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Forensics, drama, careers, love, and murder. Book 1B in the 4nsics series Six successors in different forensic fields are brought together for one task; to be elite, bright scientists in their fields, while solving cases and maintaining balance within the world of Forensics. What happens when they come together and receive the biggest case of their lives? A new environment, commitment, and world to work in along with unforeseen problems can break anybody.

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The Beginning (August)

Rhyon Blackmen’s P.O.V (Forensic Toxicology/Anthropology or Osteology)

Looking up from my station, I glared at the passing student who despised my every move. Turning towards me with a wicked grin, he proceeded on his way to the mass spectrometer. I turned back to my work and caught sight of my teacher paying attention to her computer. She never does anything. Why do I even have to be here!? I know that I am way more than qualified to do her job, and teach more efficiently.

I didn’t get a master’s in forensic toxicology to just sit here and do absolutely nothing. She doesn’t even particularly care about the course, let alone qualify to teach it. Honestly, she doesn’t teach. After handing today’s assignments in early, I made my way out of the classroom and down the hallway. The forensic department wasn’t full in the hallways, but had a couple of students having lectures in classrooms. It was only eight in the morning here, so there was no telling what assignments were being handed out. After getting on the elevator, I pressed the first floor and waited a couple of seconds for the door to close.

“Wait up!” Stepping forward towards the door, I blocked it from almost closing. The door opened back up as I stepped back watching Dylan walk into the elevator. Those blue eyes came directly onto me. Almost melting and dying would be a definite understatement. He nodded and proceeded to my side as the elevator doors closed. I slowly nodded back with a nervous demeanor, but smile to myself to relieve the awkward moment plaguing over us. I think he’s a forensic psychology major. He’s probably reading my body language as we descend to the first floor, but in no way would I actually show it intentionally.

As intimidating as those specs of the bright blue sky were, I would love to see them all of the time. Just imagining them had my heart beating quicker and quicker.

“Are you okay?” I immediately turned towards him and saw that his eyes were on me. I knew if I would continue looking at them, I would soon be lost forever, so I looked at my feet and replied back to him.

“Yeah, why?” I asked with a small chuckle, which he replied instantly to.

“You’re breathing really hard.” I was in my thoughts so much, that I didn’t notice I was breathing really hard, along with my rapidly beating heart. I grabbed my chest in realisation, and looked back at him.

“Yeah, it’s basically normal for me.”

“Really?” Asking in out right curiosity, I shook my head no, and it became his turn to laugh at my reply. The way his laugh sounded actually sent chills down my back, and I tried my best not to shiver.

“No.” This elevator door needs to open right now, before I have an orgasm in my pants. “Just nervous about showing up to the police department late.” Lie.

“Why?” He looked at me skeptically, as in me being a definite criminal.

“I am a forensic toxicologist.” I looked at him with a smile. “Not a criminal.” The doors opened and I bolted out of them.

“See you later!” He yelled out, and I turned back quickly with an ‘okay’ and kept running out of the main lobby of the science department.


Reaching the police department, the second I entered the building, I could tell that something was up. Everyone was standing up and looking at the TV, which displayed the breaking news. I kept walking until I reached the centre, and looked at the screen. There was an amber alert that showed a girl who was kidnapped. It wasn’t in our jurisdiction, so I am not on the case. At least if he doesn’t cross state lines, or if they don’t think that he did. Honestly, there is no telling what is going to happen. I just made my way further into the room, and crossed into the hallway leading to my office.

Unlocking the door, I walked in and closed the door behind me. My office is my lab. It’s a big room with all of my equipment I would need to analyse samples, and some room for an assistant. Mainly, I would have an assistant who I would teach, and I would try my absolute best not to be like my teacher. I haven’t had an assistant in a while, but my last one was excellent. But, I have a new assistant who is starting today. That’s one reason why I told the partial truth when I was talking to Dylan, so it wasn’t all a lie. Walking to my chair in the top right corner, I grabbed my lab coat and put it on while putting on while grabbing my ID card.

Starting up my computer, I heard the door open immediately alerting me to somebody walking in my office. For one, I already knew who it was, because he has no regard for closed doors.

“Captain.” I didn’t even turn around to look at him as he spoke. I knew immediately what he would say or do, and it’s about a case.

