The First Encounter

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A story about Jack Adams and one of his cases then he found himself in some kind of kidnapping and killing and maybe someone from the distant past it is a story about some private detective named Jack Adams that stumbled upon a case that proved that is more than just kidnapping some woman then he discovers something big about the kidnapper more than hope for and then he found that what he heard and what really happens isn't the same thing so now he has to disbelieve everything that happens with him so far about what happened before and he just go with his guts ,but he wasn't sure if he really should go with that and there is a lot of deceiving and unture evidence in his way so he has to decide which is right and wrong, and after he finally figure out the truth it was not like he was expecting at all but at the end that was what he was after and he could not say anything about that

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 1

James Miles is a guy who won’t do anything without knowing why he did that he wanted a reason to do it, another things he also wanted something exciting in his life so he would try a new things and he get easily angry that get a lot of problem but because of the last fight he got into, he went too far with that so he decided to be more patient also he admit when he is wrong and can learn fast he got multiple job in different fields, he could not keep a job for more than two months Either he quits or he get fired and that made his parents not knowing what to do with him

After he quit his last job he go to his parent because his uncle come to visit him when he arrived they were in backyard talking and playing so James think ′ I just have to go in and say hi and get out as fast as I can so I don’t have to deal with anyone ′ he enter knock the door when his uncle see him he come to him and hugged him and said “long time no see how are you doing”

“well I am doing fine there is nothing to worry about ” then James didn’t want to continue this conversation with his uncle

“well I heard you quit another job” his uncle said that with smile on his face that smile got James annoyed then after that James looked at his mother and she said innocently “well son your uncle asked about you and I just answered him what do you think I should do lie to him ”

James yelled at his mother “no you don’t need to lie to him mom ”

that when his father said “what are you doing James yelling at mother I thought we raised better than this ”

after the long lecture he got from his father he looked at his uncle and said “uh yes I quit another job I don’t know why my life is something that interest you that much Charley ”

James got upset by this so he looked at his phone and said “oh look at time I better go it was great to meet you all and mom I am sorry I yelled at you ,I will try to not to do it again ”

and right when he about to get out his uncle grabbed him and dragged him inside the house he looked at James and James notice there something different with him so he didn’t do anything and waited him to talk

after Charley that James will not try to get away he said ” ok James I know I wasn’t like I used to be and I am sorry for that but really you should know, people will change no matter what, but now I see that I changed a lot especially when it come to you and that why when I heard you quit another job I thought I just had to find the right one for you James”

James thought for second he remember when his uncle and James were close then he suddenly changed James didn’t know why so he said “I don’t know uncle ,well right it is like you said people change but still not that much and without warning so how can I trust someone like that ”

Charley said “I don’t know James just give the job a chance maybe you love it ,or let me tell you about it then you can judge it by yourself how about that ”

James said “I don’t know why you regretting your doing but since you will not let me go unless I listen to this so tell me about it”

that made charley happy so he said “well you got that right James I will not let you go until you hear it ,huh if I remember right when you were a kid you were all about solving mystery and like police shows and all that do you remember any of that James”

James tried to remember what his uncle was talking about but he couldn’t remember , he said to his uncle “uh I don’t know what to say but I don’t remember what you talking about you said when I was little and you assumed that would remember that, is me remembering is important for this or not, because I don’t ”

Charley knew that James won’t remember but I wanted to be sure of that and it seem he was right he hoped otherwise but what can he do, so he said “it is not a big deal if you remember or not, I know that for fact that you liked to do that and I asked you about it to see if you remember that or not but it is not any important now so I should tell you about the job , a friend of mine wanted an assistant so I recommended you and you know what he said he said send him to and I will give a job if he can handle it , and don’t you worry about this job being boring or the salary being low or anything this guy is different and amusing so what you say James ”

James didn’t know what to say to his uncle because he didn’t get anything from his explanation but after a while he remember what was his uncle talked about so he said “really uncle that years ago and now you want me to take this job because of something I used to like what is rally your reason for this”

Charley didn’t know why James think there alternative reason for this and he didn’t know how to response to that all he could say is “when I talked with your father and I asked about you they say you always quit your jobs for stupid reason that you find it boring or don’t like their policy but I think those is not stupid but really good ones why someone need to get into life sucking job without anything to show that why I thought this job will be the one ,so what to say James are you satisfied or you still want to argue more about this and I think your father will come here any minutes now so I think you should decide now for your sake ”

James thought about it for second he knows if his father sees him again he would lecture him about everything so anything would be better than sitting here waiting for his father talk so he said to his uncle “well uncle since you went through so much trouble to get me this job and you think it will be perfect for me I will go there and see how it is so I should go now”

Charley knows that James always tried to hide his reasons for doing stuff but he didn’t care since he will go there not for right reason but that was good enough for him so he said to James “ok this is great news for me and before I forget take this card with you so you could call him and see what he want from you and also give direction to his office”

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