his business purposes.

Everyone had a glass of wine in their hands and were discussing things between themselves.

“The deal with Christoper was great. Our company benefited a lot from it. It was successful.” He sounded satisfied by it.

“Oh that’s great honey. I think it’s all because of Lucifer and his hard work. Our company’s greatest success has always happened because of Lucifer.” Mrs. Knight said, smiling at Lucifer.

Mr. Knight’s stare became cold when his eyes met with Lucifer’s cold ones.
“Yes indeed.” Mr. Knight’s reply came harshly.

“Son, I think we need to talk about few things that has happened in this house.” Lucifer looked at him, still no emotion on his face.

His father sighed. “I’ve been hearing things about you... and that maid... whose name I suppose is August.”

Lucifer’s eyes suddenly became red with anger when he mentioned her. He knew his father was going to talk crap about her. His hand was clenching the wine glass tightly.

“There’s nothing to talk about.” He replied and stood up to leave.

“I’m sure there is something we can talk about. Why not start from the beginning? You took a filthy maid into your bedroom in front of that many people. Then you suddenly had a thought to recruit a maid from this house and coincidently you chose that same filthy maid. Why? Was it really a coincidence, son." Each of his words held nothing but venom, hatred and disbelief.

Lucifer had had enough of his father calling August a filthy maid. He threw away the wine glass that was in his hand and turned around to face his father, earning gasps of surprise from his mother and sister. His eyes were bloodshot red and he was fuming with anger.

“Whatever I do in MY life and in MY house is not your business father. You should fucking watch your mouth before I make you regret what you say. Stay away from my decisions in my house. If I ever heard a single word about this topic again...you all will regret it.” Mrs. Knight’s jaw dropped with her son’s words. She knew Lucifer had bad temper; him and his father had fought before too. But this time it was different... she could not comprehend why her son was defending a maid. Or did he get mad because his father was interfering in his business? She thought. Lucifer always hated when someone would interfere.

She was confused and worried. Worried what her son might do... or what he was already doing...

“This is unbelievable.” Hazel muttered.
Mr. Knight said nothing and left the living room.

Lucifer inhaled deeply and turned around to leave. His mother called him a couple of times but he did not even look at her. He was tired of his father lashing at him for everything he did. He wanted his father to leave him alone. He never gave a damn about what others were talking about behind his back. He knew they would not dare to say a thing in front of him. He did not care about anyone, but he knew he would hurt anyone who would dare to say a single word about her.

He picked up his keys from the table beside the sofa and went outside of the house and approached his car. He got inside and started his car but the only thing on his mind now was that he hadn’t seen her for few days. His eyes and heart ached to see her, to hug her. He did not want to rush things but he could hug her, if he wanted he could’ve forced her the time she entered in his house. But, he wanted to wait.

A small smile appeared on his face by the thought of her, but it was hard to make out the thoughts in his mind....

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