Special Protection Agency: Breaking the Enemy

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Chapter 9

Agent Hearns looks through his mirror after the story he heard, “you are right about Skye, I didn’t understand why I was paired with her at first, I mean she is just a kid, why would you risk her life like that? Why would she decide to help and put her life in danger, especially the missions she goes on. Life or death most of them, but then I worked alongside her, I learnt a lot from her. A kid taught me what I should be teaching her. Now I look up to her, I see her as a colleague, family even. She is an amazing person, even after everything she has gone through.” He sighs deeply shaking his head.

“What? you know? She told you what happened? She doesn’t openly talk about that.” Axel speaks up, he was stunned to hear that he knew the story.

Hearn’s looks through the mirror with a frown on his face, “Of course I know, we were partners, why wouldn’t I know?”

“She literally never speaks of it, if someone tries to get her to talk about she either changes the subject or walks away,” Axel replies still in shock at what he is hearing.

“Skye understands that there needs to be trust in a new partnership, especially in the FBI, so we both shared something about each other that we hadn’t told anyone before. It was her idea. She understands partnership, why do you all seem surprised by that?” Hearns was confused as to why they were acting like this, did they not know Skye as he did? Were they offended?

“We are shocked because she only goes on solo missions at home, she doesn’t like having a partner on missions with her,” Derek speaks up, he himself was extremely surprised by what he was hearing, how could she share it when him but not anyone at home? What was so different at home that she can’t open up.

“No partner? Then how does she have all the skills that are needed to maintain a solid partnership? I mean she took our partnership very seriously, she jumped through hoops for me. When I went missing she wouldn’t stop until she got me back. Most of the FBI agents called her crazy because she wouldn’t rest, the truth is, I wouldn’t be alive right now if it wasn’t for her. I owe her everything, which is why I jumped at the chance to work with her again. I was surprised when I got the phone call from her.” Hearn’s replies stunned by what he was told, though he manages to add, “We are here.”

He turns the engine off taking his key out, turning back looking at Skye, the kid that he worked with for months, the kid that saved his life, fast asleep. He sighs softly, knowing he has to wake her up, if he didn’t, she would be angry, “Skye, come on kid, we are here.” He could feel the eyes of her teams staring daggers at him.

Skye stirs mumbling, “I’m awake,” though her eyes hadn’t parted, instead she settled back down her head rested back on Hunter’s shoulder.

Zion gives her a few minutes before sighing softly, not wanting to wake her up, knowing that she needed her sleep but he also knew how the other agents spoke of her, “You know the guys will talk if we carry you in there. Come on, kid.”

Skye suddenly sits up wide awake, “You will do no such thing, Zion. I can walk inside by myself.” She turns to glare at him, though it soon softened as she realised he done it for her sake. “Thanks, Zion.”

The SPA agents look at each other confused, they didn’t understand why she was nice to him like they had an understanding of each other, something that she didn’t have with the team she had been with since day one, the ones that helped train her.

“Right, let’s get this over with, shall we?” Skye speaks up, she moves towards the door, she opens the door, just an inch, though instantly hesitates. “Stay in here till I get back.”

She glances out the door, narrowing her eyes, they were parked at the front like they normally did but something felt wrong, her instincts told her to be cautious, as for why she did not know. She pushes the door open with such force so that it would give her enough time to roll to the side and the door to shut again. Just as the door closes she hears a ‘ping’ of a bullet hitting of the car, she pulls her handgun out, without a second thought she aims in the direction it came from, taking a breath before shooting for the leg. It all happened in seconds when the attacker is down on one knee his weapon on the floor next to him, she walks over to him each stride long, precise, as she swoops his gun, finally turning to look at him. She was stunned, it was an FBI agent.

“Are you stupid? I could have killed you,” She yells at him, furious, why would they aim at her? Was it a test, to make sure she was still on point?

“I wondered why they brought a British kid on a case like this.” He replies through his teeth, “I didn’t think you would actually shoot me. Damn it.”

Skye kneels down in front of him, by this time everyone was out of the limo watching her, as she replies deadly serious to the agent, “I do not have time to hesitate, I am not the only one in that car, my team is in that car, they come first, I will always shoot first ask questions later when it comes to keeping my team safe. Do I make myself clear?”

The FBI agent gulps hard, nodding, “crystal clear.” The agent grunts moving to sit down holding his leg.

Skye shakes her head, looking back to see the team out the car ready for anything, “It’s alright, just a misunderstanding, can someone grab my first aid kit, please.” She pauses looking at the wound seeing blood pouring out, “make that the big first aid kit.”

It was Mason that was the first to move, he jogs to the boot of the limo opening it up, looks through Skye’s case grabbing her first aid kit as requested, he jogs to her side kneeling beside her as he places the kit down opening it up for her.

