Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 7

August’s P.O.V

Martha told me that Mr. & Mrs. Knight were coming back from their business trip. She was going to introduce me to them. I’m very nervous, Martha told me that I had to be on my best behavior. I quickly washed my hands and clean myself. I looked like a mess!

“August! Where are you?” Martha yelled. I quickly ran towards her. “There you are, come on you have to be quick master and mistress are coming and if we didn’t welcome them well they will get angry” she said in a quick pace. I nodded my head and followed her towards the living room. As I reached the living room as I saw a lady sitting in the sofa while a man who looked like in his late 50′s sitting beside her, discussing something. I stood behind Martha feeling nervous.

“Hello Mr. & Mrs. Knight, I’m happy you could make here safely” I heard Martha said softly to them. “Hello Martha, how’s the house since we’ve been gone we didn’t have time to call you” the lady said. I saw from the corner of my eyes, Mrs. Knight was smiling at Martha while Mr. Knight was busy in his phone.

“Who’s this behind you Martha?” she asked. I froze in my spot and gulped. I was very nervous and scared.

“Oh ma’am this is August, she is the new maid here, I had tell you about her arrival” Martha said. She moved aside so that I could come in front. My face was flushed as I took a step forward looking down.

“H-hello ma’am, hello s-sir” damn my stuttering.

“Hello dear, how have you been?” she asked me with a heart warming smile which I returned gladly. “I-I’m good” I replied quietly.

“Well. I don’t like people who stutters like a loser” Mr. Knight spoke up. I gulped in fear. He didn’t like me stuttering.

“I’m sorry sir” I replied and was happy that I didn’t stutter that time. He just gave me a cold stare and nodded his head while Mrs. Knight gave me a sad smile. “You both should get back to work and Martha please cancel all the calls and meetings we’re very tired and want to rest for few hours and at exactly 8pm I want our dinner ready” she said smiling and walked away with her husband. I sighed deeply and a tear escaped from my eyes. I could not even do anything without causing a mess.

“Its okay honey you don’t have to be sad. Master is like this since forever, don’t be sad just make sure you behave properly in front of him next time” she said patting my shoulder.

“A-and how is Mrs. Knight?” I asked following her towards the kitchen.

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