Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 28

Narrator’s P.O.V
He could not stop himself from getting close to her. Her intoxicating smell... her small fragile body squirming away from him... He could not help but let his demons take over.
In a blink of eyes, he was on top of her, pinning her hands above her head on the bed. Her eyes were filled with tears and held terror. The look in her eyes gave him an immense pleasure.

No this cannot be happening!

She thought to herself. She was petrified. She was scared for her dignity so close to being snatched by the man above her.
On the other hand, he was got pleasure from seeing her like this. Unable to constrain himself, he grabbed her jaw harshly and crashed his mouth on hers, making her close her eyes shut tightly, pressing her eyelids together. She thrashed and tried every thing to get away from him, but it was impossible the moment his heavy weight was on her.

His other hand trailed down to her body, exploring everywhere. Her smooth and soft skin melted under his coarse touch. His hand touched her milky thigh and gave it a little squeeze that made her flinch. She could not tolerate it anymore, she put her hands on his chest and pushed him. The kiss was broken by him getting pushed a little by her. She could not get him get off of her but her push enough to create a small distance. He looked at her eyes and said nothing. There were no words, nothing to describe what he could see in her eyes.


That was what he could only think of in this moment. His hand stroked her cheeks softly, his fingers trailing down her lips, lingering there a little. They were soft as petals for him.

Her mind was telling her to push him, get him off of her, and her body was trembling badly. She put her shuddering hands on his chest and pushed him. The kiss was broken by him getting pushed by August. He was not totally off of her, his face and chest were inches away from hers but his lower body was still pressing agains her, forbidding her body to move.

Lucifer’s eyes glazed. It was not lust. It was something else that was too hard to put in words. It was the first time he had ever felt that way. It was the first time his eyes shone in a beaming light. He felt different, he felt complete. It was not very difficult to acknowledge that he was falling for her. He was completely in love with her. Without even knowing. Without even understanding.

He got off of her and sat on the bed. She hurriedly got up and scurried back until she reached the edge of the bed. He did not make any moves and just stared at her. His eyes were fixed on hers, not even moving a little.

August was scared. She was feeling dizzy. The fear she was feeling was unexplainable.
She was with a man who had scarred her the most. She felt like a prey under his glazing dangerous eyes. Her lips trembled and her breathing was slowing down. Black dots started to form in her vision. She closed her eyes and her forehead furrowed while her hand was touching her temple; massaging them softly so she could avoid fainting in front of him. She did not want that. She did not want him to take advantage of her.

He watched her body falling on his bed, her eyes shutting down slowly and her hands falling on her sides. He moved close to her and touched her face. She was burning. He frowned and took her hand on his and rubbed her palms.
His eyes were cold as ice as he stared at her. He knew she was scared of him. He knew she would never accept a man like him.
He thought that, rubbing her hand thoroughly, clenching his teeth.

When he stopped, his hand went back her face, caressing her cheeks softly. Her skin was starting to cool down. She was not sweating anymore. Her breathing had returned back to normal, but she was still out of her senses. He stood up and leaned down towards her, balancing himself by placing his left knee on the bed, and picked her up in his arms. Her small body felt like cotton in his strong arms.

He walked out of his room, carrying the girl in his arms. His gaze were on her all the time as he walked down the stairs only to be welcomed by the shocked and long stares from everyone downstairs. The maids and Ela were just down the stairs, doing their usual chores when he walked down.

“Ela!” He called for her. She rushed herself to him.

“Yes, master?” She questioned.

“Bring a bowl of water and a clean cloth. Her body is burning hot.” She looked at August. “Did you even hear me?” Lucifer growled.

Ela quickly redirected her eyes from august to her feet again and nodded her head.

“Yes, master. I will bring them right away.”

“I will take her to her room. You two, come with me.” He pointed at Isabelle and Alexa. They both nodded their head and followed him to her room.

He was carrying her gently, carefully so that he would not wake her up. He entered her room and put her on the bed gently, pulling the blanket over her.
The maids said nothing and stood there like a mute. It annoyed Lucifer and he turned around to them.

“Change her into something comfortable.” Even though he did not mind doing it on his own. He did not want to rush into things. Because he knew sooner or later he would see all and he would feel all. He smiled sadistically at the thought. He could hardly wait. But he knew he must wait. She was scared, nervous and uncomfortable, but he was aware soon she would give in. She would get used to him near her, get used to his touch. And she would soon realize that she was his and there was no going back.

Hours passed. She had woken up two hours ago but Ela had suggested her to go back to sleep. She needed it. She needed to rest. Her body temperature was normal again. Her face was not as pale as it was before. Her pink lips were not chapped and white anymore. She was fed well with good and healthy food. She was dressed in a pair of grey sweatpants and light blue T-shirt. Her hair was loosely open. The hair tie was loosely dangling from her hair. It was removed by one of the maid there. Now her open hair was all over the pillow.

Lucifer had left for his office. He had some important papers to complete.
Lucifer was never the man who would care for someone besides his mother and siblings. Sure, Nathan and Hazel was not so close to him like Ebenezer was. He still never discriminated between them unfairly. In fact, when they were kids, he used to protect all three of them from every danger. But, it was apparent he loved Ebenezer dearly. Although he never showed them.
Besides these people in his life, he never cared for a single person, not even his sad excuse of a father who cared about nothing but money, not even his own family.
But, the arrival of August had done something to him... something magical. Something different. He thought it would not do any good to him. He thought he wanted her body. He did want her body, he wanted to touch her, claim her. What he didn’t know was that he was falling for her. He fell for her. Unknowingly. Surprisingly.
He wanted her and her alone. How could someone like her bring him so much peace to him?
How did she did something so impossible?
If it was not love then what was it?
It was love. It had always been love.
But it was not any prince charming who fell for the beauty,
it was the BEAST who had fallen for her.
The Question was...
Would she ever love him back?

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