Skye looks up to Mason and smiles, “Thanks, Mason.” She grabs the gloves out pulling them over her hands. The agent already protesting, “Woah, no no, you cannot be serious.”

Mason walks to the other side of the agent, “Mate, she is the best first aider in SPA, trust me she is good.”

Skye though wasn’t listening to the protests or Mason comforting him, she grabs the scissors, cutting up the agents trouser leg to get a better look at the wound, she touches the back of his leg to feel a bullet hole which she sighs in relief, the bullet went straight through, no surgery necessary, she grabs some gauzes pouring on antibiotic ointment, placing it over the front wound, the agent cries out, calling her all names under the sun, as he struggles both Mason and Skye holds his body and leg still.

“The more you struggle, the longer it will take which inevitably means you will be in pain longer.” Skye takes frustrated and tired of how this agent is acting, all of her team had been shot and none of them acted like this. Do all FBI agents how low pain tolerance or is it just this one?

“Dude, you are making us Americans look weak in front of the British here, it’s just a gunshot,” Zion speaks up as he finally walks up to see the situation.

“She shot me, Hearn’s.” the agent hissed in both anger and pain, he tried to ignore the burning in his leg but it wasn’t working.

“That is normally what happens when you shoot someone, Davis. They shoot you back.” Hearn’s replies folding his arms across his chest as he observes Skye dealing with the wound so professionally as if she was a doctor, she always seems to find a way to astound him.

“Not the British, they rarely shoot back, they normally cower away,” Davis replies through his teeth, tilting his head back, his hands in fists.

“Not the SPA, why do you think we bring them in? They can fight both with weapons and without. Which is why Skye here, is going undercover.” He lays a hand on her shoulder, “She is going in to protect. No weapons necessary as she is an expert in hand to hand combat.”

“Damn it, when is the burning stop?” Davis quizzes, the conversation no longer distracting him from the pain.

“Davis, it is alright, I am nearly finished, though your low pain tolerance astounds me.”

“I bet you have never been shot, kid!” He yells back in frustration, staring death at her.

“I have actually been shot; two days ago in the shoulder. I was ordered to only terminate if necessary. I terminated a couple of thieves out of necessity, I was shot by a male that I had previously knocked out. I disarmed him then drove off, though I was followed. Luckily for me, I know my way around London.” Skye looks at him in the eyes to show she was serious about the whole story.

“You can drive? They actually let you drive?” Davis looks back stunned, the pain momentarily disappearing, he feels something being wrapped around his leg, he looks down to see she is wrapping a bandage around his leg.

“Yeah, I have to be able to drive, I cannot get from A to B in missions if I cannot drive. Having a driver is too much hard work especially when in pursuit with a criminal. So I put in a request to learn to drive and my request was granted. One of the best things I have done.” she pauses for a moment as she collects her thought, she shakes her head, “Your all done. You will be fine.”

She turns to pack away her stuff, as she hears the Director speak up, “Davis, I would like you to wait in my office until I get there.” As she zips the first aid kit up she turns to see Zion is helping Davis up. She saw him whisper something in his ear, as he is whispering he glances at her which is when she knew it was about her. Davis seems to gulp then turns around limping in the building.

Once he is in the building Skye stands up, “What did you say to him?”

Zion turns to look at her and shrugs, “Just to take it easy, that is all.” As soon as he said that he knew that she didn’t believe it by the hard glare that she gave him, “Alright, alright, I said if he tries anything like that again I will kill him.”

Skye smiles a little, punching him in the shoulder, “You always were protective of me. It really is good to have you back on the team.”

“Skye-” he pauses rethinking what he was about to say, “We should head inside.”

She frowns slightly, he was never normally secretive around her, but she let him drop it for now, “Yeah, ok.”

Derek and Hunter meanwhile stand by the limo watching the encounter between Skye and Hearn’s from afar trying to understand their relationship, they seemed to bounce off each other quite well, they seem to understand each other on a completely different level than the rest of us.

“Come on everyone, lets head inside, I will give you a quick tour of the place, as long as there no floorplan changes I remember the layout.” Skye looks at her team, they start walking towards her she walks to the door of the building.

Trevor calls up to arrange where to meet, “Hearn’s, we will meet in your office in say an hour? Oh and Skye, I have given you and the team the same floor as last time to stay, so you can settle in a little after the tour.” Trevor walks passed them all and in the building.

Zion nudges Skye grinning, “You got the penthouse again, that is only reserved for the best, you know that right?”

She chuckles rolling her eyes, “Yes, you can stay with us, there is more than enough room, plus we need you at hand at all times.”

Zion grins, “You are the best Skye, come on I will help with bags and drop them off at the penthouse first.”

