Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 30

*Present time*

August’s P.O.V
My body was feeling sore. My head ached the most. I woke up feeling a little dizzy but it was gone after a while and my vision was clear after blinking a few times.
I found myself alone in the room. I turned to my side and saw a jar of water beside me. There was an empty glass next to it. I picked up the jar with my shaking hand carefully so that I would not drop it and poured water into the glass. I drank it with few gulps. I realized my throat had been dry; the water helped to soothe my dry throat.

I was still in my maid outfit, which was just a simple knee high pencil skirt with a white blouse and black stockings. I pulled out the stockings from my legs. I rushed in the bathroom. I was feeling like taking a shower because my body felt sweaty.

After spending 15 minutes inside the bathroom, I came out of the bathroom wearing a fresh pair of my maid outfit. All of us were given two pairs of this outfit. I quickly dried my hair with a towel and brushed it. I did not pulled it together in a bun as it was still wet. Put on my new pair of stockings and wore my shoes. I was ready to head out and start the day when I remember what happened before. I really didn’t want to think about it. I remembered exactly what he did to me.

Tears started to stream down my eyes. I quickly wiped them away and head outside. When I did not see him for few days, I was hoping that he would never repeat what he did to me ever again. But how wrong I was... he seemed to get even more desperate after a few days of him and me not coming face to face. I wished to end it all. I wished to leave the job... but would he let me leave? It was obvious he was rich and powerful. What if he does not let me leave? Or... what if he does not care at all that I leave? If I leave maybe he would forget all about it. It might not even bother him.

However, I shrugged off the thoughts. Making my way towards the kitchen, I saw the maids in the living room with Ela. I frowned. What are they doing there?

I went there and saw they were talking about something.

I was standing just right behind them. They did not notice me so I cleared my throat to gain their attention.

They turned back to see me.

“Oh I see you have woken up. How are you feeling now?” Ela asked with her familiar emotionless tone.

“I’m fine Ela. Thank you.” I replied quietly.

“Alright. Sounds good. So, I hope you can work now?” She asked raising her eyebrow. I nodded my head.

“Good. Alexa will tell you about your tasks for today and if you are not feeling well. Let me know and I will dismiss you.” Once again I nodded my head. Ela departed the living room, leaving me alone with Alexa and Isabella.

“Hey, are you sure you can work?” Isabella asked. I smiled and nodded. “Yes Bella, I’m sure. Please don’t worry.” She did not look satisfied with my answer but nodded her head anyway.

Alexa told me my tasks and in 10 minutes I began my chores, just like a normal day.

I was feeling better than before. The medicines I waa given after my meal worked on my body well. Aunt Caroline called there to talk to me since I did not inform her about the phone I had. She got to know about my health and requested Ela if she could visit me since I could not. Thankfully she allowed her to visit me for few hours. I was really happy to hear that. I was missing her so much. I wanted to tell her that I was thinking about quitting the job..I did not know how she would react but I wanted to take a chance.

I could not work there while my master assaulting me every chance he would get. It made me furious that I could not do anything to protect myself. He had a weird aura that never failed to make my feet crawl in fear. Thoughts of him touching me against my will...it was enough to frighten me. I figured well he would not stop. He had the power, he could do anything he wanted. He even threatened me using Caroline...

Oh my god, what if he tries to hurt her after finding out that I want to quit?

My heart dropped and my feelings were once again restored with the same fear and agony. I wanted to cry. But I didn’t want to become weak. As I planned before I would take a chance. I would not let him hurt aunt Caroline. All my life I had been living with fear and pain. In the beginning, there was my parents, who pretended to love me at first but then showed me that I was nothing to them. I had to live among the kids who bullied me in hostel. Even that time I became weak. I knew I had to fight and get away. What master Lucifer was doing to me was wrong. He was doing wrong to me. It was not his infatuation or unknown feelings for me. Those were his psychotic behaviour and his sick desire to control. I could not let him get what he wanted...

“August!” I tilted my head and noticed Ela, calling me. I ran off to her and asked what she wanted.

“Your aunt is here. I sent her to your room and told her to wait for a while. You can go there but I need you to help Isabella in the garden. It should not take much.”

“Yes that is not a problem to me.” She nodded her head feeling satiafied. “Good. Do not worry. Your aunt is staying till dinner.” She went away from there. I was glad thinking I could spend more time with Caroline.

Isabella needed my help in plantation. I loved gardening and that was why I was so good in garden. I could easily do it.

“Goodness August, I don’t know how you could even like it so much. I hate it.” I laughed.

“I love doing it Isabella. These colourful flowers and green trees makes me so happy. And when I see the bees sucking on the flowers for honey and the butterflies flying all around the garden, it makes me happy.” I stated.

“Wow you’re such a nature lover.” She chuckled and tried to follow my work.
“Ugh this plantation is the worst part.”

“Not really. Here I will teach you..”

I properly showed her how to do that. Thankfully she understood and did the rest on her own. I went inside the house and ran straight to my room. Aunt Caroline was sitting on my bed, carefully observing the whole room. She saw me and smiled. I ran to her and hugged.

“I missed you so much aunt.” I muttered.
“I missed you too baby. How are you? I heard you are sick.” She questioned. I tensed. I could not tell her how I got sick.

“I am fine now aunt. It was just a little fever.”

“I am still worried honey. Anyways, I brought something for you.” She opened her back and took out a box and handed it to me. I opened the box and there placed my favorite food, mozarella sticks. I smiled brightly ans hugged her. Although she had so much money problem but she never failed to make me happy, even a little.

“Thank you so much aunt. These are my favorite.” I picked up one stick and took a bite. It was crispy outside and the soft texture of cheese in it melted in my mouth. I almost moaned at the taste. No wonder it was my favorite.

“I know honey that’s why I made you these.” She told me.
We talked for long. I wanted to wait till I tell her about leaving the job...we were having such good moments I did not want to ruin it.
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