The Answer Is In Number 13

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Chapter 7

Another day passed.

Another week passed.

The strange feeling inside me was keeping with me for the past week, which was making me turn my head everywhere I walked. Neither was a quiet street or a noisy and crowded hallways. I was looking for that unique eyes. I never saw eyes with such a bright shade of blue and at the same time keeping a specter of emotions behind them.

When I made eye contact with him last week, a flood of emotions and a déjà vu happened. How in the world can happen a déjà vu with a person you never met before? A shiver passed down my spine. I was not ready for something like that. That was too much for me.

That day after the lunch, he disappeared somewhere in the crowded hallway and I was just standing still and my eyes were looking in the direction he has gone. But, thanks to my lovely friend Kate, she dragged me to our next classes.

I did not noticed that the time had flied so fast when ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’ - my favorite TV show - ended. I glanced at the watch on my arm and than headed to my room to change for work.

I have to admit that I hated working there, but there was no chance in the world that I was going to say that to my aunt. Knowing her well enough, I could picture her frowning face and saying the words like ‘I told you to stop working there, I make enough money for both of us’. Despite her speech, I wanted to be independent and not to be on my auntie’s back all the time.

It was 20:15 when I glanced at my watch. I got downstairs and passed the hallway that connects the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom and my aunty’s bedroom. I knew that aunt Rosie was not at home because she said she would came late, but I turned my head to the left and threw a quick glance at the living room while passing by. After two steps I remembered that I noticed something on the ground in the living room. I walked backwards, and sure enough there was something on the ground. I walked towards the coffee table and leaned to grab the piece of paper that was folded two times.

If I say that I did not expected to see something like that, I would not lie.
If I also say that I was shocked from seeing something like that, I also would not lie.
And if I say that it was not a piece of paper, I would say the truth.

It was a black and white picture. A picture taken probably in the nineties. And what shocked me the most, was that two familiar faces were standing closely, like dangerously close, cheeks touching and a wide toothy smiles on their faces while looking at the camera.

“You said my mother was beautiful and smart and talented and kind, but what about dad, aunty? Do I look like him in some kind? Was he a good person?” I asked aunty curiously.

“Your father loved both of you and he was very good and protective.” she finished it off quickly.

I wanted to know more about him so I continued asking her “Was he good in numbers like me?”

She made a blank face and closed the album we were looking at and said “Sweetie I think it’s enough for today. It’s time for bed. We’ll continue this conversation some other time. Now go and sleep well.”

I knew who the boy and the girl were.

But how was that possible? Why the both of them?

“Will you split the cards already?” the angry man yelled at me.

I have not realized that I was at my working place with a bunch of idiots around the table and putting their money (even their watches) for the bet. My mind was focused on the picture I saw earlier at home. Was it possible that my aunt and father were...

No, that was not possible.

“Willson, my office. Now.” a voice said behind me and without turning around I knew whose voice was. “Jenkins will change you” my supervisor said and I nodded and started walking in the direction of his office.

I have not been in that office for about two years. My first and last times were when I came here for the interview I had when I applied for this job. Yes it was that long ago. I started observing the small room and noticed that nothing exactly changed. The desk was in front of me and I saw that it was not aligned in line (like I wanted to be). Papers were all around the desk in a messy way. Only the walls were painted in white color (previously were light grey).

My supervisor sat in his big black chair behind the desk and pointed to one of the two other chairs - that were in front of me in about half meter - for me to sit. I nodded and sit on the chair that was on my right. I was wondering why he called me after this long time of working here. He never complained about my way of working. But here I was, sitting in his office and hoping that this is happening for a good reason.

He stood up and grabbed the bottle of water from his right along with two cups and went back to his previous position, sipping the water in the cups.

“Here, take it.” he handed me the cup of water and I only stared at him wondering why he was giving me the water.

“I’m quite sure it’s not poisoned.” he added with a chuckle. I almost forgot that he was a light person when he was out of the casino. I smiled at him and took the cup and gulped the water in two seconds. When I placed the cup on the desk, he stared at me with his wide green eyes and giving me ‘That was fast’ look.

