The Answer Is In Number 13

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Chapter 4

“I have an exciting news to share with you!” Kate looked at me with a little sparkle in her eyes and told me with voice full of excitement. She sounded like the news were too important.

We were sitting on the third bench in the park near the college. The classes were over, so Kate dragged me to the park and said that she had to share something with me. I rolled my eyes at her as I thought that ‘it must be another rumor she heard about who is dating who’, but when I took a closer look at her expression, I thought that it was not about classic rumors that I hated - it was about something else.

“Talk.” I used her most common line on her.

“Well..” the thin muscles on her lips were pointed to her right corner of her mouth in about two millimeters. Only when she was in uncomfortable situation, she used that unique facial expression.

“Well.. what?” this time I was the impatient one. I really did not wanted her to be uncomfortable when she was talking about something in front of me, but I was so impatient that I was pushing her to tell me right now.

“Well, my bro told me that a new guy is coming to town, and he is coming to OUR college” she looked at me with wide eyes and with smile spread from one ear to another.


“That’s it. I bet that he will be haaandsome..” while she was saying the last word she leaned her back on the bench and lifted her head up, looking the sky.

Was she picturing that guy? Her expression on her face was like she already met that guy because she had a grin on her face.

“Did you know him?” I asked her after a nine seconds of silence.

“W-What?” she looked like I woke her up from a trance when she turned her head to face me.

“I said.. Do you know him.”

“Hmm.. Which one brings the prize?”


“What?” What is this girl talking about? I was clearly confused by her question.

“I mean should I say yes, OR should I say no? You know like the song ‘Should I stay or should I go’ ” she sang the chorus of the song which I hated and continued “..but in different form this time.”

“You know that I hate that song” I said with a frown on my face.

“I know. That’s why you don’t have taste in music - Ha!” she sounded like she beat me in some game. What will I do with this girl?

“Still waiting for the answer..” Kate acted like she forgot that she need to answer me.

“Well.. sort of”

Sort of? I do not think so.

“Liar!” I pointed my index finger towards her and than added “Now speak.”

“Noo, I’m not liar! I know him from a picture that my bro has it.”

“Do you still have that picture?” curiosity was stronger than me and I could not stop it.

“No, I don’t have it with me.” she made a sad face and grabbed my palm into hers “Sorry” she added.

I was disappointed a little because she did not bring the picture with her to show me.

What the hell am I thinking? Why am I even curious about that unknown guy?

“Wait! Did you say him and your brother are on one picture?” I could not be more surprised by myself. The words came out of my mouth before I even realized. “And you once said that you know all of your brothers’ friends.. How can you not know this boy?” I could feel my voice becoming shakier and in high-pitched sound. It was like I was some kind of a detective who was looking for more clues about the murder.

“Oh, yes I’ve said that.” Kate moved her arm and itched her head, nodding “But this boy and my bro were friends when they were little.”

“And how old were you missy ?“ I teased her and she smiled back.

“Teasing accepted” she more sounded like she was saying ′Okay, okay, I surrender ’. “Well I’m three years younger than my brother but that boy, as my bro says, is our age” she waved her hand between the two of us when she said that he was our age. It was strange that Anthony - Kate’s brother - was a friend with a boy younger than him.

“And I never met him because my bro was going to his house and he never came to our house” Kate added after a three seconds of pause between us.


“What do you mean he never came to your house?” I could not believe the fact that Anthony and that, now more mysterious, guy have been friends in childhood, but he never came to their house.

“I really don’t know why he wasn’t coming to our house.” Kate declared.

“Do you mind if I come with you to your house and see the picture?” I asked her with a voice full of hope.

“Of course not. You’re welcome anytime.”

“Ugh, I can’t find it!” Kate was searching her brother’s - Anthony - desk and she was angry that she could not find the only picture he had with that boy.

“Umm.. did you know what was his name at least? You know I can try to find him on the computer..”

Kate knew me very well. And she was the one who was defending me from the others, who were saying those stupid things about me and my staring at my notebook and computer.“Where are your glasses genius?“, “If you don’t wear glasses, you have to wear lenses”, “It’s impossible not to wear any lens”, “Don’t you hurt your eyes staring at the notebook all the time?“, ” Or from the computer?“. Voices were crossing paths in my mind reminding me that I was still different from them. I was lucky enough to have Kate by my side.

“Computer!” Kate sounded like she found a clue to her case. Am I watching too many crime investigation series? Because everything I connected, I connected it with investigation and clues.

“What?” I gave her a confused look. I was not sure what she was talking about.

“T-H-E computer! THE computer!” she turned her torso with her head to face me and raised an eyebrow to me “My bro needs to have a pictures on his computer. I know that he have some old scanned photos” she sat on the chair of her brother's desk and pressed the Power button, to turn on the computer. Her eyes stay focused on the screen, while she was scrolling with the ring on the mouse.

All luck was on our side, because Anthony was not at home. If he was, we could not searched the place for that one photo. I did not know why I was interested in finding that picture, but I had a very strange and foreign feeling inside me.

“Nothing yet?” I asked Kate.

“Ugh, nothing.. I can’t believe it!” she raised her hands above her head in disbelief. “He deleted his folder with old memories..”

“Hmm.. will you allow me to search it in my way ?” I somehow asked her for permission.

“Okay” she let out a deep breath and stood from the chair, allowing me to sit.

She sat on the bed where I was sitting previously and crossed her legs. Her long dyed light brown hair was on the left side of her shoulder. Her hazel eyes were giving me ‘Please found the pictures’ look. Unlike her hazel eyes, mine are dark brown and also my hair color is matching them. My hair was not that long as Kate’s, but it was not even short.

After a half an hour of hacking Anthony’s computer, I did not found a single picture of his past. What a shame for me. I almost found everything I needed, but I guess I could not find that one.

“Can you describe me the photo? I mean, I need some details for searching in other way” I asked Kate after I came up with the idea of hacking by the very important details of the picture.

“Hmm.. let me think about it..” she put her index finger to her bottom lip. Her eyes were fixed on the floor. Her face was turned like the statue of the Thinking man. I was expecting an answer from her when “I think they had a matching T-shirts. And I think that the guy had a blue T-shirt and..” she cut herself in the middle of the sentence.

“And?” I need to know after that ‘and’.

“I think he had the number 13 on his T-shirt.”

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