Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 31

Narrator’s P.O.V
The room was silent. No one spoke a word as Lucifer walked into the meeting and sat down in his chair. The room’s atmosphere had changed with Lucifer’s presence. It was easy to see the nervousness in the faces of the people at the meeting.

“Show me your presentation, Mister Covle.” Lucifer spoke up. As Covle stood up to give his presentation, everyone’s attention shifted to the presentation and most of the directors seemed to like it.

“So what do you think, Mister Knight?” inquired one of the shareholders of the company.

Lucifer did not say anything in response. He silently stood up from his chair and was walking towards the door. Before anyone could say anything or try to stop him, he turned around.
“Next time, don’t set up a meeting if you cannot prepare a proper presentation.” His statement left everyone speechless. He walked out of the meeting room and went back to his office.

He was frustrated for many reasons.

That son of a bitch Covle thought I’d do business with him..

He pinched the bridge of his nose and gritted his teeth. He just wanted to go home. Not because he was tired of his work but because his eyes were aching to see her. He did have a single picture of her that he took when she was not noticing; when she looked irresistible. He took out his phone and looked at her photo. Even though she was working that time. She still looked so gorgeous. He just wanted her close to him. Always.

Hours passed within a blink of an eye and it was almost evening time now. He looked at his wrist watch that showed 4:30 pm. He didn’t realize he skipped his lunch. But still, he could not go just yet as he had to complete some other things in the office. How he was hating it!

He leaned back on his seat and rested his head. Closing his eyes, he felt his muscle relax as his mind got filled with August’s thoughts. He missed her small petite body underneath him, squirming to get away. Her soft creamy skin.

A low growl erupted from him. He was tired of having to imagining everyday what he wanted do with her. He wanted to take another step further.

Lucifer pinched the bridge of his nose. He had to meet someone in the nearest restaurant.

This goddamn Matthew, didn’t he have another place to hold the meeting?! Who on earth chooses a restaurant for an official meeting?

Matthew was his very old friend from his collage days. They studied together, he was one of Lucifer’s the closest friends, and his biggest rival. Since college, they both were the best in everything. Sports and studies. So, now the two friends decided that they should extend their friendship to business partnership. As he was an old friend he could not refuse Matthew’s request to meet him at a restaurant rather than at his office. He wanted a friendly meeting with Lucifer.

He caught a glimpse of his watch, Matthew had scheduled the meeting at 6 p.m,. He still had enough time to attend it, but he thought of completing some of his works before leaving.

Meanwhile at Lucifer’s house, the maids were working as usual. August was working in the garden, she loved that job way too much. And she noticed Lucifer’s garden was much bigger and more beautiful than his parents’ garden. Gardens were the only place where she really enjoyed her life and felt peace. It was a bit late for her to be working there but she didn’t mind. If it wasn’t for Lucifer, she would have liked that place so much. All the girls were so friendly, Ela was little different than Martha which was obvious, but she was not that bad either. August was glad she did not encountered Lucifer for few days, she was thankful but deep inside she was scared because she knew that when he eventually does come to her... the same things will happen again.

She sighed and got up. She was almost done with her work and it was too late so she thought to continue her work the next day. She gathered her gardening tools and was on her way inside the house. She abruptly stopped when she noticed a black car parked near the gate, two guards approached and opened the gate to let the car in. She stood there confused. Since the time she had arrived in that house, no one had visited Lucifer.

Maybe it’s one of his family member.

Her confusion came to a stop when she saw Ebenezer getting out of the car. He was wearing a dark green shirt with his sleeves rolled up and a grey formal trousers, and black sunglasses. He looked unbelievably handsome in that attire. He was typing on his phone and was walking towards the house. August tensed when she saw him coming closer to where she was standing. She quickly started to walk away.

“Hey August!” Oh no..he saw me. She thought to herself.

She slowly turned around to see him standing there with a smile on his face. He approached her, removing his sunglasses. She could see his breathtaking eyes.

“How are you? Didn’t expect to see you here, I mean you work here but I didn’t expect you outside.” He asked her.

She looked down and answered. “I am very good thank you for asking Sir, how are you?”

“I’m doing fine thank you.” He replied with a heart warming smile. She wondered why he was so kind to her, so different from his siblings, especially Lucifer..

“Come on, let’s go inside.” Ebenezer spoke up. August felt very stupid for not asking him to come inside; however, she moved forward to go inside with Ebenezer following her behind. She opened the door wide to let him get inside. He thanked her softly.

