Hoody And His Gyal 18

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Hoody gets himself a new car and meets the gyal of his dreams. After buying a new Range Rover from his mate Darren, Hoody meets a girl Called Calla who is a photographic model and they spend some time together.

Mystery / Thriller
Vaughan Williams
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Hoody Meets Calla

Hoody 18


Hoody woke and showered first thing as he has done for many years. He walked into the kitchen area in his boxers and thought about the weed he smoked before he went to bed. He knew it was mind-blowing and really good stuff so he decided to finish off the old, not so strong weed first. He rolled a few on the worktop with what he had left in his bag and placed them in a glass jar. Then he put it in the cupboard on the top shelf leaving one on the side to have with his first coffee of the day. Hoody made his coffee grabbed the spliff and lit it as he ventured out the door. As usual, he lent on the rails, lit his spliff and took in the views of Liverpool wondering what the day would bring as his phone rang.

“Yo Johnson…!” “Ye man, good shit enit…!” “Where you at…? I need to go get some paper from that Welsh Glyn; he owes me five bags enit…!” “What’s wrong with it…?” “I ent bin happy with it since we got it you know…!” “Ok, I’ll call him now…!” Bell you back enit!”

“Yo, Mr Steven, are you all good...?” “How’s the van doing…?” “Ok talk later!” Hoody closed his phone and opened it again. “Yo Daz how’s it going, my main man…!” Yeah, not bad bro. Listen, you know the motor we had off you? The Engine is making a strange noise enit…!” “Well to be honest bro, I don’t get on with it that much…!” “Have you got anything similar but with more toys on it…?” “Sounds nice, black is good…!” “22,000 miles…?” “Full dealer history ye…?” “I’ll come by and have a look Enit.” Hoody closed his phone and opened it again. “Johnson, come pick me up, we is havin a look at some new wheels enit!”

Hoody got ready and with a mask and gloves he went down into the car-park and waited. Johnson pulled up with white smoke pumping out the exhaust.

They carefully drive the Range Rover to the car showroom and parked it on the forecourt and walked into the office.

“Yo Daz, you Ok bro?” They touched fists, and then Darren hugged him and patted him on the back twice. “You is looking good Daz, my man!”

“Good to see ya, bro!”

Johnson touched fists with Daz and as he turned he said, “Come through and look at this beauty I found just for you!”

They walked through a couple of doors and a black Range Rover Sport with blacked out windows was standing there on black alloy wheels with a front spoiler. As Hoody opened the driver’s door and looked at the cream leather with black piping.

He said instantly, “I’ll have it, bro!”

“I knew it was for you when I saw it ya know!” Darren said holding his fist up again.

Hoody nodded, “Nice one, Enit!” Hoody walked around the other side and back again.

“How we gonna work it though? I paid cash for the other one enit!”

Darren looked around “Come walk with me, bro!”

Hoody pushed the car door shut and followed Darren outside into the compound with all the old and wrecked cars. Hoody turned to look at him. “What’s wrong Daz, you is lookin a worried man?”

Darren looked around again to make sure they were alone.

“We bin friends for many years ye?”

Hoody nodded. “Ye man, we grew up together in dem homes man, you is my only family and still the only person that can hug me! What’s wrong bro?”

“I've bin fucked over big time enit and it needs sorting. I would only trust you to do it for me!”

“You know I would do anything for you bro, you is family! Tell me what’s happenin, I’m getting worried enit.”

“Some time ago I rented a small garage in Stockport, Manchester and when the landlord was ill he asked me if I wanted to buy it from him cheap, as his family wasn’t interested. I asked a couple of peeps I knew, and one came back to me saying he would put up the money to buy it and when we got planning permission, we could sell the land and split the profit 50/50. Time went on and we got planning permission for 14 apartments, then more time passed in fact 2 years went by. I eventually got a buyer at 2.5 million but then I found out my business partner Simon Walsh started a new Ltd company, borrowed money against the land with planning permission and disappeared. The official receivers moved in because the bank wanted their money back and it was sold at public auction.

“What about your Solicitor bro?”

“My Solicitor couldn’t prove I had an interest. He neglected to put my name on the land register. To cut a long story short, I lost the lot.

“That’s not good man. What you want me to do bro?”

“I am sure Walsh lives somewhere in Southport. I want you to look for him. His son has an MOT garage on Formby road you could start there. Walsh might visit, then you can follow him ye?”

