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Boots McIntyre has a problem..... There is a new hitter in town, and this guy his weight, it is of the heaviest yet..... Worst of all, his mother is the targeting recipient from a threatening bullet of an old nemesis, meaning twenty-four hour protection from LA's finest, and a whole lot of headaches for Boots himself..... The Rook, he is seeking a little down time..... Preparations for the holiday season giving the detective a chance to cash in on some well earned vacation pay.... The Widow and the Hammer,They are on their way to Germany.... Feeling alone these days, Boots; he has very little to say.....

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Prologue: Prepared As You Are.....

Minerva entered the darkened casino slowly. The Player’s Club set up for her first meeting with Bianca Seville.

The lights within the locked casino were turned down, as not to draw on the attentions of passers by.

Bianca Seville was sitting behind her desk, as her escorts guided Minerva inside her office.

“..... Minerva Trevelle?”

“Miss Bianca Seville?′

“..... Please have a seat Miss Trevelle?”

Minerva took a quick scan of the darkness before taking up a seat before Bianca’s desk.

“..... I am your mother Minerva..... But I was not responsible for your father’s death.....”

The office lights drew dim. Bianca quickly rose from her chair. The assassin crept out from the darkness of the surrounding shadows.

“..... Gig is up I suppose..... You should have hired better hands mother.....”

“Nirvana?! Minerva, the assassin is your younger sister.....”

“Younger sister?”

“..... Yeah..... Nirvana, catchy name isn’t it Minerva? two sisters of a kind.....”

“..... Nirvana? It was not I that contracted out for your father’s death.....”

Bianca attempted to draw on some calm from the situation.

“You Lie! It was you, and your decisions of supporting your lusting infidelity with Mickey Dolor that got father killed.....”

Bianca Seville fell silent. Minerva, she was not sure what to think. Everything was happening so fast. Nirvana wasted no time, as she pulled loose her gun and fired. Bianca Seville was hit in the chest, close to her heart. from the darkness came a second shot. The concealed shooter hitting the assassin in her right shoulder as she turned to walk away.

The Rook stepped out from the shadows.

“..... That will be your last mark assassin.....”

Minerva pulled her pistol from her holster as her sister bolted.

“Leave my sister to me? My mother?′

“..... Go..... I will do everything I can for Bianca Minerva.....”

Minerva stepped out from the dim lit office and into the darkened casino.

“..... You cannot escape me Nirvana..... The casino, it has been locked down.....”

“..... Escape? This is not my intention big sister..... You are standing in the way of my mark.....”

Minerva strained her eyes to see. The lights from the casino’s slot machines the only source of illumination.

Minerva caught sight of movement near to the front exits out from the corner of her left eye.

Nirvana immediately fired on her older sister. Minerva rolled to her right and fired back.

“..... You are mistaken little sister on mother’s involvement in father’s murder.....”

“..... Ha! The lot you know, big sister...... Father, he yet lives.....”

Minerva caught on to the sounds of her little sister scurrying in the darkness at her left side. Nirvana aimed to fire a second shot as she snuck slowly up behind her. Minerva quickly shifted her position around to her sister’s left side.

Minerva’s gun now upgraded with a silencer extension, the gun’s barrel was aimed at her younger sister’s right temple.

“..... Drop your gun Nirvana..... It is over.....”

“..... No older sister..... It will not be over until you and Armond, and mother are all dead.....”

Nirvana raised her gun quickly to fire on her older sister’s position. Minerva lowered her aim and fired on her little sister’s hand.

Nirvana cried out in pain as her gun dropped from her wounded hand. The assassin, she now reached for her knife. Minerva cold-cocked her little sister with the butt of her pistol. Nirvana fell to the floor unconscious.

The Rook met Minerva at the office entry, as she returned to check on her mother.

“..... I am sorry Minerva..... The shot hit your mother right in the heart..... Bianca is dead..... Boots, he is on his way to take Nirvana into custody.....”

Minerva was silent for many minutes.

“..... My father? He has been in a position of many manipulations.....”

“..... Yeah, that sounds about right Minerva....”

Minerva removed the silencer from her pistol, pocketed the extension and holstered her gun.

“..... My husband, he is alive..... He is holding up somewhere in Germany.....”

“..... Our business then Minerva is now concluded..... With the exception of this.....”

The Rook handed Minerva a legal clasp envelope. loaded with paperwork.

“.... For now, the casino will have to be shut down; but the ownership of the casino’s that have been consigned to your mother, and you mother’s home; they are now yours.....”

“..... Until we meet again then?′

“..... If you have need of me, you know where to find me....”

The Rook exited the casino. Minerva waited for the arrival of Boots McIntyre to confirm her younger sister’s arrest.

Minerva now thought of her husband and of the dangers both her and Armond will face in Germany.

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