“I’ve got a case for you.” I turned my head slowly, and looked at him now.

“Please don’t tell me that it’s that kidnapping case.” I stood up fully and faced him.

“That case is like in Michigan or something.” He put his hands up to hush me immediately, and I tilted my head at him.

“Yeah, it’s not that case.” His voice was aggressive, but that persona was just for show. He knew it, and he thinks that I don’t know it. I honestly didn’t know why I asked if it was that specific case, because I knew that it would never be me analysing the scene. Plus, I wouldn’t know if there would be any fluids there or anything. I am still confused, they could actually use many of other qualified forensic toxicologists to do that, so...

“There’s been a murder.. Help Dr. Larks with the body and collect the samples.” He thinks he can give me a command and walk out, but he doesn’t with me.

I don’t follow his command and leaves.

“Yes sir.” I observe his facial expression and watches as he leaves and closes the door behind him. I never lock the door back after I enter, I should do that to see how angry he gets. I know he will definitely be pissed.

There was a knock at the door, and I yelled come in. The door opened and when I turned, someone I didn’t recognise walked in.

“Can I help you?” The man closed the door behind him and turned to me.

“I’m Mitchel Forman, your new assistant.” He walked closer to me and we shook his hands.

“Good, you’re early. You can set your things down over there.” I turned to my right and pointed to the empty desk that was next to the freezer and medicine cabinet. He set his bag down, on the desk and took off his jacket. I walked to the closet and grabbed out another lab coat and handed it to him.

“They’ll get you your ID sometime today.” Taking it from my hands, he shrugged it on and nodded his head.

“You look very young. How old are you?” I asked bluntly. He turned to me and nodded his head.

“I am 20, finishing my bachelor’s in forensic toxicology.” Wow, he seemed to have advanced two years, meaning, he probably finished about a year during each summer for two years.

“Oh, I applaud you. You must be going for your doctorates?” I went back to my desk and sat at my computer. I have to get to this case though like now, so I will check my emails and get going.

“Yes I am. This is like an on the job experience for me. I’m just happy to help.” I listened to his word as I scanned my inbox looking for any emails from the ADA or anyone else. He seems like a good kid. I logged out and stood back up.

“It’s your lucky day. We have a case. Are you ready to go?” Turning to him, he reached in his backpack and grabbed a notepad. After shaking his head, we headed out.


Panic. Adrenaline. As the picture displayed above, they wondered how.. What.. And if he was actually dead. If he wasn’t, he was bound to be.

“I want him found and I want him found now!”

Brandon’s fingers dashed on the keys, while panic set in on faces all around the room.

“Why the hell was he out by himself anyways!?” Full of authority, some around the room flinched with wide eyes as Brandon continued burning his eyes on the screen.

“His phone isn’t on him. The GPS may be deactivated.” Worry and panic became evident as he kept trying his best to locate his friend. After a couple of seconds of everyone panicing further, he turned towards his boss.

“His fitbit just synced with his phone. I cannot get a location, but I could possibly see rather it is still detecting his heart beat or not.” Silence was heard all throughout the room as all eyes were on the boss.

“Do it.” Inhaling heavily, he slipped his hand in his pocket and watched the monitor on the front wall in the room. After a few seconds of typing, all eyes were above.

A small circular picture was shown, with the data taken from the bracelet. Next to that was the hourly average heartbeat shown, along with more fitness data. A live pulse was shown, along with the average elevations and fluctuations.

“He’s alive, his pulse is weak.” All eyes went to the doctor in the room, who stood up and released a long held breath.

“The connection is live. I should be able to locate how far the phone is away from the bracelet. After that, I could get bluetooth information and link it to his connected wireless network.” Brandon typed faster and faster while letting the information flow out about what he was trying to do, and accomplish. The temperature seemed to rise as all eyes came to him.

“Can I hack fitbit?!” Brandon kept typing and asked loudly while waiting to see if he could find the vulnerable state built into the firewall of fitbit’s application. He had to have permission to complete this hack in order to not have the law crash down on them.

“Go ahead.” Honestly, he didn’t even wait until he got the okay, and the second he heard his boss speak, he spoke aloud.

“I’m in.”

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