“What cars he got bro?” Hoody asked.

“He had a black BMW, 7 series. The registration was 44 SAW”

“Look on the computer and tell me when it needs MOT Enit?”

Darren nodded, “You think his son will do it, ye?”

Hoody lifted his fist. “Whatever you want, ya know I will do it for you! I would die for you if you asked me to enit!”

Darren nodded again.

“Leave it with me and I’ll sort it for you! Write his name and address down for me bro, and don’t worry its done enit!”

Darren and Hoody hugged each other. “Thanks, bro!” Darren walked off and went into his office. Hoody walked back into the showroom thinking about what his best friend had just told him. Hoody and Johnson checked a few things on the Range Rover and while they waited for Darren to work out a price, Hoody looked around the showroom at some of the other cars in there and a picture on the wall of a Girl with two guns in her hands’ caught his eye. Hoody walks towards it as Darren came out of his office. “Yo Daz, who’s is this?” Hoody asks.

“It’s Calla!” Darren said Smiling. “I know, nice ent she?”

“Ye man, very nice!” Hoody said staring at the picture.

“She’s a model from Manchester; she will be here in a while to collect her car. It’s that white Porsche 918 Spider over there with her private plate C4LLA!”

Hoody walked over and looked through the window. “That’s nice enit Johnson?” Hoody looked round as he waited for a response. Johnson was in the driver’s seat of the Range Rover with the door shut and the music turned up loud.

“Come into the office!” Darren said and Hoody followed him.

I don’t want payin for the car, I will put it down as my own personal vehicle for now and I am letting you use it while yours is being repaired. We’ll sort something later Ok?”

Hoody nodded “When can I take it though bro?” He asked.

“You can take it now it’s all ready. The only thing is I will have to transfer your private plate over at the same time!”

“That’s no problem bro.”

“This is the address!” Darren passed Hoody a small folded piece of paper; he grabbed it and shoved it in his pocket.

“Nice one bro!” He said holding his fist up. As they touched fists Darren said, “I’ll meet up with you soon and we can chat more ye?”

Hoody nodded and walked out to the Range Rover as a Taxi Pulled up. The back door opened and a long tanned leg appeared with pink high heel shoe. Hoody stood staring, waiting to see if it was the girl from the picture in the showroom. As the door opened a bit further a woman stood up with black hair. As she turned, Hoody’s jaw dropped to the floor. He couldn’t see anything else around him except Calla walking towards him in slow motion with her hips swaying from side to side. His eyes were fixed on her, and when she said “Hi.” Hoody fell on his knees. “You must be Calla!” She smiled at him and nodded.

“I just seen your picture in there enit. You is the most beautiful woman I av ever seen!” Calla stopped and sauntered towards him. “What’s your name?”

My friends call me Hoody enit!”

Hoody lifted his mask off and pushed his hood back off his face.

Do you work here? She asked.

No I just bought this from Daz!” he said and he turned to look at the Range Rover.

Oh, I’m sorry I thought with the mask and gloves.

No, I is a Germaphobe!”

“Oh I’m even sorrier, I should have known. My sister’s husband is too!”

Hoody was surprised as he pulled his mask back down wanting to change the subject quickly. “I love your Porsche enit!” Hoody said staring at Calla.

“Thank you,” she said, “would you like to go for a spin?”

Hoody nodded, “Yes please!” He was just like a little boy visiting Santa Clause for the first time.

“I’ll be back in one minute!” she said turning.

Calla walked off and Hoody opened the Range Rover door “Just wait here for me; I is going for a ride in that Porsche with that Calla bird enit.” Hoody pushed the door too and waited. He heard the car roar as it started up and then it appeared with Calla in the driving seat. As it got closer the door opened. Hoody walked towards it and got in. They took off down the road at high speed; Hoody was uncomfortable holding on to his seat and the door handle. Calla was a good driver but Hoody didn’t like anyone but, Johnson driving him around.

They turned a few corners and rolled back onto the forecourt. Hoody opened the door and couldn’t wait to get out. As he walked around the car Callas window slid down. “What do you think?” she asked?

“Yeah, it’s a beautiful car to go with a beautiful owner enit.” Calla smiled as Hoody said, “I hear you is a model, are you working nearby?”

“Yes I am, come down to the docks; we have been here since Monday. We are trying to get some pictures done in a designer clothes store but we just can’t get it right something is missing!”

