The Answer Is In Number 13

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Chapter 5

“Honey, are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost” my aunt asked me the moment she saw me entering the front door.

I could not tell her what was I scared of. All I could think of was - my ‘sixth sense’ was right. When Kate first mentioned that mysterious boy, I felt something inside me. Like he was -somehow - connected to me. Or vice versa. And the number 13? Why that number again? Mystery after mystery. I really felt like I was in some mystery/thriller movie and the boy with the number 13 on his shirt, was chasing me into the forest I always dreamed of every night.

I really need to stop watching too much mystery or crime investigation movies.

“I do not know how to say but..” my mouth did not cooperated with my mind as I spilled half of the information.

“Well start from the very beginning. But -” she pointed to the living room "- you have to sit down and calm yourself. I will fill you a glass of water. I’m right back!" she disappeared into the kitchen and I walked to the couch in the living room and sat on it. Aunty came the same moment I placed myself on the couch, with the glass of water in her left hand.

“Thank you” I took the glass and lifted it to take a sip of the water.

“Now, take your time and explain me slowly everything” she sat on the armchair, opposite of me, resting her left hand on it and looking at me.

Where should I even begin..

“Well, first promise me that you will not freak out after you hear what I am going to tell you” I wiped my knuckles from my thighs as I requested a promise from my aunt. I do not know why I had this awkward habit, but it was coming spontaneous.

“Okay, I promise” she looked at me puzzled. I was thinking that my aunt would say something like ‘Now you are freaking me out’ but she decided against it this time.

“Okay..” I paused as I was going through the memories in my head and searched for the beginning of my story.

“I have a nightmare..” aunty’s face was mixture of shock and confusion when I paused and looked at her “..and I have that same nightmare every single night..” I pointed my look in the half-empty glass that was in my palms, resting on my knees.

After ten seconds of silence, she finally spoke “You never told me that you have nightmare” her voice was quiet and unstable like she was going to cry. I lifted my head and studied her face. Her focus was settled on the carpet under our coffee table in the living room. I remembered her excitement about buying this carpet a year ago. And she let me place the carpet perfectly synchronized with the wooden floor and the furniture around.

“I did not wanted to tell you because I did not wanted for you to be worried” I placed my palm on her palm. After three seconds of silence I continued “And in that nightmare I always dream of running in the dark forest with storm. And when I go out of the forest, the storm is gone. Then a boy is coming close and leads me to some house which has the number 13 on it. And he also says that this number is my lucky number.”

Aunty was all turned into ear, listening to my every word about the nightmare, then the mysterious boy Kate told me about and his shirt with the same number.

After I finished with my story aunt Rosie said “Wow.. You could write a mystery book just from what you told me” she tried to lighten up the situation by giving me encouraging smile.

“Yeah, I thought about that too.” I gave her a weak smile in return.

“Honey, I think I need to show you something.” she told me in serious tone.

I was caught off guard when she told me this. It sounded like she is going to uncover some secret she kept it from me.

“And what is that?” I asked her.

Does she have a secrets that I do not know about?

After two minutes and twenty-three seconds, me and aunty were standing in front of the attic room. I remember that I barely even came close to this room. I did not know why I was not coming here. Maybe because I had a strange feeling of fear when I was coming near the door to this room.

I stared at the wooden door in front of me. I saw aunty turning the door handle to open it. As she opened the door, I saw that it was not a big room like I had imagined it to be. It was nearly two on two meters room and it was a little dark in there.

“Come..” aunt Rosie was in front of me and told me with quiet voice.

I followed her inside as she gets closer to the window and opened it. I have not realized that it had a window there until I saw a light spreading in the room. Then the smell of old hit my nostrils as I looked around the room. I felt like my mom was here, with us, standing somewhere near and watching us. This was mom’s favorite room.

I turned my head to look around the room and saw a big wooden box. It was placed on the right side of the room, close to the window. Then I turned my head to the left and saw a small desk with three pictures on it. I got closer to the desk and one picture caught my attention. I took it and saw my family. All of them. Together. My mother, my father, aunt Rosie, uncle Robin and there was a baby in my mother’s arms. That baby is me.

The tears started to fill my eyes when I was watching them all smiling at the camera. God knows how much I miss them even if I did not know more about my parents. I placed the picture in the same exact spot and turned away from the desk, not letting the tears go down my cheeks. In between the desk and the wooden box, there was something covered with white cloth. It looked like an easel.

“This was your mother’s..” aunty pointed to the thing covered with the cloth.

“It is easel, is it?” I asked her when I looked at her direction.

“Yes, Una. Ready?” she said when she grab the end of the cloth and before I realize it, I was stunned by the painting I saw when the cloth was on my aunt’s hands.

“I think this is what you’re looking for” I think I heard aunt Rosie from behind.

I was still in shock when I saw the painting. I could not believe what I just saw. I saw the same ocean blue eyes painted on the canvas and a number 13 in his right eye. I stepped away from the painting in disbelief.

No, no, this is not happening.

“How is this possible? How my mother knew about this? Is her history repeating through me? Is universe playing games with my brain?” I blurted out not knowing what to think.

“I really don’t know honey. I’m now more terrified than before.” aunty was clearly in shock like me.

I came closer to the painting to study it. I was hoping that I could find some clue behind the painting just by looking at it, but I could not. I gently placed the top of my index finger on the canvas and started moving it along the line of the number thirteen. The tears were now making their way down my cheeks.

I was so confused about all of this. I was so lost in thoughts when I felt something warm on my shoulder. I turned my head to see aunty’s palm on my shoulder.

“Una, honey, tomorrow is a new day. You should go and rest. Tomorrow your head will be clear.” she said it with weak smile and when I looked into her eyes, they were bloodshot and filled with tears, just like mine.

I nodded to her and headed myself outside that room. I was making my way to my room and when I got there, I leaned myself on the door after closing it. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. ‘Tomorrow your head will be clear’ aunty’s voice passed through my mind.

Yeah, she is right.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Brand new day.

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