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Chapter 3: The founder

Chapter Three: The Founder

But wait, do I heard it right? That voice? “Is that Head Council Alexander Charlington?” I blurted.

“You heard it right. No other than the founder of this holy ground” Charl mysteriously whispered in my ear.

Yeah. The founder. But he’s already 300 years’ old what is he doing here? For an old man like him he must stay at home and enjoy his life. What is so important and decided to make the announcement by himself? Isn’t odd?

“It’s odd cause you think so differently" Earl incoherently hissed a groan.

“Did you say something?” I’m sure he was.

“None” Earl monotonously reply.

I didn't bother his answer and I let my attention involved with the commotion.

At our left sight we saw Big Dumbo. Our professor in modern physics. That's not his real name, it is his nickname given by the wicked and bully students. Clearly, he got lots of fats making him a human elephant. I think he weighs 130kg to 150kg.

He is holding a gray megaphone matching with his gray shirt and gray pants. Totally a fashion wrecker and disaster. His taste in fashion were always on matchy prints and colors.

He jumps with excitement holding the megaphone. For what reason? Nobody knows. But, is there something he waited for so long and soonly be bount to happen?

I don't know. But I saw him viciously smirked.

Ugh! There's so many thoughts running in my head. I should clear my mind.

Well Prof. Dumbo is kinda weird. So, technically...he is a weirdo. Then, his actions are weirdo too.

Right! I should not scrutinize him more because the more I watch and examine his actions the more weird things crosses my mind.

Nonetheless, it looks like he is the emcee for today’s announcement. And, I think he enjoys it. You know...barking like a commander on his troops.

“Please gather here peeps!” he looks at us for a moment."Gather here!" He urges.

Prof. Dumbo shouted hysterically and he made the public panicked. "Shelter yourselves! Get inside!"

The clouds started to become darker than a while ago. It will rain but the clouds still can hold.

Students moved in haste as if there's an earthquake drill.

Earl and I has no intention of going panick yet the people around affected us.

We walked fast nearly run going in the auditorium.

Murmurings are everywhere. Chats, laughs and noises echoes at the hall.

I twitched my head and put my right hand on my right ear to mute the sounds. The echoes pricked my eardrum.

"Stay closer to me." Earl see said bleakly.

Although he said it in a cold tone, it serves as an assurance, an assurance that he is there and I have nothing to be afraid of and that I should strengthen myself.

After a second I managed myself.

The ceiling is high and there were no chairs around it—just a big and wide space especially made for holding announcements or if you think it in an old way a huge prosecution room where everyone can judge you on the middle.

There’s a stairs going to the second floor only on the north side and four antique lamps are guarding it. The second floor also serves as the stage, so all of us students see the speaker. To add, that part is prohibited to enter without authorization.

“Stay closer please. Yes, that’s it! You guys there!” he pointed a group of gangsta.

“Yeah got a problem Big Dumbo?!” Erickson the leader of the gang pulled up his sleeves in dramatic bad boy way.

“Haha!” Big Dumbo shake a laugh trying to convinced he is also cool. “Stay cool guys. Yah haha woo rock!” he excused himself.

“Shut up Big Dumbass!!” someone yelled.

Everybody laughs.

“Okay. Enough with the play” Charl took the mic. That was fast. He’s in the stage in just a second. I didn’t saw him went. But in all fairness his aura always changes when he speaks to the student body. I perceive it like he was speaking to a lower class of creature, like he is something above and supreme and everyone was only pests and pawns.

The auditorium was feed in silence. Then, Charl give the mic to Head Council Alexander. He’s in a wheelchair. His hair is as white as snow which signifies his long experience here in earth. His forehead is wide and shiny no sign of any wrinkles as well as his cheeks and chin but there were lot of wrinkles in his neck and throat. That makes him look so old. Some say it’s the neck and throat that every human cannot go in plastic surgery.

“We are awakened these past days with horrifying news about killings and murders.” Head Council Alexander starts. His tone was deep and rust but also it is powerful and persuasive.

“I took this opportunity to be here for as we all know this day till next month we are going to—

“ he coughed a phlegm then gather himself “Celebrate the 700th year of our beloved grounds were built. A month of glorious celebration! Supposedly! But let me say this, I’m so devastated to find out and utter we can’t and won’t do that.”

“Aaah” everyone complained in a sad tone.

“As a family we are here to protect and serve—to make this holy ground firm throughout this year and incoming thousand more years. We are as one on this storm. We will secure the grounds and every single of us before we resume regular classes. Each one of you has an important role to play in this world. You are precious like my own sons and daughters.”

As he is speaking everybody is into his heart captivating words. I can see their eyes are in torment and I can feel that they find home in Alexander’s speech, very convincing.

“So stay safe in this fall. Don’t go out alone. And, stay vigilant.” He ended with a reminder. His rheumatic hand put down the mic. My heart felt a sudden sting when I noticed his dirty white oval ring in his middle finger despite the distance I’m towards the end flock of the crowd.

I feel so hallow, so empty and lonely. But what makes it dense and complicated is I couldn’t say anything more than remorse, a regret and guilt for a misdemeanor.

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