The Answer Is In Number 13

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Chapter 2

The sun was peering through the holes of the blinds, causing my eyes to open on their own. I stretched my hands up in the air and then I rubbed my eyes, gently, to wake up faster.

The living room was filled with the smell of the morning coffee. There was nothing more beautiful than the smell of coffee to pass through your nostrils.

“Good morning darling” I heard the tender voice of my aunt, coming from the kitchen.

“Good morning to you too” I replied while I still smelled the coffee. “Mmm ... You put one for me?”

“Sure, honey. How can I forget you?“

I enjoyed seeing that woman in a good mood. She always wore a wide smile plastered on her face. I wondered how she was always in a good mood despite the circumstances that happened to her in the past.

Every time I saw her, I tried to imagine my mom and how she would look today if she was alive. I had seen pictures of her in my aunt’s albums, which she has kept in a very good condition. My aunt told me that my mother was a very good woman, just like I am now. She said that the difference between us was that my mother was gifted for drawing lines, and I am at drawing numbers.

I asked her once to tell me something about my father, but everything that came out of her mouth was that he was a good man, and that he took care of my mother very much. I knew that there was not only that, but I do not wanted to see sadness in her eyes and therefore, I did not pressed her to talk about my parents.

“Why don’t you drink? I didn’t make it the way you like it this time?” with a worry in her voice and wide eyes, aunt Rosie distracted me from my thoughts.

“Noo, it’s great. I’ve always loved your coffee. I can not imagine separating from it. Not to mention your cookies... ” we both chuckled.

“Honey, what are your plans for today?” She asked me after she took a sip of her coffee, looking at me to give her an answer.

“I really do not know. As I know today is Saturday ... “I looked at the watch on my right hand to see what the time is “... which means I have exactly eleven hours and thirteen minutes available with you, until I go to work tonight. ”

“Oh dear, how many times do I have to tell you that this job is not for you. You’re too intelligent to work there “she said with a worrying tone in her voice. “You need to finish college and then get employed in some famous company where your place is.”

“Do not worry auntie. I said that I should also contribute something in this house, not just to eat and sleep. And it is not hard for me to get used to the job at all” I said to my aunt with a humble tone, trying to convince her not to be worried about me. “And I also believe in the saying: ‘When one door closes, God opens another’” I reached for my aunt’s hand, to lower her concern for me, with a small smile on my face.

“I didn’t say that you only eat and sle...”

“Shhh... Let’s not talk about it, okay? “I interrupted my aunt because I knew that she would not easily give up on her conviction.

“Look - the time has passed quickly!” I shrieked with a grin when I saw the clock. “Now we have only ten hours and fifty three minutes left!” my voice sounded like I reproached my aunt for the passed time.

“My smart one” she smiled at me and made a lovely gesture by cupping my cheek. She also had the same shine in her eyes wherever she sees me. “I have something on my mind” she added. “First, I will make breakfast and then, we’ll go to the store to buy some groceries, and later collate a little around the garden. What do you think?”

“That would be great!” I said and meant it. I needed a distraction and the greenery always made the magic.

Why did I even dream of the house? Should I start and search for it? And that boy.. Who is he? Does he know me in reality? Does he have a connection to them?

No, no, no... The REAL question is, who are ‘them’ ?

So many questions, so less answers.

I mean - NO answers.

“You like them, huh?” my aunts’ voice interrupted my thoughts from the dream last night.

I caught myself staring at the fifteen pink tulips, placed in the middle of our mini-garden in the backyard. I liked having such a quiet neighborhood. It helped me concentrating on the soft green grass that was all over the little garden. I could just sit there, stare at the grass and calm down if I was pissed off. Pissed off from college and everything that college involves. I could not wait to finish it and get away from that annoying students. I knew that I had two more years to graduate, but I could not stand them anymore.

“Yeah, I really like them.” wherever my aunt saw a tulip, she compared me with them. 'They are beautiful even when they are closed. Just like you, dear.' her words were replaying in my head.

“Your mother liked them too” It took me a moment to realize what my aunt was saying. I turned my head away from the flowers and faced her. I was trying to study the expression on her face, but I could not because I could only see her profile. She was sitting on the grass with her chin placed on her knees, her arms hugging her legs while staring at the beautiful tulips.

“I will never understand what she was looking in these flowers but, I guess they made her days for sure” she still did not looked at me but I could see the tears were filling her eyes.

With a small smile on her face she said, “I still keep one of her paintings up in the attic room. I’ll show it to you if you want?” she now turned to face me, expecting an answer from me.

I was not sure if I wanted to see the painting from my mother now. My focus was on my dream that I began to dream it more often, so I replied to her "Not today."

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