Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 39

August’s hands were shaking with fear and a few drops of sweat were running down from her forehead. She put the book down unable to read any further. Millions of questions were running through her mind. Why were these types of things written on that book? Was it real? Did the boy really die? Worst of all, was it her Master who did all this?

It did not look like a book. The letters were not printed. They were handwritten, meaning that someone had written. But who could this person be? How could they have written such horrible things?

Hesitantly, she picked up the book again and began to read.

“Please don’t hurt me. I will never do this to any kid ever again.” Jonas begged but none of his words affect his capturer, who called himself the “devil”. That he surely seemed like.

“I do not like lies, Jonas. The moment I let you out of this basement. You will go to school tomorrow morning and repeat your daily routine. How can I trust you, Jonas?” He mockingly asked the kid.

“Please, believe me.” He laughed again and punched Jonas in his face.

“You little fucker.” He punched him again. A crack was heard and blood was pouring out of Jonas’ nose.

That did not stop him. He punched again and again, making him breathless. Jonas did not get another chance to speak. The punches were so hard and fast. He did not even have the time to take a breath.

By the time he stopped, the kid’s face was covered in blood. His nose was completely broken, his eyes were swollen. How could someone hurt a person so mercilessly? In the capturer’s mind, Jonas was a bad kid. He deserved it.

After about half an hour, Jonas was lying unconscious on the floor. His capturer untied his ropes and let him free only to get beaten by him again. He did not stop till he lost his conciousness. Jonas was a jock, well built and tall, but something about the capturer was so terrifying, he could not fight back. He felt helpless and weak.

While the devil himself was in peace. No one gets away from him after hurting him, that was what he kept yelling all the time as he kept on landing blow after blow.

He leaned down to his level and held his collar, pulling him close to his face.
“If you ever come close to me again, trouble me again, then this will happen again. Take this as a warning. Because next time, you would not just be lying unconscious, Jonas.” He said and let go of his collar. He knew Jonas did not hear him. He didn’t have to hear the devil because he knew better to never bully again.

The capturer got up and walked to the basement door.
“You don’t mess with me. You don’t mess with Lucifer.”

She closed the book and put it inside the drawer. Sitting on the table, she began to wonder. Could it really be Lucifer? Although, the guy was not killed, but it seemed like Lucifer did hurt him. It was terrifying, August never liked violence and she had never read any book about violence. But, that book was not just a mere book. Someone had wrote it- like a diary. She wanted to believe that it was nothing except just a random book, but then again if it was a normal book why was she so attracted to it? What was something so odd about that book? She wanted to continue but then looked at her mobile phone, glancing at the time. It said 1 o’clock. She figured she should not stay any longer because she had to wake up early and start working with other maids in the morning. She got up from the chair and carefully walked out of the library, closing the door behind her. She turned on her flashlight from her phone and began to walk to her bedroom. When she finally reached it, she sat on the bed and placed the phone on the stand. Lying in her bed, she began to wonder about all the things she had just read. It was not the end of the book, and she felt the strong urge to read more into it and find out what happened next. She had no clue what she was curious to find out.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard footsteps near her door. Her heart pacened up and she quickly covered herself with the bedsheets pretended to be asleep.

Who could it be at this hour?

August thought to herself. She heard the cracking sound of her door being opened. She clenched the blanket and closed her eyes shut. She had no clue why someone would enter her room at this hour of the night. She heard footsteps coming near her bed and her heart dropped. She was sweating, clearly scared of what might happen.

Her bed felt heavy, someone sat on it, right beside her. She did not dare to move, somehow she had a feeling that she knew who was it. But she refused to move and make a run for the door.

She felt the person touching her shoulder, and it took her everything to stay still. The touch was gentle. She felt a hand moving up and down on her shoulder, her breathing hitched. She wanted to move but she didn’t want the person to know she was awake.

Then she heard whispers. “You belong to me, August, only me.” Lucifer’s voice was hoarse yet calm. It did scare August but she was not terrified of it, at that moment. She was scared thinking he had claimed her without her consent, and the consequences she could face if she rejects him. She was not terrified because his voice was calm, it held no anger, no vicious intentions, but only an unknown emotion that she couldn’t express in words. Maybe she did not want to know.

The hand was no more on her shoulder, he was no more sitting on the bed beside her. His footsteps moved out of the room and the door was closed. She sighed in relief and pulled off the blanket. She was all alone in the room again. Why was he there in her room? What did he want? She was confused but she thought not to wonder about her Master’s thoughts and intentions for now. She needed to sleep. Shrugging off the thoughts, she went under the covers again and fell asleep.

The next morning, she was all drowsy. She hadn’t gotten enough sleep. She had another bad nightmare... she did not even want to think about it. It was related to her past life. But it happened after a long time, she was surprised that she did not get as many nightmares since she got the job.

