Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 40

“Enjoying the view?”

She gasped and looked behind her and saw Lucifer standing there with his arms crossed on his chest. He was wearing a grey t-shirt and black trousers. She immediately looked down, to avoid staring at him. August did not want him to think she was gawking at him, even though he looked really handsome in his casual clothes with his hair slightly pushed back. She took a deep breath and took a step forward to walk past him. But, he grabbed her hand and stopped her.
Her heart started to race, but she tried to calm herself by taking deep breaths.

“I didn’t tell you to go, did I?” He asked in low voice. She shook her head and whispered.
“No, Master.” He hummed in response and pulled her close to himself, smashing her back to him. His hands were wrapped around her as he rested his chin on her shoulder.

Her body started to shake, feeling him so close to her. Her soft petite body was pressed onto his rock hard physique. She wanted to tell him to get away from her since she was deeply unsettled by this.

She began to squirm to try and get out of his hold but he only tightened his arms around her.

“Don’t move.” He whispered into her ear. She froze in her spot. She felt his lips on her ear, moving his lips there, and trailing them down to her shoulder, leaving soft kisses along the way. She closed her eyes shut hating every second of what was happening, every touch that she could feel of him on her body, and every tingling sensation that was running all over her body. She hated him, so why did she feel like this? After taking a deep breath she finally said.
“Y-you need to let go of me n-now.” She whispered gripping his hands and trying to pry them off of her body. Lucifer, on the other hand, was enjoying her smooth skin on his lips. He loved how he could make her tremble in fear, he loved how every time he would leave a kiss, her body shook with excitement. An excitement that she was not aware of. He smirked in victory when those words came out of her mouth, sounding so vulnerable.

Who am I kidding? She is always vulnerable.

His inner voice said to him. He chuckled and let go of her and stood in front of her. He knew she would not run off because she was aware of the consequences. His eyes met with the moonlight that broke through the glossy windows. He stared at the moon for a few minutes then looked back at August. Her eyes were still looking down at her feet, they would occasionally glaze at the moon and went at her feet.

You are not any less beautiful than this moon, butterfly.

August’s breathing came to a stop when she heard him saying those words. She stood there nervous and hesitant. Lucifer judged her actions.

Did he say that too loud?

He chucked at his thought.

Yes, he did say that. And he did not regret it. He could not help it. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid his eyes on. His face twitched, showing that he was hiding a smile. He did not realise that he had began to smile often nowadays.

But it soon disappeared, replacing his charming smile with nothing but a cold and unforgiving expression, replacing the bloom of his eyes with dullness. The thought of someone else seeing her the way he saw her was unbearable to him. His fists were clenching together and his nails were digging into his palm, making them turn white.

He made sure August does not see this as he did not want to scare her aware. He was finally close to her after so long, he had no wish to ruin it. He turned to her again and noticed her uneasiness, she glanced at the sky sometimes, trying to admire the sight. But, it did not seem possible as he was standing right beside her, her tormentor.

“Darkness finally comes, fighting the light of day and wrapping itself around the world.” His voice startled August and she listened to his words carefully and responded with a low voice.

“But, the light fights darkness all night, making the sun victoriously rises again.” Lucifer chuckled. She never failed to amuse him.

He spoke again. “Do you think there is any explanation of the darkness?” August nodded her head. “Of course there is, Master. There is an explanation of everything.” She replied, not knowing why he would ask such a question.

He hummed. After few seconds pause, he said, “Tell me. How do you define it?” August thought for a moment and looked up at him with her glossy green eyes and replied. “The absence of light.” She was confident.

He smiled slightly looking at the moon and tilted his head to her. “Precisely.” He said with slightly smiling at her and walking back before turning around and leaving her in confusion. Once again.

What is it with him being so mysterious?

August whispered to herself. However, although she was surprised of his gentleness towards her, it made her worried as well. However, she left the living room and started walking back to her room; laying on bed, she fell asleep. The next morning, everything went smoothly. Early in the morning, Lucifer had left for his business trip not before glancing at August for the millionth time. Sometimes he would catch her staring back at him and quickly shifting her eyes elsewhere, that made him smirk every time.

He hated that he would be gone for a whole week. Oh how pleasant were thoughts that he was having while being close to August! Now he could not because of the darn business deal in Japan. His teeth clenched together as he closed his eyes and rested his head on the seat of his private jet. Only a few of his office employees were accompanying him. It was a long journey, he was well aware of it, and he would be a long time over there at Japan. Although he warned Ela to not let any of the maid out of the house, he was worried about August. What if something happens while he was not there?

Lucifer did inform Ethan and Ebenezer to check on his house every day, but... remembered how angry he had got when he saw any of them talking to her. He hated it. However, after few hours of flight, he reached his destination. After getting out of the plane, his luggage was taken by the car driver who was already waiting for him there. He got in and after 20 minutes which went by like 5, he reached the hotel room he would be staying at. He thought to rest for half an hour or so before leaving for his meeting.

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