Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 8

August's P.O.V

Everyone was getting ready for the party. We have to get ready first so that we can serve the guests properly. I was in my room along Venessa. She was now brushing her hair and doing her makeup while I was sitting in the bed pulling my hair in a normal bun.

“Are you ready to go Aug?” she asked me using my nick name that she gave me.

“Yes I am” I replied nodding my head. She stared at me with shock written over her face.

“No way in hell you’re going downstairs like this” she said placing her hands in her hips.

“Wh-why? Do I-I look bad?” I whispered.

“No honey of course you are beautiful but you really need to do some make up. I mean come on its a party” she chirped. I looked down and replied. “I don’t have any makeup kit” she stared at me in duh.

“So what? You can use mine. Come on I’ll do that for you” she grinned and make me sat on the chair facing the mirror.

At last after 20 minutes she was done with my makeup. I didn’t really like to use makeup so I told her to not use too much and also she didn’t let me see myself. “Go and see yourself you look hot” she said and winked making me blush. She moved away from the mirror and I had a full view of myself. I gasped in shock. I look really different.

I turned around and hugged her. “Thank you very much no one has ever done something like this for me” I told her. She patted my back and broke the hug giving me a warm smile. “Now let’s go downstairs before Martha come and eat us alive” she murmured making me giggle.

We reached downstairs, in the kitchen where we instantly started to work. All the maids were there and looking very good in their outfit well I'm quite uncomfortable in those heels. But couldn’t help it.

“Here you two” Martha said and sighed. “Come don’t be late guests have already arrived” she handed me and Venessa a tray of drinks and foods. Fortunately I held a dray of delicious food because I hated alcohol. It reminded me of my foster dad...he used to drink and beat me everyday. I shrugged the thought as I knew if I kept reminding myself all those bad memories,l might end up crying in front of everyone. I entered into the hall and my mouth dropped. This looks like the castle from the Beauty and the Beast.

“Close your mouth sweetheart, you may catch a fly” a voice said from behind me. I turned around and a very gorgeous guy was standing with a wine glass in his hand and a smirk plasttered on his face. My cheeks flushed and I looked down.

He chuckled lightly and came closer to me. I unknowingly moved back but regretted my movement instantly when I saw him picking a chicken fry from the tray I was holding and walked away. I sighed in relief. Who was he? Must be a family member or business partner of master.

I was very tired walking in these high heels. I placed the tray on the kitchen counter and stripped out of my heels. I sat in one of the chair and and massaged my toes. Couldn't they choose a normal shoes instead of high heels?

All of a sudden. I heard someone coming into the kitchen, so I quickly stand up and wore my heels. I heard a group of people laughing. They must be roaming around. I pretended to wash the dishes so that they wouldn’t notice me. But how wrong I was.

“What are you doing here?” I tilted my head and saw master Nathan.

“I-I was just washing master” I stuttered. He just nodded his head in response. “D-do you want anything, s-sir?”

“Yes, some bear bottles and bring them near the pool” he commanded and walked way. I grab two boxes of bear bottles and picked them up. God they were so heavy. I picked them up anyway and walked out of the house, towards the pool. Master Nathan arranged a different party for him and his friends in the pool, as Martha told me, because his friends were mess and his dad doesn’t want them messing around everything in the house and that was why master Nathan was out of the house.

Once I reached there I saw a group of more than 30 people playing in the pool, not really playing. There were also some girls...wearing bikini and swimming in the pool and along them few couples who were making out. I tried my best to ignore but it wasn’t possible when tons were in front of my eyes. I lowered my gaze and then walked towards where master Nathan was standing.

“Master?” I called him. He was playing volleyball with his friends in the pool but stopped when he heard me.

“Just put them in the corner” he blankly said. I nodded my head and did what I was told.

As I was about to leave after placing the bear bottles, I felt a pair of hands on my waist. I jumped in shock and backed away from the guy who was holding me.

“Hey beautiful” a guy in black shorts said. He was quite gorgeous but his lustful eyes were making him an ugly monster.

I said nothing and started to walk out of there. “Hey girl, not so soon” the same guy held my wrist. My eyes were wide in shock. He can't touch me like this!

“L-let go” I said trying to sound strong but ended up with a whisper. His smirk grew more.

“Not so soon darling, the fun has not even started” he said pulling me in his chest. Now I was afraid for my life. Everyone was seeing us yet no one came to save me, couldn’t they see he was forcing me?

“Please sir” I said tearing up. “Awe baby don’t cry” he said and pulled me in an abandoned place. My hands clawed in his, trying to take them off.

“Please don’t do this sir let me go” I begged.

“There’s no going back now baby” he said and pushed me on the wall. He pinned my hands above my head.

“Stop it please. Please help me” this time I yelled as he started to kiss me my neck. I got shivers of disgust as he touched me. My eyes were all red from crying and my chest hurt from sobbing. Was anyone even hearing my screams? I screamed loudly when I felt him unzipping his pants.

“What the fuck you think you’re doing?” the attacker stopped immediately and tilted his head to see who it was.

Soon he was pulled away from me. And my saviour attacked him with punches and saying something that I wasn’t able to understand.

“You....touch....mine.....it?” my visions were blurry and legs gave up on me. I slide down and sat on the floor bringing my legs in my chest. I sobbed quietly closing my eyes.

Few people arrived and took the attacker out of there. My visions were still blurry but I could still see my attacker coming close to me and picked me up bridal style. He laid my head on his chest and held me tight. I felt relieved and relaxed.

I had a clear view of the person who saved me. His piercing eyes and perfect jawline. His eyes still held the anger and coldness. His hands were gripping on my hip as he held me tight and his jaw clenched. I gasped in horror as I found out who he is.

“Master?” I whispered before I black out.
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