Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 6

August’s P.O.V

The whole house was clean by then, we all were very tired of cleaning and cooking. Martha said master’s birthday was day after tomorrow and as there would be lots of guests we had to make sure we were doing our work well and I guessed that we would be very busy that day. I also heard that many big people, I mean famous people would be arriving. Like, many businessman, models etc etc.

“Where are you so lost August?” Venessa asked snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Uh....Nothing” I whispered. We were now in a room where Martha told all of us to wait for her. I didn’t why.

“What do you think Martha called us for?” I asked. She just shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t really know” she replied.

Few minutes had passed and we heard footsteps coming towards the room. The door opened and a man in his late 40′s came inside with a big bag in his hand and along with him Martha was there as well. What’s in this bag?

I thought to myself. “Sorry girls you have to wait here for a long time” Martha said and smiled.

“You all must be thinking what is in this bag. As you all know Master’s birthday is coming and for that there will be a party, so he wanted all of us to dress well and this bag has lots of beautiful dresses for you girls” she exclaimed. Some girls were whispering and some were happy that we were going to have nice dresses. I was also happy and prayed that this dress would not be really revealing.

“Silence girls” everyone obeyed. “Our master didn’t want any of the maid to look bad because people will also make any issues about that and we must not forget that we’re working for one of the top billionaire of this country so we have to look smart and behave smartly. And trust me when I say this, if you do anything wrong master will not hesitate to punish you.” she warned. I gulped in fear. He would punish us? I didn’t want to imagine what punishments we might receive if we do anything wrong.

“You know what happened last time?” she questioned. Last time? What happened last time? I didn’t bother to ask Martha about it that time cause I didn't want to embarrass myself so I kept quiet. She then told us all the rules, what we should do and we shouldn’t.

“Okay. So girls now you can see your dresses” she said and started to open the bag. She took out all the dresses. I must say the outfit was really beautiful. It was more like an office girl outfit more than a maid outfit. It was a royal blue top with a black skirt. I really liked the dress as I never wore something really formal.

Picture of the outfit. Please guys just ignore the sweater and the purse.

I was mesmerized by the dress’s beauty. It was just so ravishing.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Venessa asked me with a grin.

“Yes. It’s just so beautiful. But I wonder why master chose such expensive outfit for us? I mean we’re just maid” I asked her. She chuckled and replied.

“It’s just the beginning August, you don’t know what else he would do to prove everyone what he really is” I just nodded my head still not getting a thing. Maybe because I'm too young!

“Okay girls, now get back to your work we have a long day a head” Martha said clapping her hands. We obeyed and get back to our work.

Lucifer’s P.O.V
“So that’s the theme did you like it?” Adrian chirped. He was irritating me for fucking 1 hour. He had plan the party and at that moment he was planning a theme.

“Adrian I told you do what you want just don’t disturb me” I glared at him.

“Come on man just look at the the theme its in your favorite color, royal blue. It will be written in the invitation card that all the guests have to wear blue dresses and even the staffs.” he said.

“Fine. Just send the outfits to my dad’s house, the maids will take care of it” I said while looking at my laptop.

“Okay I’ll do it now” he replied and went away from the room. My attention went back to my work, I had a meeting that day so I had to ready the presentation soon.

I picked up the phone and dial my assistant's number. “Yes sir?”

“Are they here already?” I asked.

“No sir they will be here in ten minutes” my assistant replied.

“Okay. Don’t forget to inform me” I said and cut the call. I prepared myself for the meeting. Some company just badly wanted to get the deal done with ours, so they called for a meeting. I was never a man who would deal with any company so easily so it took them a lot of time to get an appointment with me.

My assistant called me to inform about their arrival. I got out of the room and started to walk towards my meeting room. Once I reached there I opened the door catching their attention. I entered, closing the door behind me.

I walked towards my seat and sat on the chair while my assistant place a glass of water on the table. I saw two men in black suit were sitting on the chair.

Mr. Anderson cleared his throat and spoke up. “Nice to see you Mr. Knight we’re glad that you could make it” he said with a smile which I never returned.

His smile faded and he cleared his throat once again. “Sir, you know the reason why we've come here. Our company is not in a good state right now, we are in debt. We wanted another company to join so that we could get some help and we cannot think of anyone better than you.” he explained.

I was silent for a moment and then spoke up. “Well, can I see your financial statement?” I asked in a cold tone. He nodded and handed me the file. I opened up the file and started examining it. Does that man knows how to run a business?! This is terrible!

I closed the file and place it on the table. “Well, Mr. Anderson, I see that your financial statement is very bad. I cannot take any risk by working with you” I told him. He looked at me with a horrid expression.

“S-sir please we’ve came here with lots of hope, please don’t do this sir” he pleaded. I stare at him with no emotion.

“I have a condition” I said. He stared at me with confusion. “What condition?” he asked.

“As you know, if I help you, your company surely going to be a successful company. So, in that case the profit you will receive you have to share it with my company” I said with a smirk.

“Of course sir. How much do you want?”

“60% of it will be mine” his eyes widen in shock. The man beside him wanted to protest but stopped when his eyes met mine.

“Y-yes sir. Thank you” he said.

“You may leave now, Mr. Anderson” I told him. Seconds later they left the room. His company was absolutely useless. There was no way I was going to help it. But the share I would be getting was an adequate amount.

It was time to leave the office now. As I was having a party for my birthday that my dickhead friend has planned. I needed to stay at my dad’s house because the party would be held there. And staying there means......seeing her everyday. I closed my eyes as I imagined her. Her small petite figure, her glossy eyes and her pink lips. God I want to kiss those lips.

I gritted my teeth, it was a strange feeling. Every time I saw her my heart started to beat faster. My breathe caught in my throat every time she came in front of me. What was with her that caught my attention? What was she?

My angel. I was never gonna let her go. She is mine! The moment I laid my eyes on her she was mine. But she was so young. Not more than 17 year. And also she was a maid! A fricking maid. How could I go close to her? She was fucking scared of me. I clenched my fists and closed my eyes trying to calm down. I didn’t fricking care if she was a maid and a minor. I wanted her and only her.

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