However, Lucifer was sitting at a Mexican restaurant far from his office. His friend Adrian brought him there along with his date. He had told Lucifer that he did not want to go alone, so Lucifer was there but he was not the type of person to enjoy these things. They had been there for an hour and all those time Adrian was making out with the woman who had not uttered a single word. Three cups of coffee were placed on the table; two hadn’t been touched since they were put there. Lucifer was getting annoyed by the minute and he excused himself which he was sure fell on deaf ears. He paid the bill and got up from his seat to walk out of the restaurant. It was a big fancy restaurant and there was place to sit and relax and maybe enjoy a decent conversation. He sat there on the couch and took out his phone. He called his client to let him know about the date when he would be going to Japan for his business deal. He was unsettled by the idea of spending his time in Japan when he wanted to just talk with August as he felt that there was a distance between them. He could not stay away from her anymore.

Getting up from the couch, he walked back in where his friend was enjoying his time with his date, smiling at her. Lucifer begrudgingly made his way towards them. Adrian noticed and looked up to him.

“Hey man. Where have you been?” He queried. Lucifer ignored his question. “I am going home. I have to arrange some files before I leave for Japan.” Adrian nodded his head in agreement and Lucifer walked out of the restaurant.

When he reached home, he went straight to his bedroom, changed into his casual clothes after taking a shower and told Ela he would be downstairs to eat dinner. It was the first time in a few month that he had had his dinner in downstairs. He walked down the stairs in his casual clothes dark blue t-shirt and grey trouser. Lucifer sat on his chair and waiting for the food to arrive but his posture did not reveal his true feelings. He was excited to see August and getting a chance to talk to her. He wanted to hear her voice, he wanted to know how her day was, he wanted to know how she was...

And all these seemed so new to Lucifer; he had never done something like this for anyone before.

After a few minutes, the door bell rung and one of the maids opened and saw that it was Adrian.

“Hey Lucifer!” Lucifer looked annoyed at his friend for showing up so late at night. “What do you want?” He asked in an irritated tone. Adrian grinned and said. “Nothing. I was just passing by so I thought to say hello!” He knew that was not the reason why Adrian was there.

He sighed. “She wasn’t the right one, was she?”

Adrian chuckled and nodded his head. “No she was not” he said.

Lucifer called Ela. She came right away. “Yes, master?”

“Get the guest room ready for Adrian.” Ela nodded her head and walked away. His eyes roamed back to Adrian who was looking down, ashamed that he had shown up like that because of a woman.

“Thanks man. You do-” Lucifer cut him off. “Don’t bother. It’s fine. Stay here for tonight.” Adrian nodded his head. During the conversation with Adrian, he almost did not notice August coming close to the table and putting the dishes on it. His breath hitched when he saw her. No matter how many times he saw her, there was always something new about her that attracted him more than anything. Her long hair was in a ponytail, her maid dress befitted her body like a second skin, mimicking her figure.

Has she gained some weight?

He asked himself. He pictured her from the day he first saw her; She was so petite and fragile, and now she looked like a grown woman. The thought of her beautiful body hiding under those clothes made his heart filled with desire. It was getting ever more difficult to control the beast inside. Anyhow, he figured he might not have to do that for too long now.

After he was done with his dinner, all the maids were taking the dishes back to the kitchen and cleaning the table, while August was standing there helping the girls when Lucifer called for Ela. She rushed there.

“I’m leaving for Japan tomorrow for a week. I don’t want any of the workers to go against any rules, while I’m gone. I will send Ebenezer or Ethan to check here every day. It is your responsibility to make sure...” His eyes travelled to August who’s eyes were on Lucifer but looked down when he stared at her. “...no workers get out of the house, or take any leave till I come back.” August’s heart began to beat faster. She knew he meant her when he said that. He did not want her to get out of the house. She could have visited Caroline while he was gone...

But, he had already warned Ela, and now Ela would never approve for her to take a leave. However, she was happy that he would be away from her for one more week.

“Yes master. No one will leave this house. I assure you.” Lucifer nodded his head and got up from his seat. Later then, all the maids were done cleaning the table, washing the dishes, and their other tasks in the kitchen. They were all tired and wanted to sleep. It was their bedtime anyway. So, everyone went to their room, as well as August. She laid there for half an hour but she could not sleep, she thought to continue reading the book but she wanted to wait until Lucifer’s departure. She sighed and got up, sitting on the bed. She was tired, but her curiosity was too strong to let her sleep; it was frustrating for her. She looked to her right and looked out the window, looking at the moonlight breaking inside the room through the curtains. She walked there and opened the curtains, admiring the full moon in the dark night sky. It was not cloudy and the sky was sparkling with all the stars in the cosmos. It was a beautiful night, one of the best she had witnessed. She smiled looking at it. The view from downstairs was even more beautiful. She thought to go there as she could not sleep anyway. August left her room and went downstairs, standing near the tall glass-window, and opened the curtains for herself to look at the night sky. She was right, it looked even better from down there. The moon was lightening up the whole area, breaking through the darkness around there. Her face lit up, she has always loved nature.

“Enjoying the view?”

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