Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 38

The room was encompassed by darkness.The room was soundproof; no sound could enter the room from the outside or leave it. It had a few metal tables and a few chairs.

Opening his eyes, the young man could see nothing but darkness floating around him. He was confused as to where he was and afraid of why he could be there. He tried to move his hand but only to find that he was restrained by the rope that was tightly knotted around his wrists. He began to panic and struggled to try and loosen the tight thick rope. His heart began to sink when he realised it was not helping. He was stuck in that dark room. He opened his mouth to scream only to be stopped by the dryness of his throat. He needed water. He started to breathe heavily and his body was shaking with both fear and the coldness of the room.

“Please help me.” He whispered more likely to himself. Because his voice could not be heard by a single soul. He was thinking who could do this to him. Was he kidnapped? Last thing he remembered was walking back home from school after lacrosse practice. The sun was setting down, revealing a beautiful night sky. He wanted to go home and do his homework before going out with his girlfriend in that blissful night.

But, someone caught him from behind, knocked him out and pressed a piece of cloth on his mouth and nose that smelled like it had some chemical substance on it. When he woke up, he realised he was in a room. It felt more like a storage room for him. The odour coming from his surrounding was the evidence that it was not a regular room.

The young man’s eyes were getting heavy, he had a sharp pain on his chest and in his head. He just wanted to get out of there.

All of a sudden, a door opened and finally he could see light after spending hours in the dark. A boy stood near the door. Judging his features, he could tell he was a teenager or someone around his age.

He whispered, “Who are you? Why am I here?" His shaky breaths made it hard for him to speak properly. The boy closed the door and walked towards him, before his facial structure could be visible only when he stood 2 feet away from him.

He did not reply to his victim, instead, he walked over to his right and stood there for a while. The tied young man was overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. He whimpered and asked him again.

“Who are you?” This time the boy around his age turned and walked towards him again. He felt him pick something from there, he could not see it properly but he did hear a metalic clank coming from his direction. His whole body was shaking in fear and anxiety. He felt as if he was going to die right there. He felt him standing just right beside him, but he was too scared to tilt his head to see his face.

“How are you doing Jonas?” Said the boy. The voice was not recognised by the victim.

Seeing the confused look on his face, the capturer chuckled. “I know you are confused. You oboviously cannot recognise me. But, I recognise you. Very well.” The look of confusion did not leave the young boy’s face, so his capturer continued. “How many kids have you bothered in school, Jonas?” Jonas froze and did not reply. Could he be someone he bullied? No. How could that be possible? Those students were just kids, did not have the capability to capture somebody and hold them hostage.

“You are a bad kid, Jonas. Do you know what happens to the bad kid?” Jonas only whimpered in response.

“I would appreciate a response, Jonas.” Unable to let any words out of his mouth, he only nodded his words, symbolically answering his question.

“Good. Do you know what is going to happen to you now?” Jonas shook his head this time.

The capturer smirked and came close to him, standing under a dim light that came from the ceiling of the room. His face was visible this time.

Jonas’s eyes were wide in surprise and fear.

“Y-you?” He muttered. “Y-you are th-that kid.” His capturer smirked again.

“Yes this is me. You have bothered me a lot Jonas, even though I did not do anything to you. You kept on bothering me every single day. Now that was not nice at all. You need to taste the dose of your own medicine, Jonas.” He said his name with such bitterness in his mouth.

“P-please, I will never bother you again! Let me go! Don’t kill me!” He laughed and looked at Jonas.

“I am not going to kill you Jonas. I am going to have a lot of fun with you.”

He chucked when he saw the terrified look on the boy’s face. He looked like he had already peed his pants.

Coming close to his face he whispered. “You have messed with the wrong person, Jonas.” His smile faded and his eyes darkened like the night sky as he continued.

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