Special Protection Agency: Breaking the Enemy

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Chapter 2

Skylar grits her teeth out of anger, “Don’t kill them unless necessary.” She quotes the man in the earpiece in a sarcastic tone. She looks behind her as she keeps reversing, she could hear pings of bullets hitting the window but she didn’t allow that to distract her.

As soon as she nears the end of the alleyway she spins the steering wheel to the right letting the car spin 280 degrees, the wheels screeching at the friction. As soon as she is facing west she pushes into first gear, as she slams her foot on the accelerator, the first minute of the chase consisted of clutch changing gear acceleration, with the constant sound of gun fires at her back windows.

Skylar though wasn’t scared, she felt the thrill of the chase, these were the only times she is allowed to drive like a maniac. She groans in frustration as the one time she is allowed to drive like a maniac and she finds herself behind a slow driver.

With a heavy sigh, Skylar swings into oncoming traffic in which the drivers honk their horns, as she kept driving towards them then at the last second she swiftly moves back into her lane. She looks into her wing mirror to see her pursuers now driving on the path with the horn blaring as pedestrians jump out of the way.

Skylar keeps heading west until she sees a specific narrow alleyway, she locks the wheel left, her body slamming into the door as the car drifts with the sound of piercing screeching, and the smell of burning tires before she straightens the wheel slamming her foot back on the accelerator, the car sways left then right before straightening.

She glances in her wing mirrors again to see her pursuer’s car entering the alleyway, the car scrapping of each wall as the driver starts to lose control. Skylar chuckles softly as she accelerates more as she draws closer and closer towards an 80-degree steep ramp, looking at the digital speed gauge she could see she was going at 104 miles per hour. She smirks a little.

“Let us see if you can cope with this.” She quickly reaches for her belt just in case anything goes wrong, pulling it across her body she hears the click just as the car hits the ramp. Taking her foot off the accelerator so the car doesn’t tilt as the car flies through the air, across the main road, over pedestrians as she looks out the front window to see many of them looking up and watching the flying car flying towards the motorway bridge.

The car makes the landing with a loud thud, Skylar turns the wheel left a little to straighten up. Before dropping her speed to 80miles per hour. Her eyes keep looking behind her and just a minute later she sees the car crash landing onto the bridge and drive straight into the barrier between the Northbound lane and the South bound lane.

Skylar cringes at their landing, she couldn’t help it; it was so humiliating for them. She knew that she had made that jump many times so she knew that she had to make a sharp left but for them, it must have been their first time. Then again no one should have known about that ramp she is the one that created it, in fact, she has made many ramps around town for escape routes like this.

That is when she realised that she been driving on autopilot. From memory of the road, that she had been overtaking cars when she wasn’t even concentrating, she shakes her head at how she is so easily distracted, she needed to discipline herself more.

“Skylar, do you have the package?” the voice speaks in her ear causing her jump the car swerves a little.
She clicks her earpiece to connect the convocation.

“Confirmed, I have the package.”

“Are you heading back to base now?”

“Yes, I have to make a detour they woke up and followed.” Skylar updated glancing in the mirror, to see the front of their car trashed, all of the fronts crashed into the car. “How the hell is their car still going?” She spoke to herself forgetting the communication was still open.

“Ah, so you led them up your ramps then? Keep the line open during the chase, I will try and not distract you. Get rid of them though.” The commander questioned before giving her instructions.

Skylar rolls her eyes at the voice, she knew it is to make sure nothing goes wrong but she has never let her boss down, she always brought the money back, or the person that he wanted. Looking back behind her she could see the destroyed car weaving in and out the lanes overtaking car after car. Soon they are only a car behind her, two of the men leaning out of the car getting ready to aim as they take over the last car.

She isn’t worried, she is only driving at 79 miles per hour at the moment she isn’t even trying to get away. They aim at her wheels and shoot over and over, the man in the passenger seat aiming for the left wheel when the one in the back is aiming at the right wheel. So just to make things difficult for them she swerved her car left then right.

She drives like that until she sees the slip road that she needs to take, she swerves into the far left lane then down the ramp, momentarily forgetting to swerve a bullet punctures her wheel. The information shows up on the touchscreen in the centre of the car. She touches the back left wheel on the diagram and taps auto-fix, which directs continuous air in the tire.

Skylar uses voice recognition to command the car, “Rover, auto-drive to Destination 1.”

“Auto-drive activated.” The car replies, Skylar pushes the automatic window back so the window goes down. She grabs her gun, takes her seatbelt off, before pulling herself out of the window sitting on it, she keeps a hold of the car with her right hand and lifts her gun up to aim with her left hand.

“Skylar what are you doing?” she hears in her ear but she ignores it.

She aims at the front wheel taking a deep breath and shoots. The car shifts left causing her right hand to lose grip, causing her to fall and slam into the side of the car with a thud followed by a groan from Skylar, she must have closed her eyes during the falling because when she opens them again she sees the world upside down as she dangles down the side of the car. She turns to look where her followers were to see them still aiming for the wheels, shaking her head at their poor choice.

