Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 29

*Past time*

Narrator’s P.O.V
“Slow down honey you will fall down and hurt yourself!” The woman said to her son who was playing in the playground of the school amongst other kids. He looked back at her and giggled before running towards the other kids who were playing.

She shook her head with a soft smile on her face and went back to concentrate on her three year old son. He was playing with his mother’s brown locks, childishly pulling at them and giggling. His mother laughed at his silliness and pulled his small frame to her body. The school time was over but her 6 year old son wanted to play a little longer with the other kids. The day seemed longer than before. She glanced at her clock; it was 2 o’clock already. She looked at the sky and gasped. Grey clouds were starting to gather signaling that it might rain anytime. She hurriedly called her son and told him they must go.

“But mommy I want to play for some more.” He whined.
She sighed. “I know baby but if it rains then we are gonna get drenched and your little brother will get sick. I promise we will come back tomorrow again.”

He looked at her with big baby eyes. “Promise?” he asked innocently.
“Yes honey, promise.” He squealed and hugged his mother. She laughed and stood on her feet.

“Go get your bag now and we’ll go home.” He nodded and ran off to get his bag. After returning back to his mother they started to walk towards their car.

The drive was short. They lived close to their school so it didn’t take them too long to get home. She got off the car with her two sons and walked towards their house.

“Mommy I wanna get an ice cream tomorrow too!” The 6 year old demanded holding onto his mother’s hand.

She smiled. “If you’re a good boy tonight and eat your broccoli, then I will buy you ice cream.”

He scrunched his nose and made a face. “But Mommy it tastes gross.”

“It’s really good for you baby.” She said ruffling his hair, earning another giggle from him.

She opened the door and got inside with her kids. Locking the door behind, she turned around only to meet the cold stare of her husband. She flinched when he came near her and stood only few inches away from her. She could smell the alcohol coming from all over his body. He stood right in front of her with his hands inside his pocket and his cold eyes on her.

“Where were you?” He questioned her. His tone, much more cold and stern that made her shiver in fear.


“Didn’t I tell you to come back before lunch time?” He asked her grinding his teeth together.

“Please, he-”

“Yes or no?!” He asked yelling in her face. Warm tears were trailing down from her eyes as she nodded her head and muttered yes.

“Then what took you so much time baby, hmm?” His hands slowly reached his belt and unbuckled it, pulling out the belt from his pant.

Her eyes were wide in horror. Shaking her head she pleaded.
“Please don’t do this. It won’t ever happen again. I’m sorry.” Dropping the bags from her hands, she started to back away from him only to meet the door.

He raised up his hand and connected the belt with her pale white skin. She screamed in agony. He hit her again, this time it hit her cheek. Her skin was turning a shade between blue and red.

He grabbed her by her hair and slammed her across the living room. His belt never for a moment left her skin; creating bruises all over her body. Her six year old son was watching all of it from the kitchen. He took his crying younger brother from there and went to the kitchen. He was hiding behind the wall that was facing the living room, giving him a clear of the assault that was happening. Tears streamed down his eyes, watching his mother in pain and agony. He hugged his little brother close to him and shut his eyes. His mother’s cries and screams were inevitable. He wanted to help out his mother but at the age of 6, what he could possibly do?

After 10 minutes more of his father’s assault which felt like forever, he slowly peeked through the kitchen and glanced at his mother. His father was nowhere to be found. He walked to his mother with his little brother on his arms who was crying persistently.

“Mo-mommy?” He softly muttered to her. Her bruised eyes slowly opened. Her face was all covered with bruises as well as her body.

“H-honey, a-are you two o-okay?” She managed to croaked out the words.
“Did daddy hurt you two?” She whispered. He shook his head. “No, mommy but he hurt you.” His voice cracked, his eyes were filled with tears as he spoke up.

She shook her head side to side and wiped his tears with her thumb. “No baby, I’m fine. Look I am fine. Don’t cry sweetie.” She pulled him for a hug. He wrapped his small hands around her body and embraced her tightly. She kissed his head and tried to stand up. Hissed when she felt the sharp pain on her leg, but she nevertheless stood up anyway. She picked up her younger son who was still crying.

“It is okay baby, Mommy’s here. Mommy will feed you now. Come honey, I will give you something to eat.” The six year old nodded his head and followed his mother to the kitchen. She made both of her sons lunch and made some extra for other the members of the family.
They were not the only ones who lived there. Her husband’s two brothers and one younger sister lived there as well. It was quite odd that they had not moved out. But their older brother never complained. In fact, he loved when his siblings watched him beating his wife.

“Marilyn, come here.” Her sister-in-law called her. She rushed to the living room where she was sitting on the sofa with a cigar on her hand.

“Yes, Sophie?”

“Give me my lunch. I have to do something important and don’t be late. I’m sure you don’t want me to call my brother and add up some more bruises on your body.” She stated and smirked.
Marilyn’s heart dropped. She knew it might happen.

“No Sophie, lunch is ready. I will serve you in few minutes.” She said and walked away.

She got the lunch ready and served it on the table. Sophie ate and thankfully did not complain. After she left, Marilyn cleaned the table. After washing the dishes she went to her son’s room and laid him down on his bed.

“You should rest honey. You must be tired.” She said and kissed his forehead.

“Will daddy hurt you again, mommy?” He asked innocently.

Her eyes filled with tears, she forced a smile on her face. “No honey everything will be alright. Mommy will be alright. Just go to sleep.”

He nodded his head and turned on his side, closing his eyes. Marilyn stayed there until he fell asleep, patting his shoulders lightly.
She leaned down and kissed his head.

“One day... one day I will get us out of here honey. I promise I will never let him hurt you and your brother. I love you both so much.

My precious, Lucas and Ebenezer.”

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