“Penthouse? We are going to the penthouse?” Hunter questions, “I am assuming that is pretty neat right?”

Derek smirks at him nodding, “Yes, Skye always gets the penthouse, it is his way of softening her, he has been wanting to recruit her for about a year now. Come on.”

They grab their bags, as they see Hearn’s grab Skye’s bag, faintly hearing him say, “I got it, Skye, go ahead.”

She opens her mouth to protest but he shakes his head at her, “Such the gentleman, thanks, Zion.”

Skye walks away from the car ahead of everyone to hold the door, the team moves to walk with her though Hunter holds back looking at Hearn’s.

“What happened when you two were partners? How are you so close?” He questions jealousy bubbling inside him.

“As I said, when I first met her I didn’t understand why they brought her in, though I never challenged her, I let her show her worth, which she did in no time. We had to trust each other on a deep level. One wrong move and she could have been kidnapped by a brutal gang. They would have used and abused her in ways you could not imagine. She trusted me to keep her safe, to have her back. The thing is, the gang noticed the trust she put in me, so took me down instead, used me as bait. Which she took.” Hearn’s looks down, “We were both locked up for a while, to this day we do not know how long. When you go through something like that together a bond is formed.”

Hunter looks at him stunned, he didn’t expect such openness about it, “But, in the limo, you said she saved you?”

A chuckle erupts from Hearn’s, “Oh, she did save me, you may think that when your only chance of getting out ends up being taken too is a loss, but I felt such happiness, relief even, that she would even come for me, that she thought I was worth saving, like I said we both shared something about each other, I shared mine and she still saved me, she still thought I was worth saving.” He sighs deeply, placing a hand on his shoulder, knowing what all of this was really about, “She does see you though, Hunter. She talked about you when she was here. Don’t give up on her. She is just stubborn.”

“Are you two coming?” Skye hollers from the door looking at them both smiling, she knew that Zion would fit in instantly.

“We are just trying to get all your bags, not our fault you bring so much,” Zion calls back smirking at Hunter.

“Well, you know how I like to be prepared, one bag for clothes, another for weaponry.” She stands by the door holding it as she watches them both carry her bags inside, Hunter carrying his bag too.

“How much weaponry did you bring, SJ?” Hunter questions as he walks past her, raising his eyebrows.

“Primary, Secondary then spare. Just a few.” She shrugs smiling innocently, “You know I like my weapons, Hunt.”

“Well in this mission you are meant to be the weapon.” He replies chuckling, as they make their way to the lift.

“Ah, don’t worry about me so much Hunter.” She nudges him grinning, “If I can beat you in a fight I will be fine.”

“You can beat me in a fight,” Hunter mumbles under his breath.

“Come on, I know you go easy on me, your too much of a gent to beat up a girl. Why do you think I always accepted Damian’s challenges?”

“Damian? Is that the jackass that is giving you trouble?” Zion quizzes looking between them both.

“The one and only.” Hunter replies, “He has given her trouble since she joined us. I still think it is because he feels threatened by you.”

“He is right you know, Skye?” Mason joined the conversation, “You can see the envy in his eyes as you predict his every move, or the missions you go on, they are the most important missions.”

“As much as I wish any of that was right, it’s not.” The lift finally arrives.

They all pile in, they stand in silence for a minute before Derek speaks up, “Hold up, Skye you said Damian doesn’t hate you because of your strength, then why does he hate you?”

“Seriously? Isn’t it obvious?” Skye replies looking from Derek to Mason, Axel then hunter them all shaking their head. “My position, being Derek’s daughter means I am more than likely going to take over SPA when he retires, before I came along he was lined up for it, then I come along and steals that from him, he hates me for it.”

“Damian? In charge of SPA? No way, I would never have allowed that, even if I didn’t adopt you. I would literally put anyone else in charge except him. He would let power get the better of him. That is why I put Blaine in charge when I am not there. Why would you think that I would leave Damian in charge?” Derek quizzes her frowning trying to figure out what would give her that idea, he was honestly clueless.

“The same thing that made him think it would be his, the leader board before I came along he was second after you, Blaine closely behind, then I humiliate him. a man has his pride, some more than others, most of the guys didn’t mind that I was top, just Damian and his mates.” Skye replies, shrugging she turns to look at what floor they were on, it seemed to take forever for them to get to the penthouse.

“Wait, leader board? You have a leader board? What is this for missions or something?” Zion asks surprised such an organisation would keep score on their employees.

“No, not as much for missions, but for one to-,” Skye starts but the lift finally pinged to state they were finally at the top. “Finally.” She muttered walking out into the penthouse as if she owned the place whilst the guys hold back staring at the luxurious penthouse.

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