The Answer Is In Number 13

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Chapter 6

“Girl are you okay?” Kate’s voice broke my thoughts.

“Is that bad?” I snapped when I turned to the right to face her.

She looked at me with one brow up and replied “No, not at all. You are lost in your own thoughts, your eyes are puffy and a little bloodshot, you haven’t touched your food and you are not telling me, what is the cause of that!” she threw her hands in the air frustrated. Five seconds passed and she asked me quietly “Will you spill the beans with me?” I was not expecting her calm reaction. She was the one with fast mouth - slow brain, but this time she surprised me.

“Yesterday, I went to my mom’s favorite room and..” I began explaining but, stopped mid-sentence to block the tears from falling down my cheeks. I swallowed a huge gulp and then continued “It was.. there was a painting that somehow predicts my future.” I averted my gaze to my plate in front of me. I was speaking quietly so that only Kate could hear me. I did not wanted the people in this room, lunch area in our college, to hear me and make fun of me. There was a lot of unwanted people from my list out there.

Me and Kate were always sitting alone and on some corner of the room. Despite the fact that Kate knew some people around, she never asked me to hang out with them or even suggest to share a table for lunch with them. She was always beside me. I was feeling guilty because I thought, the possibility of her losing her friends because of me, was 83%.

I once told her to stop hanging out with me (because she was going to lose her friends because of me), but all she said was that I was her best and real friend and that the others were just present by name in her phase of life.

A light weight on the small of my back woke me up from my trance and I looked at Kate, who was now rubbing it to comfort me. She had tears in her hazel eyes, which caught me off guard.

“Do you wanna.. continue?” she asked me unsure.

“Yeah, but only if you are ready to listen” I gave her a weak smile.

“Of course I am. I’m not here just to be the big mouth all the time. I need to be an ear sometimes” she chuckled and I joined her. The feeling was good after everything I went through.

“Okay..” I said to Kate while wiping the tears from my eyes caused by the laugh and added “Now, I will start. Prepare yourself.” the expression on her face immediately changed to serious.

“I have nightmares, which I dream them nearly every night.” I stopped a couple of seconds and saw Kate’s frozen face. She clearly did not expected to hear something like this from me.

“And on that dream I dream of a house with the number 13 on it - and you know the story behind that number in reality.”

“Yeah..” Kate said with quiet voice and eyes full of concern.

“But, on that dream I am not just dreaming of the house, there is also some bo-” I stopped mid-sentence when I felt some presence near me. I turned my head to the left and saw someone passing by the table, in which me and Kate were sitting. My eyes were glued to his back and I was watching him making his way away from me.

He was wearing a green plaid shirt unbuttoned (maybe because he was wearing a t-shirt underneath?) and tight black jeans. I could tell that he had an athlete body shape.

I saw him sitting on a free table around three and a half meters in front of me. He looked like he was searching for somebody to join, but in the end, he sat there alone. Then, he placed his plate in front of him and that is when I saw his face.

Firstly, I noticed his black short hair. I could not see much of his face but, I saw his lips while he was chewing the bite he just took. He had a sharp edges on his upper lip. It was unusual seeing a man with sharp edges on his lips but, his were perfect. Then I lifted my gaze up to look at his eyes but, he was constantly looking down on his plate.

Then something was blocking my view.

“Earth to Una!” Kate was waving her arm in front of my eyes, blocking my view and calling for me.

“Huh?” I asked her confused. In a minute, I forgot that I was in a room full of people and Kate sitting next to me.

“You were saying..?” she asked me irritated.

“I was saying something?” I was even more confused now. I was talking about something?

“Where have you been?” Kate rested her chin on her right arm, looking directly into my eyes.

“Here, I guess?” it sounded more like a question then answer.

“It didn’t seem like it. What caught your attention and let you forget that I am here?” she now crossed her arms on her chest and waited for an answer. Damn, she literally read my thoughts.

“You were saying about your nightmare and than you stopped.” Right. The nightmare.

“Can we talk about that some other time? I am hungry.” I lied to her and forced myself to eat the sandwich that was on my plate.

“Okay, but promise me that you’ll tell me.” she had a puzzled look on her face but, still wanted a promise from me.

K, promise.” I answered her while chewing the piece of the sandwich.

I did not know why I had a strange feeling around me, like I needed to look around the room. So I lifted my head up and made an eye contact with the boy. He was looking directly at me and that is how I saw his deep blue eyes. I did not know that I was staring at him, until I saw him looking down on his plate and a light pink color appeared on his cheeks. Was he blushing? I never knew that boys could blush, not that I am an expert for boys, but he was cute.

Cute? What is wrong with me? I could feel my cheeks burning at that thought.

“What’s so funny?” Kate asked me.


“I said what’s so funny? What’s the reason for the smile on your face?” Kate repeated her question, but I still did not know what she was talking about.

“Uh.. Nothing?”

“Are you blushing?” Kate was now inspecting my face.

“What? No!” I shook my head. Am I?

“You are!” she whisper - squeaked at me and a huge grin appeared on her face.

“Who is the guy? Where is he? Is he somewhere here? In this room I mean? Is he hot? He obviously is. Can you show it to me?..” she started to bombard me with her questions.

“Hey, hey slow down.” I stopped her from her questions and added “I don’t know, here, yes in this room, maybe, maybe later.”

She looked me with puzzled face and said “Damn girl you know that I don’t remember my questions in order.”

I laughed at her and said “Well.. he is cute.” I felt that my cheeks were burning again when I said the ‘cute’ word.

“Wow girl, you like him I can tell.”

“Is it early to say that?”

“No. It’s definitely not.”

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