Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 3

August’s P.O.V

Lucifer? Did his parents really named him that?

“Is this his real name?”

“Nobody knows his real name also nobody calls by his real name except his mother” she said.

“Oh” I replied.

“I suggest you August, please stay away from master. He’s not someone you would be messing with.” she said pleading with her eyes.

“Wh-what? Wh-why?”

“Don’t ask questions. Just do as I say” she snapped at me. “From today you will not go near him, neither you will talk to him.” she ordered. I nodded my head in response. I didn’t know why she was saying all this. But I knew if I wanted to work there, I had to listen to her.

I closed my eyes hoping that sleep will come over soon.

I was alone somewhere, somewhere dark. “Please help me mom please don’t leave me here please” I screamed for my mom. But no one came. What did I ever do to deserve a life like this? My own mom and dad was treating me like this. I sobbed badly hoping that someone would come and save me. “Mom, dad, please help” I sobbed. I sat on the dirty floor and rested my head on the wall. Few minutes later someone barged in.

“Get up you filthy bitch” shouted my dad and pulled my hair. I screamed in pain.

“Please dad no stop please” I begged.

“Shut up you whore” he said and dragged me to the basement and threw me inside.

“Please dad don’t” I begged. He was staring at me with his evil eyes.

“Shut up” he growled and then took out the rope from his pocket and tied me to the bed. I struggled and tried to run but couldn’t. He tied my both hands and legs. He brought a belt from the closet. I stared at him in horror and shook my head continuously begging him to not beat me.

“This will teach you that you can never escape us” he hissed and connect the belt with my skin.

I woke up panting badly. I was again having these nightmares. I didn’t realize I was crying until I touched my cheeks and felt tears falling from my eyes. I rubbed my eyes and went to the bathroom. After washing my face I went back to the bed. I sighed deeply and laid back. Why all this happened to me? Why my parents turned into abusive one? They were so sweet and caring. My dad loved me to death and my mom, she always used to treat me like a princess. Tears were drooling from my eyes as I remembered how my life used to be and what was it in that moment. I shrugged my thoughts and went back to sleep.

Lucifer’s P.O.V

What she was doing to me. Her eyes were magical and doing it’s work on me. Making me want to see those beautiful eyes again and again. I couldn’t help but look at her beautiful face. How she was so beautiful? I had seen gorgeous woman before who and if I want I can get them anytime. But...she was different. Her body looked so pure, so untouched. I couldn’t help but to feel the urge to touch her. I felt myself getting hard just the thought of her. She was scared of me, her eyes showed that clearly. My heart clenched when I saw her closing her eyes and trying hard not to cry when I first time met her. I couldn’t help, she was disobeying me and NO ONE disobey me. And again my sister had to yell on her. I wanted to slap her for making her cry. I clenched my fists and banged it on the wall. Why was it effecting me that she was crying? She was just a maid. A maid. Who was suppose to work in my house. But instead of that she was doing something else to me.

I groaned and laid on my bed trying hard not to think of her. But how? She was everywhere in my mind. How could she be so beautiful? She was not even in any attractive outfit which made her look beautiful. She was just in a normal maid outfit, she was just wearing a normal socks with heels that all the maids wear and she had her hair loose. The hair that I want to hold to make her stay in place when she will not listen to me. Fuck! She was driving me crazy. It was hard to think straight. I knew I had to do something about it. I forcefully closed my eyes and very soon I fall into deep sleep.

Next morning.

I woke up by the sound of my alarm clock. I groaned and turn it off. I forced myself to sit up and went to the bathroom. Once I was fresh I got out and put my clothes on. I tied my shoe and applied some cologne.

I went downstairs and saw that no one was there. I thought I had to eat my breakfast alone and leave for my house. This mansion was my dad’s, not mine. Well although he said that it was mine as well but I liked my own things more. I was a successful businessman in our company and a CEO. So I bought myself a house and live there. I rarely came here.

The maids were cleaning the house, they bowed down when they saw me. I picked up a wine glass from the table and poured wine in it. I took a sip and roam around the house. I stopped in front of a window which showed the garden outside. Glancing there I saw someone was cleaning the garden and playing with the flowers. I focused more and what I saw shocked me to death. It was her. She was plucking the dead grass from the ground and her beautiful hair was open, flowing in the wind. My heart stopped for a moment when I saw some of her hair were in her face blocking her eyes from seeing anything and her trying to remove the hair from her eyes with her dirty hands. She shook her head hoping that the hair will go back, when she didn’t succeed she groaned and got up from the ground and rubbed her hands in the towel that was beside her. Once she was done she patted her hair and pull it into a messy bun. But it didn’t stop some of her front hair coming into her eyes which was making her look more beautiful, more gorgeous.

She was done with her work and was coming towards the house. She got inside and her eyes met mine. She gasped in shock.

“M-master, y-you’re here. D-do you need so-something?” she stuttered keeping her eyes down. Fuck what she had that made me want to go close to her.