“Okay, bossy what is the problem?” I asked him. We were on pretty good terms so we agreed to call each other bossy. Of course when there were not ‘customers’ around. He must show his authority when it comes to the job and I completely understood.

His face changed a bit from light to worried. He run his fingers in his chestnut hair which was cut short and said “Um, it’s nothing seriously so don’t worry about it. I’m not gonna fire you.”

“Okay..? So what is it?” I asked unsure if he was talking the truth or not.

“Like I said, you don’t need to worry about it. You are one of the best employees here and I must be crazy or out of my mind if I fire you.” he said with a serious expression on his face. It was then when I noticed his little wrinkles around his green eyes that were a result from the stressful job. And his freckles on the nose were now more visible. He looked older than his actual twenty six years when he was tired. He was a good-looking man, but still not my type.

“I called you because I was watching you and I saw that this is the first time you’re not focused. You know I’m here to help if anything or anyone bothers you, you know that right?” he sighed heavily and continued “Well I was trying to say that I’ll try to help you if there’s a problem” he emphasized the word try because he wanted to say that he does not know what my problem was.

I looked him in the eyes and smiled at him. “Thanks bossy for the help but it is not connected to the work. And I am sorry for not focusing on my job, but I promise that when I let my foot outside this door, everything will vanish and my focus will be back.” I reassured him.

“You don’t need to apologize. This has happened to you once in two years. Once in two years! I secretly wondered if you were a robot” he laughed when he finished the sentence.

“Hey, I got feelings and robots does not.” I joined him in the comfortable laughter.

“Well if you don’t want to share what bothers you now, I’m guessing that you’ll tell me in the future when something bothers you, okay bossy?” he asked me with a worry.

“Yes, bossy, I will.” I told him.

“Besides this is an opportunity for your black birds to go away by this new task I’ll give you.”

“Black birds? Seriously?” I asked him with one eyebrow lifted.

“How can you lift that eyebrow and I can’t?” I laughed at his question.

“That was not the question” I said.

“Never mind” he gave me a ‘dismissing the topic’ sign with his hand. “I was going to say that I wanted to give you a ‘student’ so you could teach him how to work. Since you were my best option, I chose you immediately.”

I stared at him with shocked expression on my face. Me having a ‘student’? I must be dreaming.

“And the most important thing is that..” he paused and he rested his chin on his left hand which was supported on the desk and faced me “.. you’ve got promotion. Starting from now, you are the new casino manager. Congrats!”

My jaw dropped to the floor when he said casino manager. Am I dreaming? Definitely. Than why I can not wake up? First the ‘student’ than the casino manager? This was too much shit for one day.

“You’re not gonna say something?” he blurted out. My mouth was shut like a fish, I could not say one single word.

“Are you okay?” he asked looking at me and he reached to grab my arm and started rubbing it in a comfort way.

I was in shock for about two good minutes and forty three seconds.

“Now tell me that you were joking.”

“No, I wasn’t.”

“Yes you were.”

“No, I wasn’t!” he fired back irritated.

“But..” he cut me off.

“No buts. I believe in you and I know that this is your real job. You are smart, good - no - brilliant in math, you see every invisible hole here. You’re perfect for this job, Una. Trust me.”

I was in double shock after these words from my supervisor. I remember beginning as a slot host, then improved in table game dealer, then there was a times when I was changing bossy (he is a pit boss but I like to call him the supervisor because he is watching the table dealers), and now I am going to be above him - as a casino manager. I still could not believe it.

“Stop thinking about it and let’s go celebrate and tell everyone who is the bossy now” his smile appeared into wide grin as he grabbed my hand and lead me outside the office.

After everyone congratulated me, bossy turned around to face me and said “Come with me I need to introduce you with your student. You’ll teach him on the table dealing because he have some previous experience.” I nodded and my 169cm started following his 173cm down the hallway.

We stopped in front of a brown wooden door and bossy said “The boy is inside, he’ll come out any second. He’s just filling the papers.” he finished with the smile on his face.

Good five minutes and forty seven seconds passed when the door opened and revealed a young man around my age with a tight black jeans, red plaid shirt with white T-shirt underneath, a black short hair, sharp edges on his upper lip and..

Oh. My. God.

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