Special Protection Agency: Breaking the Enemy

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Chapter 3

The child walks towards the lifts to the lower floor, pushing the button to call the lift she folds her arm, though the tension in her arm caused pain she stayed that way, even when she heard the soft sigh behind her.

“Skylar I am sorry, I know you don’t like talking about it and I should have respected that but in these four years you haven’t said a single thing about it, then suddenly you blurt this out,” Derek speaks softly trying to make her understand. “I know you are trying to find out who done it to your parents. Let me help you.”

Skylar turns to look at Derek her eyebrows drawn together in a frown. “You went on my computer? I told you my password for emergency use only, not to keep an eye on me. Plus you never told me anything about Diabolus when I was 9 so why would you now I am 13?”

“Skylar, you cannot talk to me about hacking into your personal computer after you have hacked into every single agent’s computer including mine to get any information possible.” Derek raises his eyebrows daring her to say she hasn’t but he knew that she wouldn’t, Skylar is many things but a liar is not one of them.
The lift doors open, both of them walk inside, Derek presses -5 after the door closes Skylar spins to face him. “What did you expect? I just lost my parents and you were teaching me all of it, I had to use everything I could to find who and why they were murdered. You gave me no information, all you said was ‘Skylar, it is classified.’ Even now after I have closed case after case you still refuse to tell me everything that you know!” Skylar is shouting by the end of her rant out of frustration she just wanted to get justice for her parents.

“Skylar, you don’t understand-” Derek starts to talk but that was it for her.

“No, you don’t understand! You don’t understand anything because you weren’t there!” She shouts in the lift to her adoptive father, her body heaving up and down in anger.

“Because you haven’t told me anything, Skylar! How am I meant to understand if you haven’t told me? How is anyone meant to understand if you don’t tell anyone anything?” Derek bellows back, he hadn’t even noticed that the lift doors had opened, everyone staring at them both in surprise. They never got this angry at each other, Derek had never yelled at Skylar.

Skylar just shakes her head looking down suddenly feeling like the vulnerable 9-year-old again but she speaks so softly, “The more you know, the more you are in danger.” She looks back up to him, tears welling in her eyes. “I can’t lose you too.” Without waiting for a reply she walks out of the lift and into a large medical floor, the room is filled with rows of beds, three doors to her left led to private rooms, two rooms at the back lead to surgery rooms, the walls the plain white the same as any hospital, medical trays next to beds ready for anything that comes through the door.

Suddenly a voice speaks up to her, “Agent Skylar, what a rare pleasure. Please come this way” she points to the first bed, “Or would you prefer a private room?”

“That bed is just fine, I just need you to take the bullet out of my shoulder patch me up and I’ll be leaving,” Skylar states as she walks towards the bed sitting on it letting the mattress bounce under her weight.

Derek is still stood in the lift stunned by what his daughter just said to him, just as the doors were closing he slammed his arm in the way to open it again walking to her. “What do you mean?” he says giving Skylar a hard glare, keeping it cryptic as ears were listening.

“I haven’t become as strong as I am now for nothing.” Skylar looks back at her father unfazed by his hard glare.
“This may sting a little.” The doctor informs uncomfortably as they argued.

Derek ignores the doctor knowing Skylar could handle it, “You cannot go after them alone.” He proclaims looking her dead in the eye to show how serious he is.

Skylar could feel discomfort in her arm as the doctor disinfects it but she doesn’t dwell on it, “I will not have anyone risking their lives for me, dad. You know I will not allow that.”

“Why are you so god damn stubborn? I am telling you, you will not make it out there alive if you go after them alone.” Derek speaks through his teeth out of anger.
Skylar suddenly feels pain and anger as the memory of her parent’s stubbornness getting them killed but kept her live, without even realising she is talking, “They just had to be silent for a few minutes. Just a few more minutes that is all they needed. A few minutes. I would have been able to handle it, anything to keep them alive.” Silent tears rolling down her cheek, as she stared passed Derek in her own world.

Derek turns to look at the doctor, “Give us a moment please.” The doctor nods before walking away. “Skylar?” He tries to get her attention but she seems to be in a complete world of her own.

“Skylar” he shakes her gently and she turns to look at him.

“What? Sorry, I was just…” she lets her sentence die off as she didn’t want to admit what she was thinking about.
Derek sighs softly, “you will not get over what you went through quickly especially the age you were. Skylar, you cannot blame yourself for what happened to your parents, do you understand me?” He gently pulls her into his arms and holds her tight.

“I replay the events in my mind over and over, the older I get the more I know it is my fault, I just had to stay quiet, I shouldn’t have spoken, my parents would have been unharmed but the ball game changed as soon as I spoke.” Skylar moves away just to look Derek in the eye as she continues to talk, “I need to stay quiet now so you will be unharmed.”

“Skylar, I am not just your father I am the head of the Special Protection Agency, it is my job to protect everyone including myself. I cannot let my agents hold back information just because they don’t want others to get killed. It is part of what we do. You know this, we protect people we stop the bad guys, sometimes it takes just one sometimes it takes a team, but we always get there. You have to let me help you.” He looks to her shoulder and nods, “You are all done by the way.”

Skylar turns to look at her shoulder stunned, she didn’t feel a thing; she knew her pain tolerance was high but she didn’t think it would be that high. She stands up and walks towards the lift again, Derek follows suit, the lift opens up straight away, Skylar goes to press for her house which was -10 but Derek pushes her hand away and presses -11. “Really your office? I’m tired, I haven’t slept in days.”

“Again? How many times have I told you that you have to sleep during your missions? You need to be alert on your mission.” He scolds her, he had to drill her to sleep or she never would.

