Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 33

Lucifer’s P.O.V

I was waiting for Matthew to show up. It had already been 20 minutes. I glanced at my clock. Why the fuck is he so late? I thought to myself.

He finally showed up after another five minutes.
“Ah my old friend, Lucifer.” I stood up and shook his hand.
I nodded my head. “Matthew.”

“How have you been, Lucifer? It’s been a long time since I last saw you.” Matthew was one of the charmers during school. All the girls loved him back then. Because of his flirtatious behaviour, he was the perfect example of fake sweetness. And I noticed he hadn’t changed at all.

“I have been good so far. How are you doing with your company?” I asked taking a sip of the coffee I ordered.

“It’s doing good and that is why I am here with you because I want us to be business partners as well. Your company is one of the top company in the country. I know that together we can make our companies grow very rapidly.” I agreed with him. He was also a good businessman. His company was also one of the top five successful companies, after mine.

We talked about our businesses more, because I needed to get more details about his business. I was always very meticulous with my calculations before going for a business deal, I like to find out every little thing before stepping forward. The deal with him seemed good to me. Good for my business.

Matthew was a man of words, he always kept his word. That was why I trusted him.

“So Lucifer, enough talk about official things. Tell me about yourself, what is going on with you?” He asked me. His order came by that time. The waitress put his meal on the table but took too long to gather the tray and other things. Her eyes roamed at me and she smiled seductively at me. I completely ignored her ways of seducing me.

“Are you planning to stay here the whole time? Or give us some privacy?” She looked shocked by my statement, her face went red from embarrassment. This bitch deserved it. I muttered to myself.

Matthew chuckled. “Wasn’t she your type of girl?” He asked me taking a bite of his food.

“I don’t care about that right now.” My reply came out coldly as usual.

He laughed and said. “Man, you need a woman to be with you now. The office work is getting in your head.”

“I am fine Matthew, maybe you need it. She might be your type.” I pointed at that same waitress who was serving other customers.

“My type is different man.” He shook his head with a smirk on his face. He looked all around the cafe until his eyes stopped at something.

“That’s my type.” He pointed at someone behind me. I chuckled deeply and looked behind me. The place was crowded I couldn’t spot who he was pointing at.

“The girl with tied hair and pale skin.” He added.
I frowned. “There is no one like this.” I stated and was about to turn to him when I noticed the people moving from the counter.
“Here man, there she is.” He pointed again.

My blood boiled when I saw who he was pointing. The same hair, the same pale skin.


I clenched my teeth. She was standing there without noticing us. She was looking at the menu and was still in her maid outfit. Her hair was tied up. I spotted she came here with one of the maids in my house.

What the fuck she is doing here? How dare she leave the house without my permission?!

I wanted to go there and grab her by her hair and drag her to my car, but as much as I wanted to do that I controlled myself, not letting myself create a scene there.

I turned back to Matthew who was still staring at August. This fucker.
I coughed to get his attention. I could see in his eyes, it held lust for her, nothing but lust and I just wanted to claw his eyes out. I gritted my teeth. Taking another sip of my coffee I stated.

“Shall we discuss the deal now?” His eyes snapped towards me.

“Ah yes.” Our official conversation went on. He kept on talking about the deal while my mind was wandering somewhere else. I looked all over the cafe and found August sitting on the table, a little far from me. Her back was facing me so she didn’t notice me.

“So is that final?” Matthew asked. I don’t even what the fuck he said to me. I thought.

I nodded my head. “Yes. Anyways we shall leave now.” Saying that I stood up from my chair.

“Yeah, I should go as well. I have to be somewhere now. It was great to meet you.” He extended his hand to me. I shook it. He then went out of the cafe without sparing another glance there.

The cafe was still crowded. I saw her sitting alone. I frowned. Why she was sitting alone? I looked around and saw the other maid on the phone.

I couldn’t stop myself anymore. I took long strands and was approaching her. I was not so far from her. I was sure she could feel my presence, her muscles were tensed. I stood near her chair and tapped on her shoulder. I wanted to spin her around and grab her by her throat.

My blood was boiling with anger. She turned to me. She looked shocked and scared at the same time. I saw her trembling with fear. I could sense her fear even from that distance. She whispered.


I looked at the other maid behind her who was still on her phone, unable to notice me. Then my eyes situated back on her. She had her eyes down and her hands were clutching her dress on the side.

“Go home.” I said to her and turned to get out of there.

“But-” The next thing I knew, my hand was tightly gripping her arm.

“You should be thankful I am not dragging you out of here by your hair. Before you test my patience more, I suggest you call your friend over here and go home.” Scared to say anything, she just nodded her head swiftly. I let go of her arm and stormed out of the cafe.

I got inside my car and told my driver to get out of it.

“Make sure the girls are home safely.” I said and drove away from there.

Finally, I knew what to do.

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