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Chapter 2: Ground

Chapter 2: GROUND

It’s the last day of school and I fail to remember it.

I jumped off in my bed and get my belongings.

He glared at me saying to change my dump clothes “Three minutes” he commanded and stepped out.

His superior tone made me submit myself. There’s something in his voice. It’s like my blood and every piece of me is obliged to agree. Or, maybe, hilariously...I am so into him. It’s the only logical reason I could find.

I continue to get my things as fast as I could. I pulled everything I needed. My bag, shoes and lastly my century old necklace. Oh! I almost forgot my dusty wallet.

Quickly, I grab the first thing I touched on my closet, a black jeans and gray lousy shirt...hmm...“still making my shape visible” I happily whispered.

I checked my wallet before leaving and saw 10 dollars. No more, no less. I hissed with disappointment. I need to be thrifty more. Uggh. I haven’t paid the bills here on my apartment. I need to lessen my everyday allowances. Maybe skipping meals is the best way to save money.

I caught him side glancing at every step I make.

His glance was like a gravity that drains me to the ground. A magnet in easier description. I’m so reckless, weak, feeble and careless when I’m with him. So, smoothly, I was so distracted by how he watches me. Soonly enough, my money falls on the ground. Ugh! as expected, a day wouldn’t go if my uncoordinated actions won’t flash.

“Don’t be clumsy” Earl said.

I lift my shoulders in doubt “It’s not my fault” I’m crossing out the idea that bad luck is always on my side.

He began to move and walk so I followed him in a rush.

I went out on my room and closed it. Wondering what kind of structure, I’m living? Well, I’m in an apartment, not so wide, just enough for me to move around—alone.

I’m a working student. I study at day and at night I work. I have to do it cause I don’t have parents to rely on. And, speaking of parents... I haven’t met them. I tried to...naaaah. Hmm nevermind that part. I’m used in living alone.

But I have a mother like figure and that’s my grandma, I grew up with her since uhm...when? My memory is hazy. I can’t remember. I just know she’s there. That’s it. Holding my hand when I was little. I believe.

I make sure I locked the door before Earl and I started walking.

The houses, buildings, and public structures were made in Regency Period Architecture.

This refers to classical buildings built in Britain during the Regency era in the early 19th century when George IV was Prince Regent.

Reflecting classical Greek architecture, many regent structures were symmetrical, built of brick and covered in stucco or painted plaster to resemble marble. Things like friezes, decorative horizontal architectural bands near a ceiling or roof line, and fluted Greek columns, were popular architectural elements.

Some structures here, also had elements like balconies and bay windows, that projected beyond the surface of a first floor wall.

It may sound like I'm living in an old city but the feeling is modern. Because, there will be chic, new and up to date buildings thatsoon to open.

Clouded with thoughts we are passing in a glass built convenient store and then I halt.

“Startled?” Earl speaks. “Or wanna get late?”

I didn’t reply. I’m too focused on myself.

The rays of the sun reflected on the glass door of the convenient store and help to bounced back my radiant image with my flawless skin shimmering as white as the keys of grand piano. My dark black wavy hair got longer, five inches long after my shoulder level. My height still the same 5′8, after two years.

My eyes were still locked on my own reflection. My whole body being struck by light rays is undeniably magnefiscent. Dublin, Ireland is very unpredictable. There are plenty of rain even though it is still in winter time. Luckily, today the sun take a peek, just more of a sneaky look.

Typical winter weather in Ireland is clouds and rain with the occasional sunny spell. The mountains may have snow on them for many weeks in winter, but falls on the lower ground on only a few days a year.

I know this bright morning won’t last a day. I can feel it.

“The heaven is so tricky. They are giving us gloomy and uncertain days.” I moaned as the clouds begin to dim in gray.

“Let’s hurry up.” Earl jerked his head.

“Sure” I respond.

Our strides were twice faster than our normal speed. I’m still observing everything around me. The dusk cloudy sky, almost gray and black, the trees...they are silent, hushing with the flakes of snow landing on its leaves.

Really unpredictable almost ridiculous. Now, the snow is falling.

I know it’s always the scene Im seeing here in Dublin but I sense something different. Or, maybe, it’s just me, being different...being paranoid because of my nightmare.

In a minute we’ve reached the University grounds. Old, dusty mysterious, out of date structure. There’s a one word to describe it—Renaissance. Renaissance architecture. And a six meters’ decayed tall gate stood firm on its entrance. What makes me dazzle more is because of the two 12-foot-long bronze statue. A male and female angels like. They don’t really have anything or any part of an angel but their faces are so pure in peace that’s why I compare them like one living in heaven.

