Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 27

August’s P.O.V

I gasped loudly. The photo fell from my hand on the floor. Master Nathan was staring at me with an annoyed and angry look.

“What the fuck are you doing here, maid?” He asked again. This time louder than before.

“I-I was j-just..” He did not let me finish and said. “How dare you touch Lucifer’s belongings! If he finds out about this you will be out of this house immediately if he doesn’t kill you first!” He roared at me and took long strides towards, making me go back. Picking up the photo from the floor, he put it back on where it was before and glared at me. I looked down without saying anything.

“If you ever touch a single thing here, you will regret it. Do you understand that?” I nodded my head swiftly and walked past him muttering sorry.

I immediately left the room, my heart was beating fast. He did not even let me explain and lashed out at me... but I was grateful it was not Master Lucifer. I was sure he would’ve punished me and that was the last thing I wanted. I proceeded towards where the other maids were. It was almost lunch time, so all of them were in their stationed positions. I found an empty chair and sat on it. I was told that we would always eat our food in a medium sized common room. It had a little table and a few chairs. I thought it was enough for us. I really missed Martha and Venessa...I wished I could see them again...

I was thankful for exchanging numbers with Venessa. At least I could text her anytime I wanted. I decided to text her once I was free from my chores. One of the maid served our food on the table. The aroma made me even more famished. Yuna had cooked udon noodles for us. That was the name everyone was calling the food by. I had never heard of it. I did not even remember the last time I ate Chinese food.

She served me the bowl full of noodles and handed me a couple of chopsticks. I didn’t know how to use them but I was too embarrassed to tell her that, so I looked at the other girls and tried to copy them. Only to fail miserably and end up embarrassing myself.

“It’s okay August, you can use a fork!” Isabella smiled and handed me the fork. I simply thanked her and started to eat my lunch. The girls there were really friendly unlike Mr. Knight’s house, only Venessa and Martha were nice to me. But here, I could say that they all were my friends, except for the other girl Ruby. She was not bad to me or the others, but never really talked to me.

Once we were done, we picked up our dishes and washed them. Ela did not eat with us unlike Martha. Ela was very different than Martha.

However, we were back to our working stations again. It was such a big house but compared to Mr. Knight’s house there were not a lot to do by 3 pm.

“Okay girls. Hear me out!” Ela yelled to get our attention. We all looked at her.

“Master is coming home early today, maybe he’ll be here in an hour. I want to know if anyone has cleaned his room properly.” She asked.

“Yes miss Ela. Isabella did it.” Alexa said. Ela nodded her head.

“Good, now don’t bother him when he comes home. Do the other chores and don’t go near his bedroom or study room. He wants to rest and there shall be no disturbance. So, whatever you all do, do it quietly. Now get back to your work.” We shook our heads in agreement and were leaving for our chores. I was happy that I did not have to face him...

“August and Ruby. Stay with me.” I frowned slightly but stayed along Ruby. The other maids had left already.

She stared at us emotionless and said. “I apologize for stopping you two. But, there should be someone who will do Master’s work when he gets home. So, I want you two to be here when he gets home. Understood?” I wanted nothing but to run away right now. The more I wanted to stay away from him, the more my fate brought me back to him. We nodded our heads anyway. Ruby looked like she did not have any problems.

30 minutes had passed and there was no sign of master. I was praying that he would cancel his visit or come late at night. We didn’t really have anything to do that time, but I was feeling anxious and nervous. Ruby was busy with her phone, did not even spare a glance at me. I sighed and thought to call Venessa and talk to her for some time. I was missing her a lot.
My phone was in my room, I was confused whether I should inform her or just leave without telling.

“Um...R-Ruby..” I called out her name. She stopped what she was doing and looked at me, raising an eyebrow.
“I-I’m going to my room, I’ll be back soon I promise.” I told her. She nodded her head. “Don’t be late.” She said and her attention was again on her phone.

I sighed and left for my room. I went in and grabbed my phone before coming back to where I was. Ruby was sitting on the chair that was in the kitchen. She didn’t really care about what I was doing.

I opened my phone and called Venessa. She received the call after a few rings.

“Hey August!” I smiled. “Hey Venessa. How are you?” I asked her politely.

“I’m fine girl, how are you? How are things over there? I missed you! I was so worried about you, I wanted to call but I thought I’d get you in trouble.”

“Oh no, you wouldn’t get me in trouble. I missed you too. How’s everyone there and how’s Martha?” I asked her.

“Martha is good and everything was fine here until....” I frowned and asked. “Until what?”

She inhaled deeply. “Until Master and his dad fought just a while ago. The atmosphere is not so good here right now. Even Mrs. Knight is very upset.” I felt bad for Mrs. Knight. She seemed like a nice lady, seeing her husband and son fighting must’ve been really hard for her.

