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Special Protection Agency: Breaking the Enemy

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Chapter 1

The rays of the winter sun setting shine across London rooftops. The temperature dropping as the sun slowly starts to disappear, within 5 minutes the sun has disappeared and the moon is slowly replacing it.

The moon is the only thing lighting the way for Skylar as she leaps across rooftops, she camouflages into the night as she wears all black. Black tight t-shirt, leather jacket, skinny trousers and combat boots, she wore contact lenses with night vision built in, these contact lenses also document everything that she sees, each registration plate she sees, each person. She has a larger square backpack strapped on her back; full of the necessaries.

Skylar leaps over another roof, sprinting to the other side, her way blocked by a Skylight which doesn’t faze her, she jumps resting on of her hands against the Skylight as her legs flip over her as she cartwheels landing on the other side of the Skylight. She jogs to the edge of the building, she looks at the crossroad, information showing before her eyes as she identifies each and every vehicle.

Skylar kneels watching the crossroad until she sees her target vehicle. A large white van with tinted windows. The information she is receiving from her contacts interest her, Ford Transit, 2.2 diesel followed by STOLEN in bold. She presses her finger to her earpiece.

“I have located the getaway van, a white Ford Transit, plate CB16 DKB. Do I engage?”

“Good work Skylar, how many are there?” A male’s voice replies in her ear.

Skylar looks back at the van, she looks at the vehicles behind it, then the one in front. Both of which were stolen, she didn’t believe in coincidences, so she could only assume that they are associated with each other.

“I believe six; three vehicles, two per vehicle. They are on the move, shall I engage?” Skylar starts to run along the rooftop following the three cars, which luckily for her were driving along the road along the rooftops she could access.

“Follow them and assess the situation, when and only when you see the money, engage. Engage but do not eliminate unless necessary. Understood?” the man’s voice commanded.

“Understood, over and out.” Skylar clicked her ear piece again to end contact.

She runs and leaps across a jump that is larger than she initially thought, her feet slip, only for a second she feels herself falling, her hand grabs the roof of the building, quickly pulling herself up with such force it causes her to project her higher than necessary, she lands on her feet and starts sprinting once more, she looks down at the road again.

Skylar finds herself grinning because she knew what her escape route would be. The location she is at is just a few minute run from where her Range Rover Evoque is parked up. It was her idea to keep her cars parked all over the place, mostly in times like this where she didn’t bring a car in the first place. She knew for a fact that the top of the range Santorini black coloured Evoque would be perfect if she had to get away quickly; with a 4.4 Litre LR-SDV8 Diesel engine, getting to speeds of 60mph in 6.5 seconds she could easily lose the Ford Transit which has an EcoBlue 2.0 litre TDCi diesel engine.

Skylar shakes her head as she realises how consumed in her thoughts she was, she didn’t even see which building the targets went in. There were too many buildings for her to just guess which one, they were all abandoned which doesn’t help the situation in the slightest.

She looks at the cars seeing which building they were parked closest too, just the way the cars were parked protecting the van made Skylar suspicious. She wishes she could see through the buildings just this once. That is when she has a eureka moment. She could. She pulls her arms out of the sleeves of her backpack pulling if off her shoulders and carefully placed it on the floor.

She opened the zip of the bag. “Where is it?” she muttered under her breath, pulling out her Glock 17 handgun, pulled out a couple of magazines for her handgun, she pulls out her L129A1 Sharpshooter again with magazines. She looks deeper in the bottom of the bag to see night-vision binoculars which she pulls out so she can look better.

“Finally!” Skylar exclaims to herself pulling out glasses that are black, the lenses of the glasses are black. They look ordinary glasses but they are far from ordinary they are x-raying glasses. Mostly used to locate a bomb quickly, but Skylar couldn’t let these people get away with the cash, not with the amount they carried anyways.

Skylar slips the glasses on before packing everything neatly in her backpack. She puts it back on her shoulders, clicking a button on the side of the glasses that turn everything black and blue. She looks around seeing the structures, people or object in different shades of blue and anything else in black.

She looks at the buildings opposite her, she starts with the bottom floor, slowly scanning the area so that she wouldn’t miss anything, all she saw was broken tables and chairs, graffiti all over the walls, and some of the windows were bordered up but except for that there were no people to be seen.

She looks up to the first floor, she looks at the staircase at first she saw two men standing on guard at the door with a handgun in their belts. She turned her head slightly to look inside of the main room to see four men standing at each side of a table, with a bag on the table with millions of pounds inside.

“Got you.” She muttered to herself before she zoomed the lenses in. Skylar looked around at their surroundings to see what could be used against her, or if there was any way for them to escape.

The first thing she looked for is the exits. The most obvious were the guarded door, she looked through the windows carefully trying to see where the fire exit is, she narrows her eyes to try and spot the metal platform.

She keeps moving her head left and right ever so slightly so she could be sure there wasn’t one, but unlucky for her that is when she spots the glisten of metal. “Great.” She sighs deeply, she hated having to keep two exits guarded; it made everything unnecessarily difficult. One day just one day she wanted an easy looting job.

The next thing she is looking for is, how many weapons they have between them. she looks at each of the men around the table to see that none of them is armed which confuses her a little, she looks in the bag in case there are any hidden but that was a negative too.