“I try to but then ideas or evidence I might have missed pops into my head, or I am watching CCTV cameras I just never have time,” Skylar admits, she rests her head against the lift wall yawning.

“This is why you need a partner to take some of the load of you. You are putting yourself under unnecessary stress.” He sighs deeply shaking his head before pressing -10. “Fine, but you go straight to bed.”

Skylar nods her head lazily, “You can count on it.” she mumbles tiredly moving to rest her head on his shoulder.

“Come here before you fall asleep standing up.” He scoops her up in his arms looking down at her and smiles as she is already asleep. She maybe the best agents he has but she still has childlike qualities like falling asleep on demand.

The lift door opens up to Skylar’s apartment front door, he shifts Skylar’s weight onto his left arm as he uses his right hand to fish for his keys in his pocket he pulls them out, he flicks through all of the keys sighing deeply out of frustration at how many keys he had for the facility. After a few minutes he finally finds the key he needed, he opens the door gently kicking it shut behind him.

Derek carries Skylar to her bedroom before laying her on her super king size bed in which she looks so petite in, he takes her shoes and socks off then slides her coat off before tucking her in. He walks to her kitchen to check her cupboards to see that they are full and untouched. “Skylar, Skylar, Skylar. What am I going to do with you? I thought you got over this.”

“I did get over it I really did. I wasn’t lying to you, I did eat, but then I…I let somebody get to me. I mean I know I shouldn’t have but it just did.” Skylar talks from being him causing him to spin around quickly.

“Skylar I thought you were asleep.” That is when he realised what she said, Skylar was normally a closed book so for her to say this must be important. “Who got to you?”

Skylar looks up to him then down again, “Damian. I know what you’re going to say, don’t listen to him and all of that but…it’s just it’s harder than everyone thinks when I’m the only female to work here, I’m the only one he can pick on and bully.” Her eyes widened then she speaks again, “I am speaking to you as a daughter, not an agent putting in a complaint. I just need advice; father daughter type.”

Derek sighs softly, this is the one thing that he was always worried about the guys not taking her seriously not just for her age but for her gender too. Now she is doubting herself and he never realised how it affected her and he hated himself for that. “Come here, kid.” He walks to her table and pulls a chair out he points to his knees, he kept forgetting her age whenever he talked to her about missions. She is so mature for her age and that is partially his fault; making her grow up too fast.

Skylar walks up to him and sits on his knee sideways it felt weird and uncomfortable for her because they never did this before but she looks up to Derek waiting for him to talk and after a minute he did. “Skylar, I always forget that you are only 13 years old, you go out defend yourself, collect money, protect people, whatever is asked of you, you give 110%. You cannot let whatever the hell Damian is saying get to you.”

Derek looks her in the eyes and he sees all of the walls that she had previously been holding fall down, “He keeps saying I am useless and that one day I will fail on a really big important mission and then I will let everyone down but mostly you down. He said I have already let my biological parents down, that I let them die because I am weak and that I will never belong in this world. That you only adopted me because no one wanted me.” Tears sting her eyes then soon the tears were streaming down her face.

“He…He said those things?” Derek tries to speak softer to her this isn’t her fault but he is so angry with Damian he is 22 he should know better than to terrorise a child. Skylar just bobs her head up and down then looks at her hands. “How long has this been going on for?” His voice had turned hard and serious, no one would hurt his little girl like this.

Skylar looks away not answering his question, which just made Derek stiffen, “Since you got here? Since he met you? Four and half years and you are just telling me this now?”

“I…I thought I could deal with it dad, I thought I could prove it to him but the stronger I got the more he beat me down.” Skylar wipes her tears away then jumps of Derek’s knees, “I’m not a child, I shouldn’t be crying over something so stupid.” Just like that her walls were back up. The walls that protected her from any pain, where she would never show any pain or emotion.

“You are a child, a teen, you should be going to school experimenting with alcohol and stuff but instead I have turned you into an agent. Skylar nothing is stupid if it matters to you.” Derek tries to comfort her though he knew it was pointless as he saw the distant look in her eyes that shows she is thinking or deciding something.

Skylar bites her lip hard, “I have to show you something.” She walks out of the kitchen into the living room towards a wall with nothing rested against it. “Come on you won’t be able to get through without me.” She holds her hand out towards Derek, he grasps it.

Skylar starts to walk through the wall and to a secret office, an office that is chaos. On the left-hand wall, there are notes, evidence and newspaper articles pinned to walls, different coloured pinned connected evidence to notes to dates. The wall opposite the door there is a large map with more pins in it with dates and crimes attached to the pins. The right wall having ‘Diabolus’ writing at the top with pictures of people and their names underneath it with more string connecting people with each other. So far she had 21 names and faces all supposedly linked with Diabolus one way or another.

“Dad, this is my research on my parents’ murder,” Skylar says proudly spinning around to see Derek looking around with his mouth hanging open.

“What…How…When?” Derek couldn’t find his words, how long had she been working on this? Since he trained her? How did she even find the time to do all of this, she is constantly on missions, does she ever give herself a break?

Skylar just thinks he is stunned by all of the research that she had done so she rolls into speaking about everything, “Ok, over here on this wall to the left we have every single evidence or news article ever written about the Diabolus which mostly consist of the crimes they have committed. The map wall is kind of obvious you know the locations of the crimes and all of that, I am trying to see if there is a pattern or anything but so far I cannot pinpoint it. Then the wall to the right is every single person that we know is part of Diabolus, their name, age, what family they have, how any gang member died or if any went to prison. You name it it’s on there.”

Skylar span around to look at Derek, waiting for him to say something. Anything. Instead, his phone rings.

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