“Skylar, what was that noise? What are you doing? Report back.” The voice sounds panicked, to which again Skylar ignores; she had to concentrate on not falling off the car at the speed it is going.

She makes sure her feet are tucked under the chair before she reaches her arm out, taking a deep breath the blood flow moving to her head, she shakes her head, looking down her arm trying to focus on the tire. She flicks the safety off, she lines her arm up with the gun, lining up the shot towards the left tire, taking a steady deep breath, before taking the shot, her arm then swiftly moves right then she takes another shot. She watches the tires deflate for a short minute before putting the safety back on her gun, she looks up to the window of her car then back to the follower’s car to see it losing control, bouncing between the car and the barrier before skidding to a stop.

By now her head is thumping from the blood rushing to her head. She shoves her gun back into the holster before looking back up towards the window.

“Come on, it is just like a pull-up.” She mutters to herself. She uses her legs to pull herself back up but she ends up using too much force hitting her forehead of the car, cursing she slides into the car.

“Report.” She heard for the fourth time in her ear. She rolls her eyes at how persistent her boss was and how she completely forgot about him.

Skylar stretches her arms out to stretch, wincing slightly at her bullet wound, without even worrying about the pain thinking the pain would have been a bruise from hitting the car she dismisses it taking the wheel.

“Rover, switch to manual drive,” Skylar speaks, just as feels something trickling down her arm, she looks at what it is a sees blood trickling down her arm. She had completely forgotten she was shot, she had been too focused on the mission.

She decided to finally report to her boss. “I am heading back to base, I need medical attention, though it is not urgent.”

“What is your injury?” the voice continues the convocation as she drives to base.

“Gunshot wound to the shoulder,” Skylar replied stopping at the lights, she sees that she is stopped next to a police car, she nods at the driver as he looks at her and he nods back.

“A gunshot wound isn’t urgent to you?” the voice shouts causes her to jump again, she rests one hand on her chest as her heard race.

“It is fine, I am five minutes away.” She turns right after the lights change to green, she drives at the speed limit as there is no reason to speed now.

Skylar decides to turn the radio on patting away on the wheel to the beats, her adrenaline slowly starts to decline and she starts to feel the pain of the bullet wound.

That is when she gets stuck behind a driver that is driving at 25 miles per hour, she is fine with it at first until her pain starts to grow; though it is still bearable to her she has a very high pain threshold.

“Oh come on! You are not meant to be on the road if you cannot drive at 30!” Skylar yells suddenly feel exhaustion from the mission.

She slams her head against the headrest groaning in frustration, as she drives at a snail’s pace, after 15 minutes she finally turns into an alleyway, driving towards a dead end. She breaks right in front of the wall, she put the hand brake before reaching to her key ring to push a button.

Within a few moment, the car starts to move down into the darkness of the underground. After a minute Skylar looked out the window to see complete darkness. The replacement road sliding back in place to replace the lift that is taking Skylar deep underground.

The car bounces as the lift stops and the lift doors open, Skylar takes her hand break off and drives left to her car park.

There is a barrier to get into her car parking section, she leans out the car and says. “Skylar Sheats.” The voice recognition recognises her voice then the barrier lifts up, with a “Welcome back, Skylar.” Skylar drives and parks up at the first spot she sees.

“Skylar! When I ask for a report I expect one straight away.” She hears the voice bellow both in her ear and outside the car.

Skylar sighs deeply, she reaches back for the bag of money then grabs her weaponry bag before opening the door. She throws the money bag at him wincing a little, rotating her shot shoulder after.

“You should trust me more, Derek.” Skylar snaps at him, trying to walk around him but he grabs her arm.

“Do not speak to me that way, I am your father, you know I just worry about you, you insist on going out there on your own because you work better, I hate it,” Derek replies, he was used to her calling him Derek when she angry at him, it is to remind him that he isn’t her real father and it hurts, to be honest, but he never shows it.

Skylar spins around fighting tears that are trying to spill, “My father was murdered, for information he had, he died because I was there, I was his weakness! I don’t need that, I don’t need partnership out there if it means having a weakness.” She spoke her voice cracking, she very rarely brought it up and she has never told a soul about what had happened when she was younger. She wipes her tears away with her sleeve as she is trembles with anger.

Derek lets go of her arm in shock that is the most she had ever shared about it, all he knew was that she was abused and her parents were murdered in front of her. He never knew why. Until now.

“What information?” he spoke softly, knowing he shouldn’t have asked as soon as it left his lips but it is his job to ask the question.

Skylar just walks away without answering the question, there is no way she would risk his life by telling him the information. She may be angry at him right now but she loves him like a father. He would never replace her father but he is a great father figure to her. It broke her heart when she hears him call her name his voice filled with worry.

“Skylar…Skylar waits, please. I’m sorry.”

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