The Answer Is In Number 13

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Stuck in a world of numbers, will Una find her answer for the number 13? Una is in love with numbers. She likes them so much that her whole life is translated in the language of numbers. But, she has two fears - Number 13 and those ocean blue eyes. Will it end well when she finds out what is behind the Number 13? **This work is mine so, do not copy it or plagiarize it!

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

The storm was getting worse every second. The lightning was outlined on the pitch-black sky in a white neon color, in the shape of a branch. The ground was covered with mud, caused by the rain. It was dark here, but I could see the illuminated ground from the lightnings that strikes in every two and a half seconds.

I was running.

I was running so fast that I could not keep the flow of the air into my lungs stabilized.

I was all alone in that damn storm and in the middle of nowhere. I was soaked by the rain and so covered in dirt that I could not see my white sleevеless dress I was wearing.

Running away from that fearfully place, I spotted a light through the dense fog, so I found myself going towards it.

The light was my escape from the forest that got me goosebumps all over my skin. Just by getting out of there, I noticed that the storm was suddenly gone. The sky was all blue and the sun was high above me, hugging my skin like a blanket I put on myself in winter.

I stopped on my track to look around, but all I could see was a blank space. After looking around one more time, just to make sure that I did not missed something, I spotted one road on my right with identical houses that were lined up on the street. I decided to walk towards the street.

As I continued walking on the road, I saw something moving towards me. It was a boy. And he was smiling at me, while coming in my direction.

Does he know me?

“I was waiting for you” his voice was calm and soft along with simple smile on his face. His eyes were fixed on mine as he came closer, slowing his steps.

Do I know him?

“Well, here I am” I said as calm as him still staring at his blue eyes.

“Everyone’s waiting for you” he gently grabbed my hand in his and led me down the street.

Insteаd of asking him ‘Who is waiting for me?’ I asked “Where are they?”

“In there” he lifted his left hand up in the air and pointed to one of the houses with cream facade.

There was something written on the house. It looked like a number, but I was not sure of it because it was a little away from my view. Coming closer to the house I saw that it was really a number.

“Here” he adds stopping ourselves in front of the house.

I clearly saw what number was on the house and little did I know what was coming next.

He let go of my hand and said “I’m not going to need you anymore. They can take care of you from now on.”

Who are they? And why is he leaving me?

“You are not coming in?” I asked him politely.

“No, I’m not supposed to enter in this house” his smile has vanished.

“Why not?” Why can not he enter the house?

" ’Cause this is your number, not mine.” he said pointing at the number painted on the house, near the front door.

“My number?” I asked him confused.

“Yes, your lucky number 13.”

My whole body was covered in sweat. My heartbeat was out of its normal speed. I needed thirty two seconds just to get my breath and heartbeat into normal rhythm. I looked around and noticed that there was no house, no boy, no number.

That number.

Why exactly from all of the numbers in the world had to appear That number?

When I noticed the desk through the poor light in the room, I realized that it was all a dream.

Every night the same damn dream. But, this time with little difference.

I turned myself to the right and reached for my phone on my nightstand to check the clock.


Really? Are you kidding me?

I got up from the bed and led myself to the window to check if it was really night. Opening up the blinds, I saw nothing but a street lamp flashing light into my room. I shut the blinds down and dragged myself to the desk.

My whole life had passed here. If the desk could talk he would definitely say ‘Why are you still torturing my soul? Did you not use me enough?’. I laughed at my thought of a talking desk. I sat on the chair and lighted up the lamp that was exactly one meter above the desk. I opened my notebook, which was on my desk, and stared at it. It was a miracle that it was still kinda empty. Maybe because I write with small letters? Or should I say, numbers?

As I was passing through the written lines in the notebook with my index finger, the blue eyes appeared out from nowhere. I took my hand out of the notebook, as if I was poked by a cactus.

Where did he came from? And who really is he?

My arms were trembling when the thoughts crossed my mind. And why so far I only dreamed of the house and not him? Is he some kind of savior or something, or he pushes me into trouble?

The ‘ants’ began to crawl on my back from the thought.

I closed the notebook and placed it in the exact same spot I found it. I remember of myself, when I was young, I solved my first ‘complex’ task, (right in that notebook) of which we had not studied in school yet. My aunt was so proud of me. The wide smile on her face was clear, and her eyes shone as she bragged me to the others.

“This is my niece, my genius mathematician” she would tell anyone who would talk to her. Then I realized that I was different from the other students. I had to reconcile myself with the fact that others are ‘normal’, and I’m ‘different’. I spent my whole life with that word - DIFFERENT. But most of all, I’m annoyed when they asked me, “Where are your glasses genius?“, “If you don’t wear glasses, you have to wear lenses”, “It’s impossible not to wear any lens”, “Don’t your eyes hurt while staring in the notebook all the time?“, ” Or from the computer?” And many other such stupid questions related to my ‘invisible glasses’.

I got up from my chair and walked away from the desk, leaving the chair back in place. No matter how lazy I felt, I always found time to leave the room in the best order – aligned in line. I hated when something was moved even a millimeter.

After finishing my assessment of the desk and surrounding it, I reached for the lamp and turned it off. I stood between the desk and my bed wondering if I should go back to sleep or just wait for the morning to arrive.

I made two steps on the left side of the bed and reached for the phone on my nightstand. I pressed the unlock button on the phone and ..


That number Three, again! This number drives me crazy.

I slumped on the mattress and closed my eyes, in hope that this number would never appear again.

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