Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 35

Narrator’s P.O.V

It didn’t take long before Lucifer got back home. It was the first time he used his office car to return to his house. The drivers and the guards who are mostly around him were surprised, this was the first time they saw Lucifer arrive in a different vehicle. But, of course, no one would dare to question or gossip about it. Lucifer got out of the car, shutting the door behind him. His feature was firm and sharp; he still had his cold face on; his eyes were reddened with anger. But he did not want to lose his temper yet. He had to be patient.

Getting inside his house, he was instantly greeted by the maids and Ela, who seemed a little disturbed. Lucifer calmly walked past the maids and made his way upstairs.

“Bring me my drink, Ela”, he ordered and proceeded towards his room.
Ela nodded and replied, “Yes, Master.”

Lucifer hated slow and clumsy people so Ela made sure she was in his room on time. She placed the tray of the wine bottle and glass on the table. She poured the drink in the glass and handed it to him. Her hands were visibly shaky.

“Master, your drink”, she said.
Lucifer stared at the glass for a few seconds before violently throwing it away. The glass shattered against the wooden closet into tiny shards of crystal which glittered on the marble floor.

Ela was startled at his unanticipated eruption. Her head was down. She did not dare to look up at him. She could feel his viciously red eyes staring right at her, it was intimidating her even more. Her body was shivering and she started to breath rapidly.

“What had I asked you to do?” he asked in his slow, pugnacious voice which resonated his anger.
Ela could not answer. Her mouth felt dry. She couldn’t speak up.

Her silence only served to increase his anger.

“Answer me, goddamn it! What Did I Ask You To Do?!” he yelled at her. She flinched back.

“I did not know the girls would be home so late master. If I had known that that would happen, they would not have been able to step a foot outside.” He clenched his fists.

“If you had known?” he mocked.

“You know what you were hired to do here, don’t you Ela?” He questioned with a straight face. His tone was enough to make Ela go numb from head to toe.

“Yes Master, I do know my job here, my job is to serve you Master.” Lucifer smirked. “That is good. But you do know that you’ve got many more resoonsibilites to fulfil.” Ela’s head was down, she nodded in affirmation.

“If something like that ever happens again...” He went a little closer to Ela and murmered,
“Just know that you will be seeing your worst nightmare which you won’t have the luxury to wake up from.”

“I-I will not let you down again master. The girls will be under control, under your control”, she stated with a voice that pulled up her lowered confidence.

“That is what I expect”, he said and got up from his seat.

“Excuse the girls today after dinner”, he commanded.

“Yes, Master.” Lucifer excused Ela and walked to the balcony. From here, he had a good view of the garden of his house.

He was taking sips after sips of the wine until he had finished up the whole bottle. He glanced at the clock.

8:15 P.M. Ela had come before to inform him that dinner was ready but he had refused. All the maids were done with their dinner and were in their rooms, resting after the day’s work.
Lucifer put the glass down on the table and walked out of his room.

Meanwhile, August came into her room and sat on her bed. She did not have to work much tonight, as their Master refused to have dinner; they didn’t have to make any extra meals. But, she was tired. The day seemed longer than ever before. She yawned; her eyes felt heavy; they landed on the donut packet that was on the table.

Oh my, I totally forgot about it!

She opened up the packet and took out the little box. After opening it, she saw that the chocolate had already molten. She felt bad, Alexa had bought that for her and she did not even eat it. She sighed and put the box back on the table.

All of a sudden, she heard her bedroom door open with a loud thud. She flinched and looked there and found none other but Lucifer standing with his hands in his pockets.

She stood up and stepped back immediately; she knew why he was there. She knew it would happen. She knew he would be there sooner or later.

He slowly and menacingly walked towards her that only made her step back till her back touched the wall.

Lucifer was so close to August now that it suffocated her and triggered her claustrophobia. He started to caress August’s warm and rosy cheeks. His palm firmly rested on the wall as his bloodshot, cold eyes were staring right into August’s. Her mind told her to push him and run away, but she was standing stiff, just how Lucifer wanted her to be.

“You look scared”, he mocked her. She was offended by the absurd remark. How could he say that?

She tried her best to show him that she was not scared.

“I-I’m not!” she cried out. She did not want to look scared and weak anymore.
His hand cracked across her face, snapping it back with the force of his blow and causing her head to reel fiercely. Her eyes looked back at his, she was white as chalk. Her eyes and mouth were frozen and wide open in an explicit expression of stunned surprise. She could not comprehend what had just happened.

Lucifer grabbed both of her arms tightly and pulled her close to him causing her to squeal and thrash.

“Stop moving!” he shouted.
She got more and more terrified as she noticed how much rage he had in him in that moment.