I said nothing and move near to her. She flinched when she saw me coming. I smirked at her reaction. I stopped when I was enough close and caressed her cheeks. Her silky smooth skin melted in my hands as I caressed them.

“S-sir what are you d-doing?” she whispered.

“Beautiful” I murmured. She looked into my eyes with her own teary eyes. It stopped me from what I was doing. I clenched my fists and slowly moved my hands and moved away from her. That gave her a chance and she ran away from me.

What the hell was I doing?

I ran my hand in my hair and cursed under my breathe. I really needed to stay away from her.I decided that I would go back to my house and will make sure that I would not come here regularly.

After having breakfast I went out of the house and got into my car. I needed to do something so that I wouldn’t think of her and my work would surely help me.

August’s P.O.V
What was his problem? Why he was so close to me and caressing my cheek! I was so afraid I couldn’t even move. But I had to admit that his touch was soft and gentle but I didn’t like any random guy touching me. Thank god he left. Martha told me that he barely visit and most of the time he was on his own house. I was happy about the fact that I didn’t have to see him much.

“Come on girls, have your breakfast” I heard Martha calling for us. All the girls followed her and sat in the kitchen table which was for us. We had our food there. They sat with their friends and was gossiping about how hot our master was. Seriously? He was our master how could they say that? I had to admit he was gorgeous but we were not the right person to say that. Well I had not really make friends, all of the girls here are mien.

“Hello there” a soft voice said snapping me out of my thought.

“Oh hi” I quietly replied.

“So you’re the new maid here?” she asked as she sit beside me with her plate full of food.

“Yes” I said and smiled.

“I’m Vanessa” she said and offered a hand shake.

“August” I shyly replied and shake hands.

“August? Any special reason for naming you that?” she chuckled and asked.

“Uh not really, no special reason.” I said looking embarrassed. I knew that name was strange.

She chuckled “Its okay. Don’t need to be shy sweetie” she said. After that we all ate our breakfast. There was an awkward silence between all of us until Martha came.

“Girls please finish your food fast. You have work to do. And let me tell you what you guys have to do for today. Okay so Vanessa you will work on the kitchen and clean the dishes. Susan and Alice you will clean the living room” that’s how she gave chores to everyone and lastly me.

“And lastly August, you have to clean the dining table, the library and the rooms” I nodded my head at her. I was happy with my work, I just love cleaning and especially I was excited to clean the library area. Finishing my food I placed it under the sink and washed my hands.

“Move aside you jerk” someone said from behind. I tilted my head and saw a brunette girl staring at me with a smirk. I said nothing and quietly moved and gave her space to wash her hands. She did her business keeping her eyes on me as I was looking down.

“You’re the one who poured water into Miss Hazel’s lap?” she asked in a mocking voice. I slowly nodded my head.

“Well what a stupid you are to do this” she said and walked away. A tear escaped from my eyes. Why its always me who gets bullied?

“Its okay August just ignore she is like this” Vanessa said and patted my back. Well this was the only thing I could do that time.

I finished cleaning dining table, it took me good 30 minutes to clean. Now I had to clean the library. I was so excited, I loved books. I reached at the library area and entered. I gasped when I saw tons of books were in the shelf and my goodness how big this library was!

God I don’t know where to start. There were also other maids who were cleaning the library. I sighed. Thank god I didn’t have to clean it all alone.

“Excuse me, do you need something?” I turned around and saw a guy staring at me. The guy had astounding blue eyes and blonde hair.

“Uh w-well I-I’m here f-for cleaning the li-library” I stammered.

He chuckled and said “Okay. You can clean that section” he pointed out the section. I nodded my head and quickly got away from him. I was always very bad at talking with guys.

I reached at the section and started to clean it. This place was very dirty. Does anyone even read books? The books looked like no one haven’t read them for years. I cleaned all of the bottom shelves and now I had to clean the top. But how? The shelves were at least 8 foot long. I’m too short for this. I looked around the room, searching for a ladder. My eyes stopped at a corner where the ladder was kept. I sighed in relief and pick up the heavy ladder and placed it in the section where I am working. I carefully placed my feet into one step and then another. I was terrified of height so it was quite difficult for me. I closed my eyes and slowly took another step and then another. When I was about to take another step, I slipped. I screamed loudly and kept my eyes shut. I thought that I would fell on the hard wooden floor with a loud thud that will definitely break my back bone, but instead of that when I opened my eyes. I saw a pair of blue eyes staring at me. I gasped when I noticed he was holding me in a bridal style. I looked down in embarrassment.

“Easy there beautiful” he said and put me down.

“T-thank you” I said quietly and turned around to leave.

“Hey wait. what’s your name?” he asked. He was asking for my name? No boy ever asked that.

“A-august” I replied and quickly left the library. I decided to tell Martha that I was not able to clean the top shelves of the library so I left. I hoped she would not get angry, or maybe I could just clean the rooms for now and then clean the library. That would be good.
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