Maybe just maybe things are looking up. Skylar thinks before she presses her finger to her earpiece again, “They have the package I am engaging. I repeat I am engaging.”

“Do you need backup?” the voice in her ear replies with concern in his voice.

“Negative, there are only two armed men. They are on guard on the door, the rest are unarmed.” Skylar recalls as she takes the x-ray glasses off, as she slides her arms back of her bag, she gently placed it down opening it grabbing her Glock 17 and sliding it in her holster then tosses the glasses back in; all whilst listening to what the voice in her ear is saying.

“Do not underestimate these people. They will not have weapons if they are lethal fighters. We need to get the package, do not let me down. Over and out.”

Skylar rolls her eyes at the last comment, she clicks her earpiece just to say “When do I ever let you down. Over and out.”

She looks around the roof she is to see if there was a place she could store her bag for now. The building she is on is flat and nothing jumped out at her. She shrugs to herself.

“Oh well, looks like I’m bringing it with.” She swings the bag over her shoulder sliding her other arm through. She look at where the window is for that room, two of the windows were boarded up but luckily one of them isn’t. Well not yet anyway.

Skylar grabs the grappling hook gun from her belt. She aims it a couple of inches about the unbroken window, she takes a deep breath before shooting it. she tugs at the gun to ensure it was deep enough to the wall before she jumps off the building she is on and flies above the street below as the gun wheels her in closer and closer to her target.

Her arm crosses her face as she breaks through the window. Glass sprays each and every way some shards even hit her targets, In one smooth motion, she presses a button for her grappling to release and she slides it back in her belt before she lands on the balls of her feet, her knees bent before standing up tall in one straight motion.

Before any of her targets could even move she runs and grabs the male closest to her and wraps her arm around his neck pulling him away from the others as they start to come alive.

The male fights against her arms but she had her arm at the pressure point, within a few minutes he was unconscious. With one out of the way, there were three left to take out plus the two outside.

The ones in this room were all around her in a triangle. “You shouldn’t have come here, little girl. We will give you one chance and one chance only to leave.” The male in front of her speaks, she just shrugs.

“I will give you one chance to hand me the money, all of the money,” Skylar replies her voice strong and confident. The male in front of her laughing at the request.

“You have no idea who you are up against.” The male to her left states.

Skylar turns to look at him, “I will take my chances,” is all she says before all hell breaks loose.

The one that is now behind her tries to grab her from behind which Skylar had already anticipated, which made her leg fly out behind her when he was close pushing him back with such force he falls into broken tables, he stumbles to stand back up, as the one to her right moves to punch her which she blocks punching back instantly which was also blocked.

She takes a quick step back as she hears the door swing up she knew the males guns were drawn so she used it to her advantage, she stays behind the male, he kept trying to move out the way but she always moved swiftly. The male that had previously been kicked away grabbed her from behind, she heard the bullet click into the chambers, in which she stomps on the males’ foot and flipped him over her to shield her, which becomes effective when the guns go off.

Knowing that she had no chance to win against two gunmen and two fighters she drew her gun out swiftly and within seconds two bullet had left the chamber one landing in each of the gun man’s frontal bone and out of the occipital and into the wall.

That left Skylar with two males to fight. She disarms herself sliding her gun back into the holster, as she looks left and right and back left again trying to judge who is going to move first.

They were both on either side of her which meant they fought together often. She could see they were communicating through their eyes, then they both moved at the same time, one jumps high, his leg out straight ready to kick her in the face as the other slides at her feet ready to take her feet out from underneath her.

Skylar spins and jumps up to kick the fly male out of the air, he flies and hits the wall with a thud as the male below continues to skid, he spins to stand up. He charges towards her in which she turns her back and runs towards the wall, running up it flipping around and swings her leg, her footing landing on the male’s maxilla before sending him to the ground. Before he could get up again she stamps on his face to ensure he is knocked out. She quickly looks around to see her outcome, three dead three alive, not too bad.

She walks towards the table grabbing the money off the table stuffing in the bag, zipping it up before making her way towards the window. She hears a bang then a sting in her shoulder blade.

She grits her teeth turning around storming towards the male leaning against the wall. She grabs his shirt bringing him up just to punch him in the face, once, twice, three times.

“Prick.” She mutters letting him go and gravity pulls him to the floor. Skylar walks towards the fire escape and walks down the stairs and turns north heading towards her car. It only takes a few minutes to get to it.

Skylar rests her thumb against the door handle using her thumbprint to unlock the door after a short moment a ‘click’ sound is made to indicate the car is open. She opens the door and climbs in the car, tossing the bag of money to the back seat whilst she takes the straps of her bag and placed on the passenger seat.

Reaching over to the glove compartment she opens it and grabs the keys, to start the engine. Just in time to hear another gunshot and then a ping to indicate it hit the bulletproof window.

“Shit.” She muttered. Before throwing the gear in reverse, and putting her foot on the acceleration. She reverses down an alleyway in a zigzag trying to speed up. She keeps looking through the wing mirrors to make sure she doesn’t crash as her car speeds up to 45mph, then she heard a different engine, a screech followed by a smash.

She diverts her eyes from the mirror to see a car speeding towards her.

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