Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 5

Lucifer’s P.O,V

“Sir these are the files you were asking for” my assistant Jonathan said. I grabbed the files and started to look into it. I had a deal with Samuels for our new projects.

“Like always you will get the deal dude” my friend Adrian said with a smirk. I didn’t react at his stupid remark and kept doing my work.

“Come on dude why you are always so moody?” he said and rolled his eyes earning a glare from me. “I am busy can’t you see that?” I said bluntly.

“Whatever man, sometimes you seriously bore me. Now just tell me if you’re arranging a party for your birthday or not?” he asked me seriously.

“I’m not any teenager who have to throw a party every year in his birthday I have important things to do other than throwing stupid parties” I said and placed the file in my desk.

He stared at me as if I’m someone crazy and then spoke up. “What? Come on don’t do that man everyone is excited for your birthday. Everyone expects you to have a blast on your birthday” he says dramatically. I groaned in frustration. This guy wouldn’t let me work peacefully, being my childhood I couldn’t even say anything to him but I swear if it was someone else I would have knocked him out.

“Fine stop irritating me now just leave I have to work” I said with boredom. He grinned at me.

“But you have to arrange everything I’m not doing a shit” I told him.

“Yes of course” he said and left the room.

After I was done with my work. I thought to go home for some work. I needed some files that I left there. And going there means, again I had to see her. Fuck! No woman had these effects on me, and that little girl was playing with my head. But I couldn’t just help but stare at her beautiful eyes. Her silky smooth skin that I wanted to touch, her pink luscious lips. I ran my hand in my hair.

How the hell I’m going to stop these feelings?

I was angry when I saw her with Ethan. How dare he talk to her? What the fuck he think of himself? She was mine! Only mine! He was not allowed to touch her or even talk to her.

Did I just say mine?

That was it, I had to get her out of my mind, this could not be happening. She was a maid for god sake. I marked out that I would make sure that no thoughts of her will be in my mind. Grabbing my phone I dialed Jessica’s number and she received the call immediately.

“Hey Lucifer.” She purred. What a whore.

“Come to my office, right now.” I command.

“On my way.” She said and hung up.

I sighed and put back my phone. That was the only way that might help me to not think of her.

August’s P.O.V

Today was very rough for me, I had to work a lot. Martha told me that master’s birthday was close and that they were going to celebrate and that was why we had to clean the whole house. I had to clean the living room and the living room where guests would be arriving. There might be at least more than hundred guests, so we had to prepare the meal according to them.

I sighed and rubbed the floor. Once I was satisfied that the floor was clean I moved up and put the dirty piece of cloth in the bucket. I picked the bucket that was full of water, it was so heavy so I had to take small steps so that the bucket wouldn’t slipped out of my hand. I also had to clean the rooms. I didn’t understand, they would be partying in downstairs, so why did we have to clean the rooms? I shrugged my thoughts and started with Mr. Mrs. Knight’s room, I still didn’t meet them. I didn’t even know how they were. I turned the knob and opened the door, I made sure I didn’t break anything so I carefully cleaned the room. After that, master Lucifer’s room was on the row. I gulped in fear. He was scary and rude, and what happened after last night I don’t think I would be able to face him. But I must admit he was gorgeous. I had never seen a man like him. He had some strong aura that could made people bow down at him.

After I was done cleaning, I walk towards his bedroom and knocked on the door. I was silently praying that he was not in there. I knocked again but no one answered. I sighed. He must be out for work. I opened the door and get inside. My whole back was paining from all these cleaning, yesterday I did that too and now I had to clean again.

Once again, I started to rub the floor. But, all of a sudden I heard someone opening a door and entering. I flinched and turned around to find the main door was locked. What was that sound then? I heard the cracking sound again and I froze. I was shaking in fear now.

“What are you doing here?” I almost screamed when a voice spoke up. I turned around and saw master standing by an open door and he had no shirt! I quickly turned around with widen eyes and flushed cheeks. I heard him chuckle lowly. Did he just laugh? I never knew he could.

I heard his footsteps coming closer to me. “I asked you something and I expect an answer” he spoke up with a hard tone.

“I-I was cl-cleaning, master” I stuttered. “I-I will just g-go now. I-I’m sor-sorry sir” I whispered and was about to leave the room.

“Wait” he yelled. I immediately stopped and waited for him to continue.

“You can do your work” he said and went back to the room where he was earlier. I guess it was his private gym. I sighed and went back to my work.

Ten minutes had already passed, I was very tired and my work was almost complete. I felt someone was watching me. But I just shrugged it off. When I was done I get out of the room, walking towards the kitchen.

Narrator’s P.O.V

He watched her from his private gym. He observed her every moves. Even in those dirty clothes, he found her beautiful. His heart was beating faster as she moved her hair from her face with the back of her hand. He watched her concentrating on her work. He found her different from other girls, in fact very different. She was not some gold digger and slut like the other maids. Women would watch him secretly and stare at him with lustful eyes. But when he saw her, she was scared, her eyes showed that clearly. She didn’t even make any eye contacts. And when a few minutes before he was in front of her without any shirt, she quickly turned around so that she could not face him. He can’t help but smile at her innocence.

Just imagining her with some other male, made his blood boil with anger.

She is the light in my dark world, I will never ever let anyone take her away from me.

He thought but immediately refused to accept the fact that she was changing him, Closing the door he went inside of the gym room, wiping his body with a towel. He was thinking to take a shower, so he got out of the gym and saw that his angel was already gone. Entering into the bathroom he closed the door and turned on the shower.

He will do anything to make her his forever. He already knew, but every time he thought of that, he refused to agree but deep inside his soul and heart knew everything. Even though he was not aware of it yet. He knew, deep inside he felt different for her. The same feeling he was running away from, but he was unaware that after the arrival of this girl in his life.....will change his destiny forever.
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