The bachelorette vacation

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Rose wasn't ready for any change in her life plans but she had to taste a bit of thrill, mystery and adventure with a hint of bitterness all mixed up by the master chef Hayes Carter. '' Rose Férmont. The twenty three year old decides to go on a vacation with her best friends eager to savor the last bit of bachelor life before getting caught in the trap......marriage. She was getting married to the man of her dreams,her Prince Charming,the love of her life;Archer Reed,but life had another plan for her,turns out she didn't need all the clothes she has packed for the trip because,it only took one night full of mysterious calls,surprises and someone's disappearance to only took one night. 'through his tall figure,dark past, mysterious secrets it finally felt like home' --------------------------------------------------- "Hey,I think you switched the cups"I said raising my voice so that the six feet stranger would hear me. "Really"he replied smirking,as if I was dying to talk to him.arrogant. "Yeah I think so "I said unsure of what to say. "I don't think so"he gave me his glorious back not sparing me another glance.Rude. ------------------------------- Hayes a dangerous,flirtatious man with the acts of a five year old boy stuck in the body of a twenty five.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

I find it really hard to let go of the things you’re attached and even harder when you have no other choice but sometimes letting go is your best and only choice,well I wish I was the right person to accept this fact because right now I am having a hard time letting go of my precious books which were laying on the bedside table.

“Come on Rose these are too much you won’t even have the chance to read them we will be celebrating all the time”my dear best friend and also headache,Ellie,whined while trying to get her point which has already arrived ten minutes ago.

I gave her pout before finally giving in,slightly convinced but denying that she really had a point these books were heavier than half of our clothes and we didn’t need the additional weight too.

We took our luggage and headed outside after exchanging goodbyes with my dad helped us stuff our bags in the car and I was more than grateful he did it.

“Call me once you reach your destination,goodbye sweetie”he said smiling at me.

I was about to get in the car when I found my mom rushing out of the house,I frowned at her but didn’t have the time to react as she neared me and started with her usual speech.

“Honey do you have your passport?“I nodded automatically not bothering to fully concentrate as I heard these questions the last ten times I got on a plane.

I frantically nodding when Ellie secretly nudged me referring to my mother who seemed to be waiting for a reply. Fortunately Ellie replied for me as she felt my daydreaming session was not coming to an end soon.

“We’ll be okay mrs F don’t worry”I gave mom a reassuring smile before waving goodbye and starting the engine.

“I am so freaking excited,I am going on a girls trip with my two best friends”Ellie jumped up and down excitedly, she is a baby but I love her so much,we have been friends since we were sixteen and went to college together and now it’s been six years and our bond seems to strengthen everyday , we also have Maya our friend from college, we have known her since freshman year and since then it has been the three of us.

My ringtone snapped me out of my thoughts and immediately smiled like a fool when I saw the name on the screen Archer he still managed to make me smile upon hearing his name.

“Hey Arch”I replied smiling

“Ellie and I are picking up Maya and heading to the airport now”

“I want to come and say goodbye”he said with a sad voice and I can tell he is pouting now.

“Come on Arch it’s just five days and I will come back”I chuckled at his childish behavior.

“Well you better hurry because I can’t wait for you to come back so we can get married and then I won’t have to worry about you leaving again”he replied and again I can recognize the worry in his voice,he knew me too well.

To reassure him that I would never leave I gathered my words and told him what he needed to hear.

“You know I would never leave Archer never,leaving you is not an option”

“I love you Rose”a genuine smile made its way on my face before

“I love you more Arch”and with that I hung up and smiled at the girl getting in the car and that was also called Maya our third member.

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