“We will follow you!” Hoody said. Calla smiled again as Hoody ran and jumped into the Range Rover. “FOLLOW THAT PORSCHE!” he shouted. Johnson turned the sound down and they pulled out on to the road and Hoody said “Nice Motor enit?”

“Yes, it’s much better than the other one!” Johnson said looking at the dashboard. “No not this one, the Porsche!” Johnson nodded.

They arrived at the docks and Johnson pulled up in a parking space next to Calla. Hoody walked over to her as she got out the car. “Come with me and I will show you around.” She said as they walked off. Johnson was quite happy sitting on his own admiring the new Range Rover with the music full blast again.

Calla walked with Hoody into the shopping centre and as they looked around, she told him what they were trying to achieve for the photo shoot, but they couldn’t get it right and the director wasn’t happy at the amount of time and money he had wasted on it.

Hoody looked around and said “Why don’t you use your car, make it look like it has been driven into a shop window full of clothing and designer gear.

Calla looked at him with a huge smile. “What a brilliant idea,” she said and walked off.

As Hoody was carefully wondering around, a man appeared with Calla. He wanted to shake Hoody’s hand. Hoody held his fist up and they touched fists. “Thank you that is a brilliant idea!” he said as Hoody nodded, “Anytime bro!” he said with a smile.

Calla went off with him and Hoody sat and waited and after a while, someone drove Callas car into the shopping centre slowly with guards all around it. A few people started to gather in the square, they could see what was going on with all the cameras dotted around.

Hoody was starting to get anxious as the people started to get closer to him, he moved away and found a wall he could sit on to watch. Some people had the same idea and Hoody was uncomfortable as they got closer and he moved away again. He was watching from the side when he got a phone call and when he looked it was from a withheld number. Hoody took no notice and then it rang again but this time it was Harry. “Yo Baby gyal, Wa gwan…?” “Ye I just had one too…!” It could be the Bizzies ya know…!” “They could have pulled James’s phone records enit…!” “Send everyone a text message; tell them not to answer it…!” Ok, bell me back!” Hoody sat watching again when he got a text message;


Hoody was uneasy about it and opened his phone. “Yo Moby, I’ve just had a withheld number try to get in touch enit…!” “Last time it was the Bizzies…!” “Can’t take risk …!” If I send Johnson over can you give him 4 pay-as-you-go sim-cards with 10 Credit on each…?” “Thanks, Moby!” Hoody closed his phone and walked over to Johnson. “Go over to Moby and collect 4 new sims, I’ve just belled him, I think the Bizzies could have James’s phone records enit!”

“I don’t need one; I never talked to him on the phone,” Johnson added.

“We can’t take the risk bro!”

With that Hoody went back into the shopping area as Johnson drove off. Hoody stood at the side watching them filming, then he suddenly realised he hadn’t talked to James on his phone either, he used Harriet’s phone. Hoody could only assume the police pulled her phone records too.

Hoody walked around and opened his phone again “Moby make it 6 with 10 credit enit.”

Hoody put his phone back in his pocket as it rang again. Hoody looked at the screen and answered it. “Yo Finn, what’s happenin…?” “Who was it...?” “What they say…?” “Ok don’t worry! I have just ordered new sims. Put it in your phone, cut your old sim in half and bin it, then text your new numbers to each other. Remember do not use your own personal phone for my work at any time…!” “Ok, talk later enit!” As he closed his phone he noticed Calla walking towards him. Hoody applauded her, even though he hadn’t seen much.

“That’s it, we have finished,” she said.

Not wanting Calla to leave him, Hoody asked. “Would you like to walk for a bit?”

“Yes, that would be lovely!” She said with a smile. “Let me get rid of this case in the boot first and when they have moved my car back into the car-park we can go!”

Eventually, they walked together along the docks. It was a nice warm day and Hoody was enjoying Callas Company. He was doing something he hadn’t done for a long time. The last girlfriend he had was some years ago. People were looking at them strolling along talking and laughing. Hoody touched and nearly held Callas hand on a couple of occasions and she didn’t seem to mind. They sat on a bench for a while in the harbour and then they slowly walked back towards the cars. Hoody asked Calla if she wanted to see him again later. “Yes that would be lovely.” she said, “I’m not going back to Manchester until Sunday night.” Hoody was well pleased. “I have some other things to attend too while I’m in Liverpool!” She went on to say.