Why is he so mad at me for going out? He is acting like I stole something and ran away!

“How many times do I have to tell you, August?” He questioned her. He emphasized her name, he called her by her own name like no one else could ever call. He used to call her name in a tone that was both insidious and alluring.

She did find it different but never thought beyond this. Her eyes were still on his.

“How many times do I have to tell you that you cannot leave this house without my permission?” Every word that he said held nothing but venom.

“And you not only went out, but also hung out at a cafe”, he spat. He was menacingly close to her, she could feel his breath blowing on her face.

“Did you have fun?” August replied with a slight frown.

“W-what do you m-mean?” Lucifer let go of one arm and used his free hand to grab her jaw in a tight grip. She hissed in pain.

“Didn’t you notice the man staring at you like a hungry lion?” he asked.
She knew he really was expecting an answer from her. Unable to form any sentence she shook her head sideways. She wanted to tell him that it was none of his business and that she could handle her own problems. But of course, the fear drilled inside her was holding her back.

“Oh you naive little girl, what am I going to do with you?”

He let go of her and let out a throaty chuckle which soon turned into a vicious laugh. His laugh was taunting, August felt as if a maniac was standing in front of her.
When he finally stopped laughing, the room was quiet for around 30 seconds. His back was facing her, he turned around to her with no smile on his face. No sane person could tell he was laughing a while ago. His face had the usual coldness and emotionless look.

He was walking towards her when he spotted the box of donuts on the table. He raised his eyebrows at it and then looked at August. He approached the table and took out a piece.

“I didn’t know you liked donuts, butterfly." August cringed at the name he just called her. She hated it. She started to hate that name right away. He had never called her that before.

“Tell me. Do you like this donut dipped in chocolate?” His eyes dared her to answer.
So she did. “Y-yes master. B-but I-” He shushed her placing his finger on her lips.
“That’s all I asked”, he whispered. He looked at the donut.
“Hmm. Eat this. Right now.”

August knew he had a perverse plan on his mind. She just stared and did nothing. She could not.

Before she could close her eyelids for even a second and move on to her next thought, he grabbed her tightly and shoved the donut into her mouth.

“M-master.” She tried telling him to stop but he continued to do as he wished. The molten chocolate was all over her mouth and chin. She coughed out the rest of the donut she couldn’t swallow.

How can someone be so cruel?

How she wished she could say this to his face! Her coughing did not stop and she backed off. August’s throat had dried up from the dry the dry bagel. She yearned for water.

Lucifer enjoyed the sight. In fact, he crossed his arms across his chest and stared at her in amusement. How he loved seeing her all vulnerable and helpless!

“How did it taste, butterfly?” He smirked. August was even more terrified. His actions were mercurial.

He grabbed her by her waist pulling her close, smashing his lips against his. August was nauseated and revolted by the kiss. But he didn’t care about anything. She did not reciprocate but that did not stop him. Her chocolate stained lips did not bother him but excited him more. He grabbed the back of her hair as he deepened the kiss. His teeth bit her bottom lip drawing out a little blood. She winced in pain but could do nothing to stop him. He pulled back, his minty breath drifted on August’s face. Just as she thought he was finally done, he leaned in and licked the chocolate off of her chin. She had the sudden urge to throw up. She tried to push his away chest but he would not move a muscle.

He started placing sloppy kisses on her chin, moving down towards her neck. He had always loved how she smelled. That baffling smell of lavender. He sniffed and was instantly intoxicated by her. His lips did not leave her soft skin.

Damnit. How much have I missed this..

He was completely obsessed with her. His obsession grew more day by day. It was no doubt. She was now his, only his.

He finally moved back away from her. Letting her go, he licked his lips which still tasted like the chocolate from her mouth. He backed off, at last.

“Never break my rule again, or else something worse can happen”, he warned her. She just stood there baffled. I let it happen again... I failed to stop him.

She was fighting an inner battle with herself. She did not answer him but he let go of her as he knew she would never dare to disobey him ever again.

“Don’t spread your wings, butterfly. I know how to clip them.” He caressed her cheek. She flinched and whimpered. “Now drink some water and get some rest like a good girl.” He smiled at her. It did not look caring or loving. It looked scary to August. She still nodded her head. She just wanted him to leave the room.

He turned around and started to walk out of the room but halted and said,

“Do you want to know why I called you butterfly?” He chuckled and turned to her.
“Because you are fragile and innocent, just like a little butterfly.

And also... you just discovered your wings today by going out. But I like my things locked in my house, under my observation. Especially you, my butterfly.” He then left leaving her alone with her despair.

Little did he knew, the girl he just called his butterfly was lighting up his dark world.

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