“Is my brother home?” August flinched at his question.

She shook her head No. “He hasn’t come home yet.” Ebenezer nodded his head in response.

“Please make yourself comfortable, I’ll bring something for you to drink Sir.” She politely said.

“Ebenezer, you can call me Ebenezer, August I’ve told you that before too.” He told her with a polite smile on his face, he was so charming and polite that August couldn’t utter a word. She just nodded her head and went off.

She found Ela sitting in the kitchen table, writing something on her notepad.

“Ela, Ebenezer is here to meet Master. What should I offer him?” She asked softly.

Ela immediately put down her notepad and looked at her with a stunned expression. “What did you just say?”

August looked at her, confused. “I-I sa-”

“No I heard what you said...” Ela was gazing at August and after a pause she spoke up. “Did you just call him by his name?”

August’s eyes widened at her statement. Oh my god! What did I just do!

“N-no I-I’m really s-s-sorry I d-didn’t me-”

Ela stood up from her chair. “Stay in your limits young lady, don’t forget you work in this house, you are no friend of Master Lucifer, Ebenezer or any of the heir of the Knights. Am I clear?”

August’s eyes were glued to the ground as she nodded her head. She felt like bursting into tears. She really did not want to call him by his name, that was why she kept refusing. She didn’t mean to say his name in front of Ela like that. It just slipped out of her mouth.

“And give him something to drink and don’t keep him waiting. I will prepare some food.” She nodded her head again. She took out a bottle of wine and headed to the living room where Ebenezer was quietly sitted on the sofa. She approached near where he was seated and placed the tray of wine and glass on the table. She poured him a glass and offered it.

“Thank you, August.” He politely remarked and took the glass from her, passing her a smile. She nervously smiled back.

She stood there quietly a little far from Ebenezer, not knowing what to do. She didn’t want to be rude and leave him alone there. She waited for Ela to come. Ela was going to bring the food after all. After a few minutes of standing there, she finally spoke up.

“Erm, I’ll be here...just call me if you need anything.” She said it quietly and walked past the sofa.

“Oh no, you don’t have to go August. I will be bored alone here, please keep me company.” He said to August, almost pleading her to stay as he put the glass down on the table. That made August really nervous. She nervously nodded her head in response and stood there again.

Ebenezer chuckled and shook his head while looking at her. “August you don’t have to stand there. You can sit flower.” Flower. I wonder why does he call me that. I am nothing like a flower.

She thought to herself. “No Sir, please I’m fine here, thank you for your kindness.” She replied.

“No, August I insist and don’t call me by m-” He was interrupted by Ela entering the living room.

“Hello Ebenezer. How are you doing?” She politely asked. Ebenezer replied her. “I’m doing well Ela, thanks for asking, how about you?”

“I’m good. Sorry I took time. I brought something for you to eat, please be comfortable.” She put the tray full of food on the table and was setting out the plates and glass. She looked over at august.

“Why are you standing there, August? Come help me out.” She nodded and quickly rushed to Ela, helping her.

Ela brought a some cookies, fruits and other stuffs. August put few pieces of fruits on a plate and offered him. He started to eat them with a smile.

“What are you doing, August? Give him some cookies as well!” Ela scolded her.

She looked down and apologized. She didn’t know whether Ela didn’t like her much or if she was generally like this with everyone. However, she offered him some cookies as well.

“It’s alright Ela, don’t need to scold the poor girl.” Ebenezer kindly said. Ela smiled at him and nodded her head, August never saw her smile. It was surprising, but maybe it was because August and the other girls were maids and Ela preferred being strict with them. August did not mind her that much. She could not expect anyone to be like Martha as all people aren’t same.

“So what are you here for Ebenezer? Master Lucifer hasn’t come home yet.” Ela asked.

“Ah I see, I am here to talk to him about something. Do you know when he might come?” He asked.

She thought for a moment before replying him. “I’m sorry Ebenezer, I cannot predict the time he will be home. Nowadays, he comes home very late and leaves very early, so it’s hard to estimate.” Ebenezer nodded his head and took a bite of the cookie.

“It’s alright, maybe I’ll come later.”

“Oh no, nonsense Ebenezer. You can wait for him, at least until dinner.” said Ela. Ebenezer chucked and said. “Alright Ela, but just because insist” He passed Ela a soft smile.

“That’s great.” Ela looked at August. “Alexa may need your help at library.” August understood that Ela wanted her to leave them alone. She quietly nodded her head and walked away from there.

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