They agreed to meet up later at Calla’s hotel around 6 for something to eat, even though Hoody wasn’t keen on the idea.

Calla drove off as Johnson pulled up in the new Range Rover and Hoody walked over to him. “Give everyone a new sim and send your new numbers to each other enit” Hoody said as he climbed into the car and took one for himself. “Take me back to my yard enit; I is going out with Calla again later!” Johnson smiled at him, pulled away and dropped him at the apartment.

Hoody had a shower and stood on the balcony for a while in his bathrobe with a coffee and a spliff. His phone beeped a few times as everyone sent phone numbers, Hoody stored them adding a name to each one from their initials.

Eventually, Hoody got ready, grabbed a couple of pairs of gloves, a few masks and Johnson picked him up and dropped him at the hotel where Calla was staying. Hoody waited in the lounge until she appeared just after 6. Hoody wasn’t happy about the surroundings and asked her if they could go for another walk.

While they were walking together and holding hands, Hoody explained to Calla about him being a Germaphobe and how it affects him when he is in strange places. She knew some of the problems he had because of her Sisters husband, but she didn’t realise how much it affected Hoody.

“I know this is a stupid question and I don’t know how else to ask it, but when, or what age did you realise you were a Germaphobe? Or is it something you are born with?

Hoody pulled a strange face “I don’t know to be onest. I can’t remember dem early years. I have no family to ask and it’s strange, but some of the things that stuck in my head, are the filthy places I been in. Like old schools and homes with dirty sheets and pillows, horrible smells, people coughing and sneezing, I hated it all, maybe I just blanked it at first enit, I just had to get through it all I suppose.”

“It must have been awful for you!” Calla said.

“I was in a home when I met Daz, we where small, we growed up together. He is my only family ya know!”

Calla was intrigued and wanted to know more about Hoody’s life.

“You just said you have no Family?”

“No, no family, no one!”

“Hoody is your nickname, but what is your real name?”

“Darren Hudson!”

“Where did you get that from?” she asked.

“I remember one day when I was little someone asking me my name and I just made it up, I called myself Darren after Daz who we met earlier and I used the name of the father, who ran the home we was in. Father George Vincent Hudson.

“So how old are you?” Calla asked.

“I don’t know about 28, same as Daz I suppose! Anyway, now I live in my spotless apartment and shower every time I have been out of it. I clean my teeth a lot because I smoke a bit of weed and the car is cleaned every day. I only eat the food I have cooked and drink out of my own cups and glasses. I always have a mask and gloves if I’m away from home.”

Calla was even more intrigued and sat listening to him talk.

“I have read about clinics that say they can help to make our life a little easier but I’m not sure.”

“My brother in law has treatment; it’s called CB something, I think. I don’t know what it means but he says it has helped him a lot.

“Ye I read about it last week on the internet, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.”

Calla looked at Hoody. “What an amazing life you must have had!” she said.

Hoody smiled as he nodded a few times.

“So, I am assuming you don’t want to eat in the hotel where I am staying?” Calla asked with a slight smirk.

“I will try if you want me to!”

Calla shook her head. “No, I wouldn’t expect you too. But as I am hungry, we will have to eat at your apartment.”

Hoody grinned and said “I have made a really nice Chicken and pasta dish, I have some wine and there is enough for two. Calla stood up and said, “How do we get there?”

Hoody pulled his phone out. “Yo Johnson come back and get me from the hotel enit.” As he closed his phone Calla asked

“Do you drive?”

“Ye I do if I have too, but I have a driver who I trust to take me anywhere, I just bought him that new car today enit. Hoody said with a smile.

They sat talking a while longer and Johnson pulled up and took them both back to Hoody’s Apartment.

After climbing the stairs and dodging the washing hanging in lines Calla was impressed with the apartment.

While she looked around Hoody had a quick shower and got changed. As he walked into the room he grabbed a spliff and offered one to Calla. “I’ll have one later!” She said with a grin.

Hoody went on to the balcony and after looking around the apartment some more, Calla joined him looking out over Liverpool.

They talked for ages it was a nice warm night and about 9 pm Hoody ordered a taxi for Calla and when it arrived he walked her down to the car-park and she left. Hoody rolled himself a spliff with the new stuff and stood smoking it. He was chilled out and thinking about his evening with Calla.

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