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Lisa Hayden, a cheerleader from Australia participating in a cricket tournament in India goes missing in Chennai. Her sister Jennifer Hayden comes to India in search of her. Jennifer meets Abu, an investigation officer and their search for the girl leads them into a dangerous underground betting mafia. From the investigative revelations it is revealed that the betting mafia is luring and sometimes blackmailing the cheerleaders to befriend the young upcoming cricket players with financially poor background and make them accept the match fixing deal for huge money. Lisa is caught in one such scenario and what had happened to her forms the story.

Mystery / Thriller
Age Rating:

Abu and Team

Abu woke up from his nap realizing he had fallen asleep on his office desk. Wiping his eyes, he pulled out his pen drive from his laptop and dropped it into his shirt pocket. He locked the room and moved down in the lift to the car park. He started his metallic brown Ford Figo, drove out of the office and headed home.

Abu was a twenty-eight years old, tall, handsome man, with a great physique and a highly attractive face. He was a sincere, duty first kind of a cop enjoying the post of Crime Investigation Specialist.

Three years ago, when he was serving as a sub inspector in Nungambakam police station during his initial cop days, he was more interested in becoming a detective. He liked crimes. He liked solving crimes. He was 25 then.

To his surprise the Chennai Police Department devised a plan to form a special team for criminal investigations in and around Chennai city. The Crime Investigation Team was formed. CIT decided to recruit young and intelligent cops into this specially formed team.

When he was informed of this recruiting program he felt elated. Wasting no time, he applied for the job and came out as top performer and got selected.

The next three years of working in CIT, Abu made a reputation for himself. He solved some puzzling cases quite intelligently. As a consequence of consistent good works, Abu was provided with an energetic young detective team comprising himself, Satham, Thenmozhi and Jessie.

Of his teammates, Satham was his close friend. He was a married man with a beautiful young wife and a little baby girl. Abu enjoyed Satham’s company. He had a gift of cracking jokes at will. He was intelligent too. Satham would guide Abu with his ideas during investigations. Abu sometimes felt Satham was for him, what Watson was for a Sherlock Holmes.

Thenmozhi, a twenty-six-year-old woman was Abu’s first assistant. She was extremely bold. As a daughter of two respected cops, becoming a cop had been her aim since her early teens. She believed that it was the purpose of her birth. To her, duty was everything. She would not bother even to transgress certain procedural boundaries to catch culprits. Thenmozhi had all features that would make a woman sexy. She was attractive, curvy and tall at five feet nine inches. She had many colleagues hit on her on numerous occasions. However, she had no liking for any sort of relationships. She remained single. She was independent. She framed laws for herself and lived by it irrespective of the consequences.

Jessie was youngest in the team responsible for contacts list in each case investigated. She maintained details of members involved in every case. Victim’s family members, witnesses, doctors, forensic experts, news reporters all occupied her list. Jessie was short, fair and had a round face with a brown eye. She was just twenty-four.

Abu reached his apartment in West Mugappair, Chennai. He lived in the second floor of a government allotted four-floor apartment. He parked his car and entered the house. Locking from inside he walked into his bedroom to a cupboard that was fixed to the right of his bed. He opened it and his eyes drifted over to the framed photograph which was sitting on the centre shelf. To the left of the photograph were a number of romantic greeting cards piled up and to the right were some eye catching romantic gifts all neatly arranged. It was a romantic shelf! In the photograph was a young, fair, beautiful woman smiling with her beautiful thin lips. Her brown eyes exhibited some shyness. She wore a pink scarf covering her long dark curls. To her left was Abu kissing her on her cheek. The woman was Jannatul Firdous, Abu’s late wife.

Abu habitually looked at the photograph of Firdous and talked to her about the happenings of the day. He hallucinated Firdous’s voice talking to him. He loved Firdous deeply. He even rejected his parents’ wish to get him to remarried.

Abu took the photograph and sat on his bed. He apposed the picture to his face and smiled looking into Firdous’ eyes. He spoke to her.

‘Hey sweety!’.

‘Yes detective? What’s up?’ Abu heard her voice talking to him.

‘I have completed those two cases successfully. Commissioner had forwarded the arrest warrant to those idiots. I am happy now.’

‘You are a hero darling. You will be successful every time. You are going to be a top ranked officer one day.’

‘Thanks, dear, you are my driving force.’

Abu took the photograph close to his face and kissed her before he placed the it in its regular nightly place besides his sleeping pillow.

Abu took a nice cold bath and had his dinner while he watched Arsenal-Chelsea soccer game. Once he was finished he moved back to his bedroom to get ready to sleep. Lying on his bed, he took the photograph, kissed Firdous and said a ‘Good night’.

Abu was so tired that it took just a few seconds for him to fall into a deep sleep.

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