The Answer Is In Number 13

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Chapter 3

The lightning, the storm, the dress, the mud - everything seemed so familiar, like I have seen it before.

I kept on running, but I was not sure where was I heading to.

Is this a déjà vu?

I walked out of the forest and headed on my right. It happened as I expected. The same street with the same identical houses, came in my view. Then, the same boy came towards me saying that he was waiting for me. I did not knew what to tell him, so I had nothing else to say except that I was here. He seemed too familiar, but in the same time he was not.

“Everyone’s waiting for you” he gently grabbed my hand in his and led me down the street.

Insteаd of asking him ‘Who is waiting for me?’ I asked “Where are they?”

“In there” he lifted his left hand up in the air and pointed to one of the houses with cream facade.

There was something written on the house. It looked like a number, but I was not sure of it because it was a little away from my view. Coming closer to the house I saw that it was really a number.

“Here” he adds stopping ourselves in front of the house.

I clearly saw what number was on the house and little did I know what was coming next.

He let go of my hand and said “I’m not going to need you anymore. They can take care of you from now on.”

Who are they? And why is he leaving me?

“You are not coming in?” I asked him politely.

“No, I’m not supposed to enter in this house” his smile has vanished.

“Why not?” Why can not he enter the house?

" ’Cause this is your number, not mine.” he said pointing at the number painted on the house, near the front door.

“My number?” I asked him confused.

“Yes, your lucky number 13.”

A loud noise was coming from my right side. I jumped out of the bed, terrified. After a few seconds I realized that my alarm was ringing on the nightstand.

Thank God it was all a dream.

But it was.. the same dream.

So much for the déjà vu.

I reached for the phone with my right hand to turn it off. When I turned off the alarm, I sat down on the edge of the bed and placed my elbows on my knees, cupping my cheeks. A flashback of the dream from the night passed through my mind.

“I’m not going to need you anymore. They can take care of you from now on” , " ’Cause this is your number, not mine”, “Yes, your lucky number 13” his voice was replaying in my mind.

Why? Why again? Why again do I need to dream the same dream? And what does it mean? And why that damn number needs to be in the dream? And that boy..? Who is he anyway?

During my shower, I reminded myself that today was Monday, which meant only one thing - going to college. I could not believe that the weekend ended so fast. The gardening with my aunt returned in my mind, like a motion pictures. It was fun, I could say. We needed one hour just to decide where to plant the tulips. “We are going to plant them here, on the right side, not on the left” my aunt was against my idea of planting the tulips on the left side. But we found our common language and we finished planting them on the center of the garden. She was also the same in the shop when we were shopping for some groceries.

“No, we’re not buying them”, “We don’t need this”, “Certainly not that” she was almost against everything I was pointing at. I spend my whole weekend with my aunt - during the day, and working - during the night.


I really hated working in casino. But that was the only job I found available and with numbers. I really am good in numbers. Some of the ‘customers’ thought that I was good in memorizing the cards when I split them on the table for playing, but all I did was - counting.

“Una! Stop right there!” I heard the familiar sweet voice from behind me.

“Your wish is my command.” I smiled at Kate when I turned my head to face her.

“Hey girl how are ya? How was your weekend? How was work? Did ya meet some guy already?” Kate just could not stop asking all those questions. Kate was just.. well.. Kate.

“Hey, hey take a break girl.” I said.

“You know I can’t” she smiled at me.

“So tell me already!” she was so impatient. I remember when I first met her. It was on the day she moved in her new house, two houses down from my house, on the same street. She moved in with her father and her bigger brother.

I was passing beside their new house, when she came near me and introduced herself. If she would not introduced herself first, I would never, ever exchanged words with her. Because I was not that good at introducing, yet speaking to people. She was asking me about me and my life, how old I am, what is my name... Question after question. That was my first thing on my invisible list about her. The second was - impatient. She could not wait more than two seconds to find out more information about what she wanted to know.

“Okay.. So my weeke-”

“Watch out where you’re going” a girl interrupted me when she literally bumped into me on the front stairs of the college building. And on top of all, she made it like it was my fault.

“No, you watch where you going!” Kate yelled at her, trying to defend me.

“Just let it go Kate. It is not worth it.” I tried to calm her down as we continued to walk inside the building.

“Why in the world must have a people like her ? I don’t get it!” she was so pissed. I was pissed too, but I did not showed my anger like her. I prefer playing it cool, like nothing happened. I simply pushed the Ignore button in my head and eyes sometimes.

“And how can you act like nothing happened?” there she goes.. Please someone save me from this girl and her questions? Please?

“So, you want to know about my weekend or not?” I was trying to change the topic, so I could avoid her next endless questions.

“Fine! We’ll play it your way this time. Talk.” I knew that she did not wanted to change the topic, but she let it go this time.

As we were walking in the hall through the crowd of students, I told Kate that I spend my weekend with my aunt, planting tulips and decorating our garden. I also told her about my work that it was the same as always. Me standing on one of the tables with cards in my hands, splitting on the table for gamers to play and bet money to compete with each other. And I told her that there was some guy that visited the casino, but he was not interested for looking around and finding a girl for himself. He was too focused on his drinks, which he had it much.

Тhe bell rang, signifying that we should enter the classrooms. Me and Kate separated our ways, because she was going to Literature class and I was having Math. One of my favorite classes.

As I stepped in the classroom, I stood on the center of the room (near the professors’ desk) and I was wondering on which side should I sit. So I counted that my ninth chair was taken, so was my fifth. I was not lucky this time. So, I decided to sit on the only chair that was available. On the thirteenth chair.

Why this number Lord? This is the most traumatic number I have ever experienced. The reason I hated that number was because all the bad things happened on that number.

First - my parents passed away on August 13.

Second - I have gotten my biggest scar on my right leg, above my knee when the brakes on my bike canceled and I crushed into truck. I lost a lot of blood that day. But I was lucky enough that I even survived. It all happened on March 13.

Third - My aunt lost her husband when he had his biggest battle of his life. But, he did not won. The cancer won. And I was only 13 years old. I remember that day clearly. It was like it happened yesterday. There was too much sadness and tears and people in black around me. I wonder how my aunt had survived that day. I also wonder, how she manage to stay happy nowadays, beside all her loss she had survived?

“Miss Willson?” a voice breaks my thoughts.

“Yes..?” I lifted my head up and faced the professor. I was not sure what was the question she had asked me.

“Are you okay?” my professor asked me with a worried expression on her face. I heard voice from behind me that said to another person ‘What is going on with her she is so quiet today’, ‘Maybe she lost her smartness somewhere outside’ the other voice answered with voice full of sarcasm.

Yes it is true, I was the only person answering all the questions. Shocking. The only thing that concerned me was revealing the mystery around that number thirteen.

“I am fine professor” I simply replied to her. I did not wanted to tell her anything that was passing through my mind.

The bell rang signifying the end of the class. Students that were in my classroom literally ran outside. I was the last person there standing awkwardly near the desk where I was sitting, wondering about what bad thing could happen to me when I would step a foot outside that room.

And I also wanted to know when would I cross roads with Mr. ‘Ocean Blue Eyes’.

If he exists at all.

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