Their eyes were close but when you stare enormously, it appears they were real and has a life. I praised whoever made this living like sculpture for I feel like it’s breathing and in any moment their eyes will open. They are almost perfect. The nose, lips and cheekbones...lines, fine veins, and the texture. It is greatly intricate. Everything is very detailed. It’s a great master piece! Magnificent work of art by Lord Henry Charlington. One of the founders of our beloved University ground.

But the most astonishing and questionable structure is the University gate. I don’t know why it’s so long and were built in heavy compact concrete. Well, If I were a freak, I will think, it is not built for humans. But...if it is for humans then, it serves a giant gate protector. Farce right? I’m thinking stupid things. I chuckled at my stupidity.

“Crazy girl. Laughing by herself” I heard someone mummed. I glare swiftly at the side of the gate and saw a man at my age with an ash blonde hair pulled up in front neatly. He owns a strong jawline. His eyes were green. Lusty and sturdy. That leaves a mysterious impression of his character.

It’s “Charl” I groaned.

“Ohh. Don’t give me that look Eevy.”

I faked a smile. Yeah, it’s Eevy. My name spelled as Ivy but pronounced as Eevy.

Well, Charl called me ‘Eevy’ in the right pronunciation but Earl say my name as Ivy.

“What brings you here Mr. Charl Ington”. I give him a stern look as I sharply completed his name.

But wait, please don’t be confused just like me before. His name is Charl and his surname is Ington. He does not have affiliations with the Charlington Clan, the founder of our University. As far as I know.

I put back my attention to him.

“I’m the ambassador of goodwill and orderliness. The--”

“The ambassador of goodwill and orderliness? Huh?” I cut his monologue and continued with a tone of mockery.

“Thanks for reminding me Ivy” he grinned. “Well if u haven’t heard the news a female student—”

“Died?” I cut him the moment I saw the yellow label of ‘Police line do not cross’. There were lot of blood on the muddy crime scene. Six sheriffs stand so professional on the ground so busy. But one caught my attention. A black man with a height of 6′8 who I believed an inspector throw a sharp look on me.

A cold air passed in my hand and it furiously tingled me. It creates countable sweat around my palm and nails, while I’m terror and guilty stabbed me twice for a reason I can’t depict.

“No!” Charl put his hand on his mouth to stop his chuckled but it still escapes. Then continued “Was in coma. Comatose Eevy” he raises his right brow and come closer to me.

He taps my shoulder twice and my uneasiness were gone.

“Well the suspect was expected to be female based on the way the victim was attacked. But the investigators said and as the documents were showed the brute force received by the victim can’t never be a female. It’s too strong to be a female suspect” he sounded as if Charl is a senior officer.

He narrates while we are walking to get inside the University grounds.

I looked back and bit my lips “So you are here to?” I’m trying to sound lighter. I’m still processing the story. “So, what now?” I asked Charl. I made my tone more concerned to appear I am not intrigued on what happened.

“Of course to spread calmness and orderliness on the student body”

“To be their informant” Charl and I utter in chorus.

Yeah I know that lines of him. He always says it every time he got a chance.

“Won’t you mind if we go now coz we got something to do” Earl excuses us so coldly but there’s a bit, very tiny of respect in his voice.

Gosh! I almost forgot that Earl is with me the whole time!

“Yes. The whole time.” Earl incoherently speak.

“Did you say something?” I asked.

“No. Didn’t say any single word until now.” he stands himself. “I was quiet the whole time and Charl nor you nearly not noticed that I’m still here.”

“What?!” I put my hands in the air with disbelief. I stare at his pale blue eyes “What are you saying? I didn’t forgot you. My whole attention wat you the entire time. I’m aware.” I lied to him and Earl turned away his gaze. Maybe he knows I’m lying.

“Cut the drama!” Charl energetically yelled then addressed Earl. “Oh the test? Sure! Let’s go! C’mon!” Charl answered lively and spirited.

“What? We’re not on the same class” I merge myself in the conversation.

“Yeah I know!” Charl answered and laughed ridiculously why I asked that question. “I am the informant remember? I know the schedules.” he winked maliciously. “Well the head council said there will be no exam.”

“Calling the attention of all students. Please go here inside the auditorium! It’s a must. Thank you.” the 12 speakers on every corner of our University echoes and barked. There’s no second it stops.

It’s so loud and noisy.

I let my eyes roam and saw hundreds of students froze in wonder and curiosity. They were thinking there could be or this is an emergency. A state of emergency no one predicted.

“This is what I’m saying” Charl subtitled.

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