Letter from Jack the Ripper

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In the streets of foggy London the artist is on move again ...

Mystery / Thriller
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Hello from the dark side

Greetings detective Abbey , for while now i have watched you trying to get some kind of understanding of my handy work , my own personal masterpiece that i have created , piece by piece .

Even though i hate to admit you have proven yourself to be man of your own word on what you said you would do to solve the case .

So close but so far my dear detective . I had to take small break on my master piece since i had to watch out on what direction your investigation takes you .

You see, my art speaks for me so i don't have to . So you as intelligent man must understand why i had to study the ways of you and your men before i feel secure enough to complete my master piece .

For your search on meaning of the blood shed as you call my master piece you could not be more wrong .

Sadistic maniac , as news articles call me i am not , i'm just artist who is bothered by the moral breakdown of females of my dear and beloved London .

Love for money , moment of lust and greed fueled by the never ending need for men to get closeness without commitment as it is meant to be .

For how i see myself is cleaner of the one's without morals . An artist who paints London red in order to make things as they should be .

Tonight is time to complete my masterpiece and then it is perfection . For that i must bid you farewell my dear detective Abbey, it's getting dark and foggy again.

yours JTR.

I smile upon closing the letter and stand up to go out to get my last piece on my work of art . before exiting my home i take a look into mirror and fix my hair .

Lady never leaves her home without being classy .

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