“Why did they fight?” I asked. “I don’t know August. We just heard them shouting at each other. After that Master left the house, I think he is going back to his house”

“Y-Yes we we-were informed.”
Oh god! He left in a bad mood... I really hope he won’t take out his anger on us...

I gulped. I really didn’t want to face that.

“Okay August I should go now. Martha is calling me. See you hun.”

“See you Venessa.” I replied quietly and hung up the call.

After few minutes of waiting, Ruby and I finally heard the door bell. She quickly put her phone in her pocket and rushed towards the door. She opened it and I saw master get inside the house. He didn’t even spare us a glance and started to walk towards his bedroom. I sighed and feeling relieved that he did not see me.

I backed away a little and my hand hit the small table hard, making it fall on the floor. I gasped loudly and flinched. It caught Master’s attention and I saw him look at my direction. My muscles tensed under his stare. He kept staring at me, which had me trembling in fear. He let out his hand out of his pocket, but to my surprise he looked calm and his stare was not terrifying as usual. It was soft.

He then looked back at Ruby and gestured her to listen to him. She ran to him and I saw him telling her something. I could not hear them as they were quite far from where I was standing. All the time, his eyes were on me. I didn’t know what to do. I bent down and set the table how it was before. I was too scared to look up. But, when I did I met his dark eyes staring down at me. Almost dark as the night sky.

I was breathing heavily. I couldn’t comprehend what he was thinking about...

A few seconds passed, I saw him breaking the stare and walking up to his bedroom. I sighed in relief.

Ruby was already in the kitchen, preparing food.
“W-why are you cooking?” I questioned.

“Master said he wants his food upstairs.” She replied not looking at me. “What are you c-cooking? Here let me he-” I was interrupted by her.

“No need. I can make it all. Besides that, Master asked for something light. So I’m just making caesar salad.”
She replied bluntly.
“Okay.” I said and was cleaning the dishes, which were in the sink. I didn’t really had much to do. But I didn’t want to sit and do nothing.

Ruby was done making the salad. She told me to fetch master’s regular drink, which was alcohol of course.

I fetched it and put it on the tray along the glass and the salad bowl.
“Okay it’s done now August. Go and give this to Master.” Ruby told me holding the tray. I looked at her with a terrified look.

“What? Oh god don’t tell me you can’t even do that.” Ruby stated and rolled her eyed at me. “C’mon now go. I’m sure you don’t want him to be mad.” I hastily shook my head and held the tray.

Turning around, I began to walk towards his bedroom. I heard Ruby muttering something under her breath.

Oh god why me?
Okay August just stay calm. You just have to put the tray and come back here.

I finally reached his room and knocked on the door. I got no reply.
I knocked again but it was still the same. I held the tray carefully with my one hand and twisted the door knob until the door was wide open enough.

I peeked and did not see anyone. I sighed in relief and got inside. I wondered where Master was... but I was thankful that he was not there. I carefully put the tray on the table and turned around to leave.

My heart sank and I could feel my breath hitch when I felt a strong hand gripping my wrist tightly. I turned and saw him standing there with his pants on and a white towel around his neck. It looked like he had just took a shower.

“M-master...wh-what are you do-doing?” I asked quietly. I squirmed to get out of his hold but he was tightening it more.

“I can’t wait anymore.” He said, almost whispering it to me.
In a swift motion I was pulled onto him, his hand wrapped around my waist and his other hand went on my head, gripping my hair.

His lips were crushed onto mine. He moved his lips on mine softly yet in a rough motion. My eyes were widely open and tears started form in my eyes. I pushed on his chest trying to break the kiss, but he never moved an inch, instead he pulled me closer to him. I closed my eyes hoping it would end soon...

His hand freely roam around my body. It made me feel disgusted with myself that I was letting this happen to me. I was trying everything to make him leave me but I was helpless.

Seconds, which felt like an eternity of hell, passed and I finally felt him break the kiss. I backed away from him with my tear stained face. He was taking dangerous slow steps towards me. Before I could think of anything I ran towards the door.

He ran after me and grabbed my hand. I screamed as loud as possible but his hand was on my mouth, muffling my screams. I didn’t give up and kept on screaming and thrashing. Every possible thing to get myself away from him.

He only moved me closer to him. He kicked the door to closed it and brought me inside, I was still thrashing and squirming. All of a sudden, I felt him throwing me on his bed. I bounced on it and backed away from him.

“St-stay away from me!” I yelled. He smirked at me without saying anything.

He grabbed my feet and pulled me towards him. I gripped the bedsheets tightly. Master bent down to my level and whispered in my ear...

“You’re mine.”
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