The Answer Is In Number 13

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Chapter 8

We stopped in front of a brown wooden door and bossy said “The boy is inside, he’ll come out any second. He’s just filling the papers.” he finished with the smile on his face.

My heart was racing inside my chest, causing me to feel some unfamiliar feeling inside me, like my life was depending on what was going to happen.

Leaning on the wall with my back I was still processing what just happened around ten minutes ago. I could not believe that someone would sacrifice his job position just to promote me and place me on a higher level than him.

But, that was Brandon. He was so unpredictable. And I am happy to have someone like him in my life. He cared more about the others than himself. At first he looked rough on the surface, but when you get to know him better, he is a big stuffed teddy bear. Yes, he is very soft.

I stared at him, he was in about half meter on my right and he was leaning on the same wall as me. His back and head were pressed against the wall, his gaze fixed on the ceiling above us, hands in his black - pants - pockets and he was tapping lightly his left foot against the white floor tiles.

It was like he sensed my eyes on him so he pulled up his lips on his left corner of his mouth and grinned. In a quick second, he turned his head so his green eyes were connected with my dark brown. He was still grinning while he said “You still can’t believe it, don’t you?”

“Hmm, let me think about it.” I pressed my thumb and index finger, from my left hand, on my chin and made a face like I was really thinking than added “No, no I can not believe you did all of this.”

“I knew you wouldn’t believe me, but it’s the truth. Tomorrow you’ll receive the forms and you’ll became officially the casino manager.” he said.

After good five minutes and forty seven seconds, the door opened and revealed a young man around my age with a tight black jeans, red plaid shirt with white T-shirt underneath, a black short hair, sharp edges on his upper lip and..

Oh. My. God.

This could not be!

He was the same guy from weeks ago. I ″met″ him in the lunch area in the college.

I could not believe what I just saw. While inspecting his well-being, I did not realize that he became pale when he saw me too.

“Uh, do you know each other?” bossy - Brandon - asked while looking at both of us.

I did not know that my staring at the boy was so noticeable, so I turned my head towards bossy (who was now between us) and lied “No.”

Why in the world did I lied?

“Um, okay, if you say so.” he said not completely buying it.

“So, Una, this is our new employee -” he lifted his right hand and pointed it to the handsome boy “- and your student for this week, I mean until it’s finalized that you are the casino manager -” he was now looking at me with a small smile “- and this -” he pointed at me, looking at the boy “- is Una, our new casino manager, and your supervisor for this week.”

“I hope you guys will get along so I won’t need to check up on you.” he winked at me with a smile still plastered on his face.

“We are not werewolves on trial so do not worry.” I let out a chuckle and bossy joined with a laugh. I turned my head to the left and saw the boy with a light pink shade on his cheeks and a small, almost invisible, smile on his face. I wonder what he was thinking.

“Okay, so guys go on your positions, I’ll catch up on you later.” bossy said moving away. But then he realized something and returned, his attention on the new boy as he said “Oh, I almost forgot, you’ll get your uniform tomorrow,...” Brandon waited for his name. I also wanted to know his name so I turned my attention towards him.

“John, boss. My name’s John.” the handsome man replied. He surprised me with his masculine voice. It was unusual for me to hear such a matured voice in such a young man.

So his name is John. Interesting.

“Okay, John Boss. As I said you’ll get your uniform tomorrow. And listen to this girl right here -” bossy pointed his index finger on me “- or else I’ll be very disappointed if you don’t.”

As bossy made only one step away from us, the boy - John - called after him “Sir!”

Brandon turned around to face him, but not before trowing a quick glance in my direction. I did not know what John was about to say to bossy, so I looked at both of them puzzled.

“Uh, sir. I was going to say that my name is not John Boss. It’s John O’Brian.”

Brandon, bossy, chuckled at him and said “Sorry mate. I’ve got it wrong. And pleeease, don’t call me sir. I feel like an old man when you say that.”

“You are still not old, trust me.” I said to him with a smile and we all laughed. Even John laughed. That is when I heard his laughter. It was so melodic and so not tiring that I wanted to listen more and more of it.

I turned my attention towards John and saw his jaw and cheeks moving along with his laughter. He was not having any dimples, but his cheeks were still adorable. Like his smile.

Get a grip of yourself, Una, because something is so wrong with you!

We brushed off the laughter and we parted ways with bossy. By we, I mean me and John. I told him to follow me to the main room, where the others were, and introduced him with the rest of the colleagues. I never saw a guy so shy before. Most of them were outgoing (even jerks), but I never saw a shy one.

I placed him on the table nearby the wall of the other side of the room, because that was the place where all beginners are starting from. The room was all in red, beginning from the carpet underneath and ending to the walls. There were ten tables and each of the tables was for a different game such as poker, roulette and so on.

The night gone great because he had a past experience, and I found out that he was also good with numbers. He knew which card was coming next. I was impressed by him, but I never showed my excitement in front of him. I only said with a small smile “You are not bad for a beginner.”

Sensing my inner wows he returned with a smirk “Thanks. You are not bad yourself, either.”

I managed to suppress the smile that wanted to break free on my face, but I could not suppress the blush that painted my cheeks after the compliment he gave me.
Avoiding the next possible awkward situation, I asked him “Have you learned all this stuff from your previous job, or you have learned it on the streets?”

He pulled out his hand from the table and scratched his neck. His head was a little bent down and he was avoiding my gaze.

“Yeah, I’ve learnt from my last place. And I’ve learnt a lot of things from there.”

Not sure if he was telling me the truth, I asked him with a smile “Are you sure?”

He let out a low chuckle and turned his head to face me. That is when I lost all of my senses. I let myself drowning deeper into the ocean that was in his eyes. Everyone seemed to disappear from the room as I kept staring at him. It was only us, me and him.

“Pretty sure” he said so low and I was dumbstruck.

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